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Sep 2, 2017

[3oz or Less] Today’s 3oz or less mini-episode is with Jessica Yarbrough, the mompreneur coach. You may remember her from previous episodes such as #44 and her recap, #45.


[00:30] What’s up, Creative Hustlers!

[00:37] What’s Up Jessica. Ready to get hustling?

[00:52] Jessica is currently in Arizona!

[01:00] The struggle of different time zones!

[02:00] Today’s focus: Eliminating self-doubt to sell with more confidence!

[02:20] Don’t worry if you suck because you can un-suck!

[02:58] Biggest issue: Fear of rejection.

[03:30] When someone says “No”, they aren’t saying no TO YOU!

[04:18] Why do people freeze up when it comes to phone sales, and how to prevent that!

[05:15] You should be listening 80% of a time, and asking questions 20% of the time.

[05:40] Example of questions to drive your customer toward a sale.

[06:30] Find the pain point, and associate it with something personal for them.

[07:40] What to do when you hit the AWKWARD moment in a sale?

[08:10] Present your money with confidence, and leave a space!

[09:30] Put it on the table, first one to talk loses.

[10:30] I’ve got a hell of a lot of yes’s in my life, in all areas of life.

[11:15] Sales = psychology + math

[11:46] You can train yourself to not take rejection personal.

[12:05] Sometimes people start excited, and then drop off. They aren’t ready.

[12:48] The Myth of Expert Certification, the biggest self-limiting belief.

[13:00] Tony Robbins isn’t a certified coach, and he’s helped millions of people.

[14:14] People search for certifications to justify to themselves that they are worth it.

[15:00] I will pay you if you get it and can help me solve a problem.

[15:55] Play the game you’re comfortable with.

[16:02] Shout out to Michael Gebbins “Zone of Genius”

[16:33] Where Jessica lives on the internet!

[17:20] Check out Jessica’s “6 Figure Mindset & Sales Mastery” coming up!

[17:48] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Contact Jessica:


The Mompreneur Mastermind Private Facebook Group



Jan 19, 2017

Grant Cooper is from Philly. He’s the Ceo of a digital agency named social vantage. He started his business with his best friend in college 3 - 4 years ago. Grant is 23 years old. DAMN - Good job, my friend.

  • [00:40] Grant is an unbelievable ball of energy, holy awesome!
  • [3:19] If you’re healthy, it’s basically your obligation to get up in the morning, inspire, and get shit done.
  • Making good habits and surrounding yourself with good people
  • [5:35] The idea of meditation rooms becoming mainstream
  • [13:48] The importance of having a creative outlet. Grants creative outlet is picking up his canon 70d camera. That said, your creative outlet could be anything from nature, hiking, painting, videos, yoga, weight lifting, photography, etc.
  • [8:19] Grant uses Headspace to balance. Headspace is an app that’s come up quite a bit on The Creative Hustler. Even just a quick 10 minute session after a bad call or meeting helps keep him in the right mindset.
  • [9:07] Let’s just say there were neutral spaces for meditation with no premeditated agenda. Thoughts, Creative Hustlers?
  • [6:24] Even to get physically fit you have to make a mental decision
  • [20:00] Grant travels quite a bit. He’s learned how to adapt and understand people and different cultures. This has has a huge impact on his professional career because it’s taught him how to change messaging for different locations.
  • [21:13] And the segment that Melissa was so adamant about not recording because she thought we did already… how to pack clothes for travel… do you know how to fold your suit jacket on the go!
  • [21:29] The abrupt wrap up… who’s pea and who’s nut!
  • [22:13] Melissa’s moment of hustle

Contact info for Grant Cooper:


Nov 10, 2016

[RECAP] Lee Jackson of Lee Jackson Dev out of the UK is a hustler on a mission. He's a WordPress wiz and creates some of the most badass plugins and hacks in the biz. And if you're into WordPress dev, you can join the private conversation with the latest tips and tricks on Lee's private Facebook group, WP Innovator

Moments of Inspiration:

  • Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. - Henry Ford

Admirable Mentions:

  • New Media Europe - The BEST podcast convention not only in Europe but we'd go so far as to say the world. The hosts and owners of the convention, Mike and Izabela Russell, really know how to make a global family out of a bunch of tech geeks. Follow their story on Twitter and be in the know when they announce the 2017 convention location! 
  • Zoom - A great platform for easy screen sharing and video conferencing. When working with Lee to redevelop the TCH site, this was our main mode of communication.
  • Freedcamp - Like most creatives and agency folks, I’m very familiar with task-setting platforms and project management sites. This one seems to pretty easy to navigate and helped our team stay on track when redesigning our website.
  • Coffitivity - One of Melissa’s favorite sites. Put the headphones on and let the noise of a busy cafe focus you and get you hustling. Me personally, I get upset because the espresso never shows up.
  • Kindle - If e-readers are your thing, then I’d be shocked if you didn’t have one already. If e-reading isn’t a thing, give it try.
  • Moleskin - for to-do list - As digital as we are, I still will not be caught dead without my Moleskin. This classic notebook is great no matter what.
  • Google Apps - I’d be hard stretched to find a modern-day business not utilizing the google suite in some way.
  • Troop London Bag - Troop London has a bunch of cool bags and messengers. If you’re on the go, a cool little satchel might be all you need. Click the link to see our favorite.  
  • ATR2 100 Mic - This is a great mic no matter what you need it for. As a podcaster, this is almost setting the standard.  
  • Bose Noise Canceling headphones - Personally, I won’t leave home without a pair of these in my mobile office. On an airplane, they are a life-saver and in times of deep thought, they block out the world so you can focus.
  • Regus Coworking - We love coworking spots and Regus is great because they are worldwide, so you’re never too far away from stable wifi.

Contact Info:

TWT: @leejacksondev