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Jun 13, 2017

Whats Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today we’ll be talking with Jeremy Goldman, Founder & CEO of the Firebrand group, a NYC based agency where he’s on a mission to future-proof brands through the application of strategy, design, branding and social media. In his spare time, he’s also an accomplished author, having published two books, a keynote speaker, and a contributor to INC.


[00:01] Uplevel your branding

[01:22] What's Up Jeremy. Ready to get hustling?

[02:16] Why Jeremy loves finding the most Challenging projects.

[03:43] Bummer warning: The suckiest 10 hours in Jeremy’s career.

[05:39] There are lessons in the lining, and finding the strength to continue.

[07:00] When life gives you lemons, make your own #CreativeHustler lemonade.

[07:54] The rise of Firebrand: Starting an agency at the worst time.

[09:55] Finding out exactly where Firebrand fits in the ever changing market.

[10:50] Firebrand can predict the future, almost!

[11:25] Work smart, and work differently in the crowded market.

[12:12] Too big, too small: Finding the perfect size company for futureproofing.

[13:25] When a dollar is really worth $3 - finding the right place to invest.

[14:40] Jeremy’s #CreativeHustler life is fueled by the craziness of NYC

[15:54] Trying to mesh the GO,GO, GO mentality in a flip flop location!

[16:50] Sometimes you need a break from the anxious bubble of big city life.

[17:25] Stop being competitive, and start being CREATIVE.

[17:45] The pace and quiet of Cleveland can also allow for success.

[18:56] Why Jeremy does jumping jacks to get pumped up.

[19:58] The #CreativeHustler life needs a Health Meter.

[20:39] The hardest thing to do is quit, even in the short term.

[21:35] Double espressos, or defining AI is Jeremy’s excitement.

[22:54] Big Data, a.k.a Bullshit Data: Buzzwords all over the place.

[23:17] Jeremy’s thoughts on the future of A.I.

[24:16] Steven’s takeaway from Digital Signage expo.

[25:00] Figuring out who has the biggest pain point: A.I. may come first.

[25:33] Uber & Lyft had a human problem, not a digital problem.

[26:27] A.I is already here, and continues growing bit by bit.

[28:35] Jeremy is definitely investing in A.I.

[29:00] A.I may not move the needle right now, but it is coming.

[29:40] You need to get in before everyone else.

[30:52] The hardest part of the #CreativeHustler lifestyle: Facetime with everyone.

[32:10] When you have a team, it feels like you always have to be there for them.

[32:53] How Jeremy gets around the challenge: Is it better than the alternative?

[34:55] Man in the Mirror, and why you gotta figure your shit out first.

[35:20] Jeremy is getting a pint with Ben Franklin.

[35:45] Ben Franklin: The original diversifier!

[38:00] Jeremy’s legacy: Don’t be a Schmuck.

[40:40] If it’s not right, don’t do it. It’s not that difficult.

[41:55] Take a macro approach to what you do.

[42:20] You grow by being around other #CreativeHustlers

[43:00] Traveling a creates empahy, which makes you better.

[44:01] Travel more, become a better marketer.

[45:30] It will make you less Schmucky if you travel with eyes wide open.

[46:40] The benefit of not being able to speak the language.

[47:19] Where to find Jeremy on the internet.

[49:30] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



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