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Sep 21, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Alan and Melissa recap Tuesday’s episode with Thais Lopes. Thais is a creativity and mindset coach who helps women who may be struggling to achieve success by helping them with their mindset, belief systems, and thoughts, as well as finding their inner-creativity.


[00:00] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:29] Welcome to Thursday!

[00:46] Recapping Thais Lopez, our color theory & branding ninja!

[01:00] Thais hustled Steven, and put herself in a position to show up!

[01:40] Introvert & Extrovert together

[02:15] Alan was a shy kid but used creativity to get over it.

[03:00] You need to find what your release point is.

[04:11] How are you going to become friends with your anxiety?

[04:55] Anxiety is actually really self-centered, it’s all “me, me, me”

[06:00] Your outward personality is very different than your inward personality.

[07:00] You are pushing yourself because you had deadlines.

[08:30] We’ll meet halfway.

[09:00] Steve was going to graduate with a music degree.

[09:45] Google it right now, “autistic children who drum”

[10:15] Thais opening on color theory and branding.

[10:25] Thais quit teaching, and now she’s a full-time coach for women.

[11:00] She’s qualified by going through it herself.

[11:20] Color theory from a brand perspective.

[12:00] Knowing what color signifies in your brand.

[12:40] Yellow & Red spark hunger, so check out fast food logos.

[13:00] There’s a reason why Apple looks sleek.

[14:10] Orange is a really cool for color theory.

[15:30] What about different tones of red & blue?

[16:22] Start-ups use a lot of light blues.

[17:20] Some color cars are worth more as a trade-in.

[17:50] You can’t just jump to colors and logos first.

[18:50] Sometimes we like a shade, but it doesn’t align with our brand.

[19:30] It’s not about you, it’s about what your customers want.

[20:00] Melissa is not a part of the “Just for Men” conversation.

[20:45] We’re trying to build you a brand, not an Ego Diorama.

[21:23] Join Thais’s private Facebook Group!

[22:00] It’s not all just colors, it’s also fonts!

[23:00] Paragraph fonts are so important.

[23:30] The Creative Hustler graphics have changed!

[24:22] Go to Thais’s Website, and click on “Community”

[25:22] Download Thais’s Ultimate Guide to Color Theory for Branding from her website!

[25:50] There are so many psychology majors in the room.

[26:20] People with a psychology degree can go into Marketing.

[26:55] Alan was supposed to be a doctor…

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[27:53] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



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Sep 19, 2017

[Interview] What’s Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here. Today we’ll be talking with Thais Lopes. She’s a creativity and mindset coach who helps women who may be struggling to achieve success by helping them with their mindset, beliefs systems and thoughts, as well as finding their inner-creativity.


[00:49] What’s Up Thais. Ready to get hustling?

[01:28] Why Thais is a #CreativeHustler

[02:30] From Creativity & Anxiety to #GirlBoss

[03:10] Thais taught for 2 years in the public school system as well..

[03:45] Found a balance between working at a children’s museum and creativity & mindset coach!

[04:09] Steven’s change from teaching music to musical therapy.

[04:53] How Thais brings creativity & mindset into her client’s lives.

[06:00] Thais doesn’t have a degree in mindset, but she knows how to do it, because she has gone through it.

[06:50] Steven has a life coach who prescribed him dots, in lieu of meditation.

[07:30] Thais loves using coloring as her meditation.

[09:30] It’s not practice makes perfect, but practice makes progress.

[10:05] Life happens and we need to find a way to make it work for us.

[10:55] Get yourself out of the pattern and find out what brings you joy.

[11:48] You are judging yourself so hard you aren’t letting yourself practice.

[13:15] Thais inspiration for her coaching business comes from personal experience.

[14:25] You don’t always need the newest things, you can find your own happiness in the things you love.

[15:22] Thais enjoyment does not come from outside herself, it comes from within.

[16:20] The simplest form of enjoyment

[17:30] How much color plays a part in our lives, and what color theory really is!

[19:30] How color and branding go together.

[20:55] Blue is the most popular color, for a reason.

[21:50] Every detail in the branding process is on purpose.

[23:05] Thais just started coaching this year, but she’s been studying it for years.

[24:00] Thais focuses on women because she feels that women need to be empowered more.

[26:20] Owning your niche is important because you need to know who you relate to.

[28:10] The biggest challenge of the #CreativeHustler lifestyle for Thais is the money!

[29:00] The Creative Hustlers are jumping off a cliff and building a parachute on the way down together.

[30:00] Job security isn’t a thing anymore, except you are your own job security.

[31:30] Thais has her Confident Creators Facebook Group! Come check it out and learn about color theory.

[32:55] The great thing about Canva.

[34:00] Why should we shoot each other day as entrepreneurs when we can hold hands and make a bigger parachute.

[34:55] Millennials value different things than other generations.

[36:00] The older generation tries to teach the younger generation: Unity for everyone.

[37:05] Sometimes we need to ask for advice and help, and screw our pride.

[38:00] Focus only on what will work for YOU and your business.

[39:30] Human beings have that “highlight reel” comparison.

[40:15] The real power is within.

[40:30] The #CreativeHustler in history that Thais would choose… Shakespeare.

[44:40] Thais would have a tea time with Shakespeare.

[46:00] Thais was understanding & enjoying Shakespeare in high school.

[47:00] Thais had a mask to help her with her anxiety.

[49:00] We need to nurture children, and not expect perfection.

[50:00] Our little ones need to experience so many different things to decide what THEY are good at.

[51:35] It is okay to do things that society says is not okay! (Obviously, within reason ;)

[52:49] Where you can find Thais on the internet

[54:03] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



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Sep 14, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Alan and Melissa recap Tuesday’s episode with Tom Schwab. Tom is the founder of Interview Valet, which helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs get featured on leading podcasts… Like ours.


[00:38] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[01:00] Today we’re recapping Tom Schwab’s episode, no relation to Charles Schwab!

[02:35] All roads lead to John Bertino.

[03:00] What is Interview Valet?

[04:00] There’s a lot of work to a podcast. 80% die in the first 10 episodes.

[04:45] The Creative Hustler is creeping up on 75 episodes!

[05:18] Interview Valet is podcast crack.

[06:40] The Creative Hustler was lucky to have lines of guests.

[07:10] If you’re not leveraging Facebook groups (Especially OUR group), what the hell are you doing?

[08:30] The flow of businesses, many people don’t remember the 2008 crash.

[09:13] Tom was a middleman, who lost his job, was able to bounce back.

[09:35] The Creative Hustler bar, coming soon.

[10:00] The process for inbound marketing, or podcast marketing is process driven.

[10:20] Not all podcasts are the same.

[11:00] Interview Valet helps get you interviews, or get YOU interviewed.

[11:55] If you want to be interviewed, get a One-Sheet!

[12:23] Melissa will be featured on Auguste Crenshaw’s “Real Women Don’t Bitch” summit on September 26th!

[12:54] The shit that happened to you doesn’t condemn you, it qualifies you - idea behind the “Real Women Don’t Bitch” summit.

[13:44] Melissa’s topic deals with a false sense of confidence, and being hard on the outside.

[14:00] Knowing your topics, and what your interviewees can talk about is important.

[14:46] Your One-Sheet is your electronic press kit, all in one.

[15:56] The Creative Hustler loves Canva!

[16:15] If you would like a Creative Hustler special on canva, let us know!

[16:39] Go to ← He’s got free gifts for you!

[17:13] Tom broke his cardinal rule! Turn your phone off!

[18:01] Really important to being prepare for a podcast.

[18:15] There’s 3 free gifts on Tom’s site for you! Check list, 3 secrets to getting booked, and more!

[18:51] There’s gotta be a ritual before you perform, even as a podcast.

[20:00] Mike Gonsalves is a big proponent of standing during an interview.

[20:27] Commotion creates emotion!

[21:20] You get focused when you have a motion.

[21:45] Melissa’s pink ball of fun (Melissa had to take it away from Steven).

[22:00] If you have this video, you win a prize!

[22:30] Alan is going to take “Melissa’s pink ball of fun” and hiring a Melissa!

[22:57] Tom mentioned apple’s impending announcement of podcast analytics.

[23:30] Podcasts have been apple’s red-headed step-child.

[23:50] Shout out to Kevin & Laura Fleming on their baby! Come get on the show!

[24:24] There’s not enough info to focus on a specific part of the podcast to improve.

[25:00] Patrick Stiles - vidalytics, now for podcasts!

[25:20] As a marketer, we want to know these things!

[25:47] Knowing a specific details about people who listen to our podcast is needed.

[26:10] Next generation of podcasts will include big data.

[27:00] It’s not captive, because people skip the advertisements if you are putting it at beginning.

[27:30] Doing commercials natively will make people keep listening.

[27:55] What does work is having amazing guests, and great recaps!

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[29:00] Leave us a review on itunes, google play, and anywhere else!

[29:24] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Contact Tom Schwab:

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Sep 12, 2017

[Interview] What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steve & Melissa interview Tom Schwab. Tom is the founder of Interview Valet, which helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, and soloprenuers get featured on leading podcasts… Like ours  

[00:45] What’s Up Tom. Ready to get hustling?

[01:10] Tom is the engineering mind meeting the creativity side as a #CreativeHustler

[02:00] Tom doesn’t count the days because he loves what he is doing.

[02:50] Tom went from Nuclear Power to Entrepreneurship.

[03:57] The moment Tom realized he wanted to make the jump!

[04:40] He realized the industry changed, he had done the fun stuff.

[05:50] Your stability and job security come from your ability to produce.

[06:30] Just by hustling, I’ve got more job security than someone in corporate America.

[07:30] There’s no work/ life balance, it’s all merged together.

[08:00] Tom looked in the mirror and saw, I’m the middle man, and what next?

[08:20] Tom was one of the first customers of the guys who created HubSpot.

[09:10] Blogs weren’t working, but podcast were taken off…

[10:00] Guest blogging has turned into podcast guesting.

[10:50] In 2015, Tom took Interview Valet into beta.

[11:15] If you have a system, and it works, then there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel.

[12:30] Tom has a checklist of things to do before a podcast video, but you don’t want other people’s problems. Think first.

[13:50] Define the process, and then RE-define the process.

[14:40] Being creative doesn’t mean you need to invent it from the very beginning.

[15:14] What Interview Valet actually does.

[16:20] Nothing ruins your credibility more than saying “Hello Columbus” when you’re in Cleveland

[17:00] When an interviewee can’t answer the question that is always asked, it causes them to show that they aren’t a listener of the podcast.

[18:15] What helps keep Tom on fire and hustling is MEETING people and making introductions!

[19:16] John Bertino comes up again. 6 Degrees of John Bertino.

[19:50] Tom gets himself OUT of the funk is getting himself OUT of the house! Reach out to someone for perspective.

[21:19] Melissa has to take Steven for a walk like a pet!

[22:10] When Tom goes out, he likes to explore because he’s more creative outside doing things.

[23:00] Tom & his wife go to a different city for a week and work from there.

[24:20] Travel allows you to look at the world with eyes of wonder.

[25:30] Steven & Melissa’s Italian Adventure!

[26:29] Networking in another country creates sympathy, empathy and creativity.

[27:00] Really, no matter what, There is NO better time to be alive.

[27:40] 40% of Americans are listening to podcasts.

[29:00] Mic issues interrupt the discussion

[29:25] Tom is really excited about the announcement from Apple about podcasts.

[30:35] Podcast analytics: If you know what’s wrong, you can fix it.

[33:00] So few people know what the “pod” in podcast stands for.

[34:00] You have to be paying attention for video, but you can have audio while doing other things.

[35:00] Tom has been on podcasts since 2013, but doesn’t have his own YET.

[35:30] 80% of podcasts die within the first 10 episodes.

[36:10] Moments of breakdown for podcast hosts.

[37:02] Podcasts are the ultimate way to invite people to your party or show up to their party with a handle of Tito’s.

[37:50] Consistency is what sets The Creative Hustler apart from others.

[38:47] You can work the podcast interviews around your life, but hosting is a commitment.

[40:24] Tom is a coffee achiever and would grab one with his dad.

[41:10] Tom’s dad taught him what it was to be creative, and how to hustle.

[41:55] Tom loves hazelnut and Cuban coffee.

[42:53] Steven turned Melissa into a coffee snob.

[44:00] Melissa was a tea person or an extra sugary vanilla coolatta.

[45:39] The crash of 2008, and how nothing is promised to you.

[47:46] People are living longer, and industries are changing much quicker now.

[49:56] Tom lives in Michigan, but he feels that the only way you bear fruit in your life is to be cross pollinated by travel and experience.

[53:00] The richness of your life is relationships.

[53:20] If you want to be cultured, get an internet connection.

[53:51] Where Tom lives on the internet

[54:58] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



Find everything you need:

Sep 2, 2017

[3oz or Less] Today’s 3oz or less mini-episode is with Jessica Yarbrough, the mompreneur coach. You may remember her from previous episodes such as #44 and her recap, #45.


[00:30] What’s up, Creative Hustlers!

[00:37] What’s Up Jessica. Ready to get hustling?

[00:52] Jessica is currently in Arizona!

[01:00] The struggle of different time zones!

[02:00] Today’s focus: Eliminating self-doubt to sell with more confidence!

[02:20] Don’t worry if you suck because you can un-suck!

[02:58] Biggest issue: Fear of rejection.

[03:30] When someone says “No”, they aren’t saying no TO YOU!

[04:18] Why do people freeze up when it comes to phone sales, and how to prevent that!

[05:15] You should be listening 80% of a time, and asking questions 20% of the time.

[05:40] Example of questions to drive your customer toward a sale.

[06:30] Find the pain point, and associate it with something personal for them.

[07:40] What to do when you hit the AWKWARD moment in a sale?

[08:10] Present your money with confidence, and leave a space!

[09:30] Put it on the table, first one to talk loses.

[10:30] I’ve got a hell of a lot of yes’s in my life, in all areas of life.

[11:15] Sales = psychology + math

[11:46] You can train yourself to not take rejection personal.

[12:05] Sometimes people start excited, and then drop off. They aren’t ready.

[12:48] The Myth of Expert Certification, the biggest self-limiting belief.

[13:00] Tony Robbins isn’t a certified coach, and he’s helped millions of people.

[14:14] People search for certifications to justify to themselves that they are worth it.

[15:00] I will pay you if you get it and can help me solve a problem.

[15:55] Play the game you’re comfortable with.

[16:02] Shout out to Michael Gebbins “Zone of Genius”

[16:33] Where Jessica lives on the internet!

[17:20] Check out Jessica’s “6 Figure Mindset & Sales Mastery” coming up!

[17:48] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Contact Jessica:


The Mompreneur Mastermind Private Facebook Group