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Mar 20, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa here. Today, from the great city of Philadelphia, we’re talking with Kate Erickson from the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast. She’s on a mission to help entrepreneurs create freedom in their business and life through developing systems and processes to help them scale and grow their businesses.

[00:32] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:49] What makes Kate a Creative Hustler!

[01:55] Listen to Kate’s Take podcast!

[02:15] Creativity means you can do what you love and make money doing it.

[03:11] How Kate makes it work with her significant other!

[05:35] Check out  How to Fascinate for a compatibility/strength test for your relationship!

[07:20] More details on how the personality test helps a couple work together and get to know each other.

[09:35] Importance of understanding your process, and how they changed Kate’s life and business.

[11:30] Implementing starts with knowing what you work on day to day!

[13:58] How do you deal with life derailing the process?

[16:20] If you get off course for a day, woman up and get back in the saddle.

[16:40] Kate’s inspiration and drive to keep going is the people she helps and the domino effect.

[18:14] On the bad days, Kate keeps going because she loves the challenge, and either gives herself a break, or figures out why she hit the wall.

[19:30] We all make choices and we need to deal with effects of those choices all day.

[20:40] When you’re in the habit, you bounce back rate is better.

[20:55] Kate would have all the liquids with Jane Austen.

[22:57] It would be interesting to be in the mind of a great author who did not realize how great they were at the time.

[24:37] How travel has impacted Kate’s entrepreneur journey.

[25:29] Every time you walk down a street you’ve never been before it brings you awareness and openness.

[26:35] Where Kate lives on the internet!

[27:14] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



Mar 19, 2018

[00:30] What’s up Creative Hustlers! It’s Happy Hour!

[01:22] The Creative Hustler team is back together.

[01:50] Shout Out to Andaz Hotel in San Diego! Voted one of the best roofs!

[02:40] Andaz Hotel does salon events to bring the community in!

[03:40] Don’t forget to check out the Andaz Hotel online!

[03:58] Back with Jason Shaffer!

[04:40] What’s up with Jason Shaffer, and why he’s at Social Media Marketing World!

[05:40] Jason is a high school teacher who teaches about personal branding, and using the internet for more opportunities.

[06:25] How do high school students approaching personal branding?

[07:45] The idea of graduating college with a Marketing degree, but it guarantees nothing!

[08:20] Even high school age students need to think about person branding, and being original.

[09:10] Some parents are not really excited about this required class.

[09:45] Why not share your best content and connect with experts!

[10:20] How Jason got invited to Congress, and how he used the class to market himself.

[12:00] Our next generation is inventing the wheel in real time!

[13:00] How to brand yourself from an offline perspective.

[14:14] Success stories from Jason’s class!

[16:20] Jason’s impression of Social Media Marketing World!

[17:43] Where Jason lives on the internet!

[18:00] Shout out to North Briar Prep!

[18:41] Here’s Conrad Mathison from It’s Pixel Perfect!

[19:00] A little more about Mathison and It’s Pixel Perfect!

[19:40] Omnichannel is a fancy word for reaching your audience with many different types of media.

[20:05] 2018 is the Year of the Bots, because people are messaging more than calling.

[21:07] If someone is having trouble logging in, the Chat Bot will give suggestion on how to fix it.

[22:17] Is a Chat Bot trusting? How can we make it more human?

[23:27] Shout out to Angelo about Chat Bots!

[23:45] Customer service across the world is a struggle, and we have to look into Chat Bots to help!

[24:28] Where Conrad lives on the internet!

[25:20] That’s a wrap Creative Hustlers!

[25:46] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle!


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Andaz Hotel:

Jason Shaffer:

Conrad Mathison

Mar 6, 2018

What’s up, creative hustlers! Steven here from Impact Hub, Siracusa with another 3 oz or Less episode! Today I’m talking about 5 ways to marketing your non profit organization

[00:31] What’s up Creative Hustlers! Steven here! Talking about 5 Ways to Market your non-profit organization!

[00:55] in 2009, Steven started a non-profit called SDEAG - The San Diego Entertainment & Arts guild

[01:25] It’s all about bringing together the entertainment industries in San Diego.

[02:00] Steven is working on San Diego Jazz Compilation.

[02:15] Most non-profits don’t have a budget, or even a marketing person.

[02:31] Number 1: Don't just have a mission statement, have a BRAND PROMISE!

[03:20] It’s difficult to operate a non-profit where you don’t make a profit.

[03:38] Number 2: Know who you’re marketing to!

[04:00] You need to know your audience types.

[04:43] Number 3: Create a brand ambassador program.

[05:05] Peer to peer marketing works really well with non-profit groups.

[05:50] If you have a brand strategy, you can attach to emotional triggers to help your marketing.

[06:18] Number 4: Engaging with thought leadership and content marketing.

[06:40] The most impactful nonprofits are leveraging this idea of community and modern marketing tactics to drive their strategy.

[07:30] There is no better way to build trust and authority then being being a podium, or with a pen in your hand!

[07:57] Number 5: Be a social story teller.

[08:10] Look at CONY 2012, or the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge.

[09:30] Hope these tips are helpful! Let me know on Twitter!

[09:45] Don’t forget to visit us at, or!

[09:51] Peace Out, Creative Hustlers!

[09:56] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle

Mar 2, 2018

[00:30] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[01:20] It’s chilly in Brooklyn.

[02:02] Today we’re recapping Michelle’s interview.

[02:15] Michelle is on the panel for Empowered Women in Digital on March 8th in San Diego.

[02:55] Michelle is the Pitch Queen. She’s all about sales and strategy!

[03:30] Selling without being sleazy is so important.

[03:50] Used car salesman are the definition of sleazy.

[05:07] Empowered Women in Digital, March 8th, 6-9pm at the Loading Dock in Little Italy, San Diego!

[05:45] Michelle was actually on Shark tank season 4!

[06:00] Michelle owned Fitzee Foods, and had a physical store but was not prepared for Shark Tank.

[07:00] Shark Tank can give you a crash course in what is wrong with your company all at once.

[07:45] Constructive criticism is really important to entrepreneurs.

[08:25] It’s easy to come up with ideas when you have a giant of team of people working on it.

[09:20] Billy Corgan discussed that it’s hard to hear criticism when you’re so used to hearing praise.

[10:25] Entrepreneurship can be I...I...I.

[11:25] You evolve and step into the unknown.

[11:53] Those who have success got comfortable in being in the idea of the unknown.

[13:00] Alan was given opportunities and was always prepared to step into the unknown.

[13:47] Entrepreneurship is Indiana Jones stepping on the invisible bridge.

[14:40] Michelle gets herself pumped up for the day by working out 1 to 3 times a day!

[15:20] It’s discipline to allow time to workout multiple times a day, it’s an escape and regeneration.

[16:55] Being the descendant of immigrants who worked hard to be successful can be a driving force.

[18:19] Michelle found something with her podcast that she has a passion for.

[18:30] Michelle’s podcast was Success Unfiltered, and she’s interviewed John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Kate Erickson and Jill Stanton.

[19:15] Michelle also does Facebook live videos called coffee is for closers!

[19:45] Empowered Women in Digital has Michelle, Maresa Friedman, and Mia Rene Davies, with Melissa moderating!

[20:15] Melissa will be talking about how to sell without being sleazy, how to create value with every interaction that you have, and so many more.

[21:25] Every small little interaction could build your brand to that person.

[22:35] What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

[24:50] Steven wants to leave behind the fact that he created an awesome experience.

[25:40] That’s a wrap, Creative Hustlers!

[26:30] Check out SoCalMarketing Club for all events coming up!

[26:44] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle

Michelle’s Opt In:

Owning Your Worth: A Guide To Knowing Your Value and Naming Your Price


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Feb 27, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa here. Today, from an enthusiastic Philadelphia, we’re talking with Michelle Weinstein. She’s on a mission to utilize her superpower to help entrepreneurs close any deal, sell more products or services, value your worth, overcome any objection thrown at you, and turn a “NO” into a “YES” so you can serve more people and make a bigger impact in the world.


[00:29] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:55] What’s Up, Michelle, ready to get hustling?

[01:08] What makes Michelle a creative hustler!

[01:50] Every day you have to sell yourself.

[03:20] How do you get that message across to business owner, or to the client.

[03:45] We’re just here to provide value.

[04:00] Michelle’s epiphany started back in the day at Nordstrom.

[04:32] You have to do what everyone else is not going to do.

[04:53] Michelle pitched on Shark Tank in Season 4.

[05:14] How you translate pitching on Shark Tank into the business world.

[05:50] Eating right is 80% of the health game.

[07:00] I did everything that no one else wanted to do.

[08:25] What happened with Fitsy Foods?

[10:15] Michelle created her podcast, Success Unfiltered. The stories no one talks about.

[11:30] Why doesn’t anyone ever tell you how entrepreneurship really is?

[12:00] Some uncomfortable moments that Michelle had to overcome…

[13:30] I got really good at just being a problem solver, and you get used to it.

[14:50] You gotta get really comfortable in the uncomfortable to be successful.

[15:50] Where Michelle’s inspiration and fire comes from.

[16:56] Michelle’s two parents were always hustling.

[17:55] Michelle physically could not be a housewife.

[19:00] Michelle was trapped in a corner, but she had a mission to be successful.

[19:48] Some things are out of our control, and we have to acknowledge that.

[21:00] If money wasn’t an option, what would Michelle be doing right now?

[22:11] Helping young girls with self-love, and self-esteem is Michelle’s passion non-profit.

[23:18] If you want to change who you are, and what you do, you have to make the change.

[23:40] All the Pitch Queen content is for FREE.

[24:23] How Michelle stays motivated and breaks out of the funk.

[25:30] Your body tells you when to slow down, so if you listen to your body, you won’t ever get burnt out.

[26:40] When you’re burnt out, you’re probably saying YES to everything that comes your way.

[28:30] Michelle’s focus is admirable.

[29:15] Michelle doesn’t have too much challenge in entrepreneurship because she manages her time.

[31:13] Michelle is so used to her business she’s a juggler for Cirque du Soleil!

[31:47] Aerial Yoga is one of the best physical exercises for entrepreneurship!

[34:20] When you can take personal challenges, it can transform your professional life.

[34:45] Michelle would grab healthy food with Oprah in Maui.

[36:44] Michelle is professionally annoying. “When I want to find someone, I will.”

[37:55] How all of Michelle’s life experiences and missteps affected her as an entrepreneur.

[39:30] Michelle has really seen it all in the entrepreneurial world.

[40:16] You become so highly valued and valued from so many experiences.

[41:19] Where Michelle lives on the internet.

[42:15] For more on The Creative Hustler, find us at, and leave us a review!

[42:42] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



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Feb 22, 2018

For today’s 3oz or Less, Steven discusses the biggest mistake brands make in their communication strategy, and his top 3 tips for on-point branding.


[00:32] What’s up Creative Hustlers, Steven here!

[00;55] Today’s topic is branding tips!

[01:38] First mistake: Not developing their personas.

[02:09] You need to get deeper into this. What makes them click.

[02:30] You need to talk to your customer!

[03:15] If you think you know your clients, you don’t. Dig deeper!

[04:06] You want to keep branding in your customer’s minds.

[04:55] Second Mistake: You are not being adaptive.

[05:14] Personalization is more important than ever.

[06:17] We don’t want to be ignorant that our audience does not all see things the same way.

[06:48] Break adaptive strategy down to a few core demographics!

[07:12] Third Mistake: You aren’t staying consistent.

[07:40] It’s the golden rule of branding, whatever it is you do, do it well and do it often.

[08:09] Every piece of content on the brand needs to be consistent to brand strategy & standards.

[08:45] You need to know who your audience is, and be adaptive in order to be consistent.

[09:10] Auditing your brand and progress is important.

[09:35] That’s a wrap, Creative Hustlers!

[09:47] Don’t miss out on The Creative Hustler’s branding blueprint!

[10:00] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle.




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Feb 20, 2018

For today’s 3oz or Less, Steven discusses the infographic from Daisy @ and dives into 21 Ways to Increase Creativity!


[00:30] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:45] Today we’re getting 21 tips for being more creative!

[01:08] Before anything, there’s a thought and a spark!

[01:37] Finding our own path to creativity

[01:50] #1: Obsess!

[02:34] Creative people require solitude to generate new ideas

[03:16] #2: Make Experiments and Prototypes!

[04:00] #3: Identify our energy killers!

[04:30] Stay in the state of optimal flow.

[04:47] #4: Relax and take a break.

[05:06] Hustle is a subjective term. Work smarter, not harder.

[05:25] Dopamine is the motivation molecule.

[05:44] 72% of people have their best ideas in the shower.

[06:20] #5: Creativity comes in a flash. How can we get inspired more?

[06:47] #6: Listen to your body clock!

[07:20] You can’t put a circle in a square. Find a harmony.

[07:46] #7: Set your limits.

[08:07] Too many options can become obstacles.

[08:32] #8: Record your ideas! Use a voice recorder to keep track of your ideas.

[10:01] #9: Change or flip your perspective.

[10:38] Distance yourself from the project to get some clarity.

[10:57] #10: GO TO SLEEP!

[11:25] Better sleep makes a better mood.

[11:34] #11: Go for a walk!

[11:54] Get away from the damn desk!

[12:12] #12: Don’t give up!

[12:45] We need to put ourselves into the place to have more ideas.

[13:00] #13: Combine ideas!

[14:04] #14: Don’t be afraid to be wrong.

[14:47] Play life in the key of Z!

[15:04] #15: Use what you have.

[15:38] #16: Borrow ideas! What’s new is the way you approach it!

[16:12] #17: Make physical & neurological connections! Learn, read, network!

[16:49] #18: Think simply! KISS =  Keep It Simple Steven!

[17:43] #19: Use your imagination! Visualize it!

[18:28] Create a vision board.

[18:37] #20: Leave your safe zone! Get uncomfortable!

[19:25] #21: Stay hungry! Act like you have nothing to LOSE!

[20:12] Hope these 21 tips from Daisy @ help you!

[20:30] Don’t forget to check us out at, or our consulting business at, and leave us a review!

[21:02] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



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Feb 15, 2018

What’s up Creative Hustlers! Today, Steve, Melissa & Alan recap Tuesday’s interview with Brian Lischer, CEO &  Founder of Ignyte Branding.


[00:32] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:52] Steven & Melissa have talked to Alan in SO many different places.

[01:34] Today we’re recapping Brian Lischer, from Ignyte Branding.

[02:00] We actually interviewed Brian back in September at the live event.

[02:30] The interview dived into Brian’s process in creating brands, and so much more.

[03:15] Brian has over 10 years in the agency life.

[03:30] Steven makes bromances over branding.

[04:30] What makes Brian’s agency different is the convergence of sociology, psychology and mythology.

[05:16] There is no much psychology in Marketing.

[05:30] Alan uses psychology to help understand people’s marketing strategy.

[05:48] Steven finished his first class teaching at Drexel recently.

[06:16] People can spend $30,000 on a website & brand, but have no brand vision. WTF?

[07:45] If you don’t know what YOU do differently, it’s the blind leading the blind.

[08:15] Mythology comes into play with brand archetypes and brand story.

[09:07] You have 15 years of mistakes to get you the results you’re looking for.

[10:00] Mythology is like leaving your mark, it’s a legacy.

[10:49] Mythology is to explain the unexplainable.

[12:23] Hiring & acquiring talent in your growing business.

[12:53] Brian had an outside HR firm to help with the hiring process.

[13:43] What do you look at while hiring employees & contractors?

[14:26] You can teach someone a hard skill, but you can’t teach being a part of the culture.

[15:50] Alan actually hired Melissa, because she had a drive to learn.

[17:50] You can go a lot further with a group of smart, hardworking people.

[19:00] Bringing in an HR consultant to help grow is different then bringing one in to figure out what the hell is going on!

[20:00] Alan’s hiring process with Ignite and their growth.

[20:50] Hiring can be a lot of luck of the draw.

[21:40] Hire the right TYPES of people, instead of the right skills.

[23:10] Sometimes you can just tell when it’s not the right person.

[23:39] Hustle beats talent, when talent doesn’t hustle.

[24:08] Show up every day, and make progress!

[24:30] Don’t get to visit The Creative Hustler online, and join our Facebook group!

[24:53] Brian is at!

[25:16] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Feb 14, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Today Steven, from Impact Hub Siracusa Sicily, is talking with Brian Lisher, CEO and Chief Brand Strategist with Ignyte, a badass branding firm out of San Diego, CA.

[01:04] What’s up Brian, ready to get hustling?

[01:19] Why Brian is a Creative Hustler, and more about Ignyte.

[02:25] How Brian manages converging sociology and psychology into Ignyte.

[04:37] Brian wanted to fix the brand, instead of promoting the brand.

[05:40] Even Alan has a psychology degree. The greatest marketers are psychologists.

[07:00] Started with a social media consulting contract, and moved into branding.

[08:00] Ignyte has been open for 4 years, but really 3 full years.

[9:30] How Steven defines brand.

[11:00] How Brian defines brand.

[11:35] How Brian brings data into shaping perceptions.

[13:15] It’s important to know how a CEO views you vs. a Marketing Manager.

[15:15] Why there isn’t always a direct ROI.

[16:40] Sometimes you have to adjust pricing to meet the competition.

[17:00] It’s more expensive and harder to be a change agent.

[18:45] If it comes down to arguing about price, it is probably the wrong client.

[20:26] Sometimes your competitors are 10x the price, but not 10x the value.

[21:46] Where does inspiration come from?

[23:14] Without having partners or high level staff, much of the work falls on Brian.

[24:40] How Brian deals with late night resurgence in creativity.

[25:24] Being able to do the analysis and turning it into data for creative execution is what Brian loves.

[26:40] What Brian is excited about for 2018: Growth, public speaking and more.

[29:30] Brian’s secret to balancing the building of a business is working with an HR consultant, and developing a hiring process.

[30:48] Process is everything.

[31:32] Brian’s choice for grabbing a drink with a Creative Hustler: Steve Jobs.

[33:35] People not be able to tell detail and obsession that went into a project, but they can feel it.

[36:07] Brian is a minimalist, and needs to work with others like him.

[38:19] There’s two types of people who do pitches. 10 slides & no words, or 300 slides and tons of words.

[39:15] Where Brian & Ignyte live on the internet.

[40:55] As always, check out The Creative Hustler, or Latin & Code, and please leave a review.

[41:13] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle.


Jan 19, 2018

Today, Steven, Melissa & Alan recap Tuesday’s interview with Josh Haynam, the Co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder.


[00:33] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:54] We’re in the Creative Hustler World Studio!

[01:22] Going forward, Steven may be doing more interviews solo!

[02:08] Now we’re doing recaps digitally, instead of in person!

[02:44] A little about Josh Haynam.

[03:28] Coding is like a learning a language.

[04:25] What should we name our Consulting business?

[04:56] Boston Latin is one of the oldest in the country.

[05:23] Josh was 19 and building websites and coding.

[05:55] 30,000 businesses were using Interactive Quiz Builder now.

[06:40] Best ideas come from solving a problem.

[07:50] Quizzes are as important as memes these days!

[08:38] Where is the benefit of quizzes in the online strategy?

[09:40] Quizzes boost interaction on facebook!

[10:35] Quizzes are good for brand awareness campaign.

[12:00] Using quizzes for retargeting campaigns.

[13:00] Josh is very purposeful with his day.

[13:40] What happens when the shit hits the fan?

[14:37] Josh’s tips for when the shit hits the fan!

[15:00] Tip 1: Transparency.

[15:22] Alan’s thoughts on transparency.

[17:00] Story about GrooveShark.

[18:00] If you have loyalty, you have good employees.

[19:20] When you are transparent, it can be a rally call!

[19:47] Tip 2 from Josh: Talk to people smarter than you!

[21:00] Everyone needs someone to talk to and get advice from.

[22:30] Josh takes the time to know the world around him.

[23:00] New Quiz: What kinda sauce are you? #MomentofItalian

[24:30] Sauce or Gravy?

[25:05] Check out Peter Scincotti’s episode!

[25:26] Check out Josh’s website!

[25:30] Visit the Creative Hustler on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and leave a review!

[25:57] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



Jan 16, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Today Steven is interviewing Josh Haynam, co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, an influencer marketing tool used by more than 30,000 businesses and in his words… He’s probably seen more quizzes than any other human being on earth right now.


[00:30] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:50] What’s up, Josh? Ready to get hustling?

[01:15] What makes Josh a Creative Hustler.

[02:00] Building and tinkering uses new parts of our brain.

[03:10] Pushing the boundaries is exciting.

[03:30] How Interact Quiz Builder got started and where it is now.

[05:20] 37 million people have taken a quiz on Interact Quiz Builder.

[06:00] Quizzes range from funny quizzes to serious ones.

[06:35] Josh’s first launch flopped SO badly.

[08:00] For success, months of work, hundreds of blog posts, and finally Josh’s business kicked off!

[09:15] Only question you need to ask yourself, “Should I keep going?”

[09:51] How Josh’s passion has changed over time.

[10:30] There is NO POINT at which being an entrepreneur gets easy!

[12:36] How Josh snaps himself out of a bad mood!

[14:25] Take time to work your method and get yourself in the right place.

[14:50] When you’re starting out, take time to address things and move forward.

[16:00] Why Steven & Melissa decided to get out of the country.

[17:29] What Josh is excited about in 2018.

[17:55] Josh is excited about helping people make better quizzes!

[19:00] Interact Quiz Builder is going to build solutions for people’s issues.

[20:50] The new features on Interact Quiz Builder are already in the works!

[22:35] Josh’s biggest struggle is running a company, and having everything go smoothly, while still having a clear mind to work on projects.

[24:08] These struggles happen to everyone.

[24:20] Josh’s advice for entrepreneurs who are in the same place.

[27:50] When things are not good in your business, are you still talking about it? Transparency is important.

[29:57] Josh would grab a drink with Casey Neistat! He’s the epitome of hustle.

[31:00] It’s admirable to keep your morals while hustling.

[32:00] Where you can find Josh on the internet.

[32:40] Don’t forget to leave a review.

[32:53] Melissa’s moment of Hustle.



Jan 11, 2018

Today, Steven, Melissa and Alan recap Sam Alvarez's interview and discuss what having multiple jobs can teach us!

[00:32] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:50] Steven & Melissa are still in Sicily!

[01:34] Creative Hustler returns to U.S mid-February!

[01:40] Today’s recap is Sam Alvarez!

[02:15] She’s had 63 jobs, and speaks 8 languages.

[03:25] Jobs not professions.

[04:05] Sam is a polyglot.

[04:22] Sam speaks English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and many more we don’t know.

[05:00] Alan speaks one language, Melissa speaks one language, and Steven speaks 1.5.

[05:50] Many European people know at least 3-4 other languages.

[08:05] Sam said you need to immerse yourself in the culture and be willing to make mistakes.

[09:26] Alan would choose Spanish if he had to pick one.

[10:05] Alan is ethnically ambiguous, so people think he’s Spanish.

[11:06] Sam now teaches people languages, and also coaches people.

[11:30] Sam Alvarez has visited 26 countries, and lived in 11 of them. Currently living in Chang Mai right now.

[12:45] Sam’s worst job was an accounting job. She threw herself into the world of accounting for a month.

[13:18] Alan was a buyer for a computer store, to an assistant, to a coordinator, and many many more before he even got into SEO.

[14:30] It’s important to know what is NOT for you.

[15:30] Melissa’s worst job ever: Retail during the holiday.

[17:18] Temp jobs that sucked.

[18:40] Steven’s various jobs in life, and his worst job.

[20:45] Steven only lasted at an agency for two weeks!

[21:45] Even the shitty jobs taught us something about ourselves.

[23:45] Do everything you can when you are starting out. Try it.

[24:45] When you get out of school, you may not want to do what you thought.

[25:30] Knowing what you love is really important, and sometimes hard to get.

[27:30] If you are willing to work for free, it shows you’re dedicated to the industry.

[28:15] Motivation through movement

[29:00] Sam Alvarez is cray-cray, but it’s our type of crazy!

[29:15] Sam’s links at in the bio.

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[30:14] Check out Alan’s courses if you’re in San Diego!

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Jan 9, 2018

What’s up Creative Hustlers! Today, Steven & Melissa interview Samantha Alvarez, the Creative Hustler who is trying to help people achieve stable income while becoming their best self!


[00:29] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:32] Today we’re interviewing Samantha Alvarez.

[01:03] Ready to get hustling, Samantha?

[01:29] What makes Samantha a Creative Hustler!

[02:03] Samantha loves trying out new things.

[02:43] Samantha has had 63 different jobs, and speaks 8 languages.

[04:00] Samantha learned portuguese in 6 weeks.

[04:45] Samantha’s advice to someone learning a new language.

[05:16] Make it emotional and make it relevant.

[06:26] Instead of learning complex grammar, learn the phrases you use everyday.

[07:19] The meaning behind Latin & Code

[07:37] How Samantha approaches language is how she approaches life.
[08:23] Where does Samantha’s fire come from?!

[09:45] Learning a language, or working isn’t easy, but when you are excited about it, it’s easier.

[10:13] The optimal state of flow.

[10:53] What Samantha does to get OUT of a funk.

[11:07] Samantha lives her life in relationships, and solves problems with relationships.

[12:11] Live your life in service.

[13:45] Be transparent to your team, and vocalize your struggles.

[14:09] Worst job: Samantha was an account for a month, without any experience.

[15:45] Best Job: Coaching people, one on one.

[17:00] We don’t usually have someone in our lives who’s willing to be there for you 100% and call you out on your shit.

[18:25] Sometimes the nomad lifestyle is not glamorous.

[19:00] Biggest challenge in Nomad life is disillusionment.

[19:55] Another challenge is finding what aligns with you.

[22:00] Understanding your boundaries is important.

[23:20] Find ONE thing to do every day. Sam does SELF-CARE every day.

[23:50] Work hard, play hard and have clear boundaries.

[24:40] Sam is excited by an annual plan for productivity.

[26:00] If you don’t have any sales, you don’t have a business.

[27:20] Sam would love to be able to serve much more people fully.

[28:22] Having a value ladder is very important for coaching!

[29:06] Sam would choose a green smoothie with Marie Forleo.

[31:00] How has traveling and speaking 8 languages impacted Sam’s entrepreneur journey.

[34:35] Where Sam Alvarez lives on the internet!

[35:00] Find the Creative Hustler on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and leave a review!

[35:26] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle!

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Jan 4, 2018

Today on The Creative Hustler, Steven & Melissa interview Salvo Fallica from Impact HUB Siracusa.

[00:30] What’s up Creative Hustlers?

[01:00] Shout out to the other Christmas episode!

[01:25] Some interviews with members of Impact Hub Siracusa!

[02:25] Shout out to some December birthdays! Happy Birthday Bill and Alicia.

[03:40] Back with Salvo Fallica, director at Impact Hub.

[04:10] Quick rundown of what Salvo does at Impact Hub!

[05:05] How do you make your creativity functional and make money off of it?

[05:20] Impact Hub works as strategy consultants with small enterprises.

[06:00] Impact Hub is there to inspire people.

[06:20] It’s important to know your value proposition.

[07:10] Why you should read “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek.

[07:45] Impact Hub is a HUB in the true meaning.

[08:14] We pass value to the people in our community, and find allies at the HUB.

[08:54] Do all Impact Hubs run the same way?

[09:20] Why one of Impact Hub Siracusa mottos: Locally rooted, Globally connected.

[09:25] Each Impact Hub is different from each other, because of location. Find out the significance of Impact HUB here in Siracusa.

[10:20] If you manage to position yourself in what the territory can offer you, you can make impact.

[11:00] Impact Hub shares common values: trust, courage and collaboration and the focus on social innovation.

[11:37] Where does Salvo’s inspiration for running Impact Hub come from?

[12:30] Impact Hub faces many different challenges.

[13:17] What Creative Hustler Salvo would have a glass of wine with….

[14:02] Steven’s Creative Hustler is Archimedes.

[14:23] Salvo would meet with Simon Sinek.

[15:30] Another of Salvo’s favorite Creative Hustlers: Hideo Kojima

[16:37] Where to find Salvo Fallica on the internet.

[17:50] Steven doesn’t want to leave Impact Hub Siracusa.

[18:15] Make sure to check out Impact Hub Siracusa, and connect with Facebook!

[18:33] Join Siracusa’s Digital Nomad program.

[19:13] That’s a Wrap, Creative Hustlers!

[19:25] Don’t forget to check us out at TheCreativeHustler, Latin & Code, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now YouTube!

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