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Aug 15, 2017

What’s Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today we’ll be talking with Michael Gebben who hit the reset button after building a wildly successful video company for 7 years. Today, his company Jumpstarters helps creative entrepreneurs get over the same hurdles that he was able to conquer, allowing him to work with top creative hustlers like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson.


[00:00] You NEED this branding secret!

[00:59] What’s Up Gebbs. Ready to get hustling?

[02:19] What makes Michael Gebben a #CreativeHustler.

[03:25] Michael decided to make movies for funeral homes, on top of the paper route.

[03:30] Gebbs Total Video came about by filming a wedding as a senior in high school.

[04:35] Michael asked his parents to give him 1 year to prove his business instead of going to college.

[04:50] 300 weddings, and introduced Same-Day Edits to his business early on.

[05:30] $8,000 for a wedding DVD?!?

[05:45] Same-Day Edits changed people’s perspective on their investment.

[06:09] By 2010, Michael was doing too much. Professionally booming, but personal life was a mess.

[06:48] That was the point that Michael decided 20% of his effort made him 80% of his income.

[07:30] Michael’s My Way Decision: Shoot, Edit, Speak, Dress with whatever lights me up.

[08:28] Michael wasn’t making the money to equal the time.

[09:28] Don’t care about getting the job, care about what lights you up.

[09:55] Michael has worked with Richard Branson, Tim Ferris and Tony Robbins because of his one decision.

[10:20] Now Michael gets $10,000 or more for a project.

[10:50] Everyone is at different levels, some people won’t talk to you unless your rates are higher.

[11:30] No one teaches you the mental process in high school and college.

[11:59] It’s the wizard, not the wand. Doesn’t matter the tech if you can’t use it.

[12:20] Often it isn’t about the work, but about where your mind is offline.

[12:50] Michael’s sweet spot is offline business, shared online, to create offline work.

[13:16] People need to find out what’s right for THEM!

[13:37] Sometimes people just put on a persona online.

[14:06] #CreativeHustler motto: Our are daily actions and core values in alignment?

[14:50] Your personal brand and your personality make up who you are.

[15:15] The Creative Hustler wants to connect with people on a personal level in all aspects.

[15:38] ALIGNMENT is the word of the month for Michael.

[16:05] 2010 was when Michael put his video into alignment.

[16:30] Michael learned to say NO! His advice and reasoning behind it: Learn to say No, and double your rates.

[17:50] See life through a different lens, and a different filter.

[18:29] Recognize that you need to take action, but also realize what works and what WORKS for YOU!

[18:50] Michael never thought he would be a public speaker and motivator now.

[19:15] You won’t know what you LIKE until you take the action.

[19:40] More about what Michael is currently doing with Jumpstarters after his entrepreneurial burnout.

[20:28] Michael was always thinking of passive revenue streams, but kept being distracted.

[20:38] How Tim Ferriss's 4 Hour Work Week fucked up Michael’s life.

[21:30] From 2012 to 2016, Michael let other people guide and influence him instead of doing it himself.

[22:08] Here’s where YOU are, and here’s where you SHOULD be, and the large gap that makes you buy into someone’s project.

[22:39] In 2010, Michael offered people to spend a day with him for $1000.

[23:10] Someone came to Michael and said, I want to get into video, and by the end of the day she was crying.

[23:50] Being shoved into a box by people SUCKS!

[24:10] Low self-worth and self-value will hinder your success.

[24:35] Michael isn’t being hired for video anymore, they are hiring him for his personality.

[25:05] When people interact with Michael, that’s what makes the difference from other video editors.

[25:30] In 2012, Michael got confidence as a videographer, but had to start over as a motivational speaker.

[26:07] Michael walks with his grandpa at the mall.

[26:24] Sometimes people need that KICK - that’s the Jumpstart.

[26:50] If it’s not non-stop balls to the wall, it doesn’t count as a hustle.

[27:10] Michael hosts workshops and private one-on-one days because those are more successful than a month of video calls.

[27:40] Michael’s words are SECOND to his energy, mood, and personality.

[28:20] Michael’s energy is completely natural.

[28:35] Steven’s 2nd agency was Constant Motion Creative Media, because the only constant in the universe is energy.

[28:55] Steven came from a Stand-Up Comedy background.

[29:05] We are all trying to be a one of a kind.

[29:44] Where does all of Michael’s energy come from?

[30:15] Michael is only completely energized when he is actively interested in the topic.

[30:55] Energy can be a blessing and a curse, but Michael looks on the blessings side.

[31:55] Sometimes TALKING doesn’t serve everyone.Sometimes you need to learn to LISTEN.

[33:04] Coaches need coaches. We can’t see in yourself what we see in others.

[33:29] The agencies most important client is the agency.

[33:55] Melissa had a 4th of July Hangover Breakdown (but not from drinking..)

[34:44] It is important to take inventory of yourself, and bring yourself back into alignment.

[35:20] It becomes REAL when you WRITE it down.

[35:45] Again we say, Your daily activities and core values HAVE TO align.

[36:15] The more open you are, the less weight you have on you. It can make a HUGE difference in your business and life.

[26:46] With the internet, people see others succeeding easily, they think their struggles are uncommon.

[37:35] Entrepreneurs tend to self-sabotage when their path becomes easy.

[38:12] Michael has been doing hardcore self analysis and personal development to succeed.

[38:55] What Michael does to get himself out of a FUNK!

[39:50] Things that irritate the SHIT out of you - REMOVE it from your life.

[40:15] Don’t let others have controlling influence on you.

[41:13] We have control over our MINDS and our actions and who we surround ourselves with.

[41:50] People get off on the martyr mindset.

[42:25] The balance between helping and being a know-it-all.

[42:38] You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

[43:33] The biggest challenge for Michael’s #CreativeHustler lifestyle.

[44:25] So many people shut down their businesses, to work in their sweet spot in someone else’s business.

[45:30] Ask yourself: If you did not NEED money, what would you DO?

[46:15] Great story about finding your passion, and changing your mindset.

[47:45] Low Self-Worth can hinder your GROWTH.

[48:40] Michael is still following HIS WAY, and it has proven insanely successful. He highly recommends staying in your ZONE OF GENIUS. It’s effortless, easy, and fun. The “MY WAY” thing.

[49:35] If something goes wrong, it doesn’t mean that you should NEVER do it again.

[49:55] We sometimes see others the way we see ourselves.

[50:23] Don’t go down the Shiny Object rabbit hole.

[51:15] There will always be things that come up, but last year Michael thought that credit cards was the only way to live.

[52:20] Michael had over 100,000 in debt, and his two pieces of advice: Ignore them, or file bankruptcy.

[53:20] Michael has made the money he needed since age 19, but he had so many bills to pay which made life more expensive.

[54:20] You need to solve the problem first - but you need to get to the core before the surface.

[55:35] The issue is always: Where the hell does our MONEY go?

[56:05] Michael’s choice for #CreativeHustler coffee meet-up: Clint Eastwood.

[57:02] Even the celebrities are just human, and have the same struggles but hide it much better.

[57:40] You can fail at what you DON’T want to do, so you should give what you WANT a try.

[58:35] Find the people who can help you find your SWEET SPOT.

[59:05] all these experiences will help you be successful in the future

[59:30] Where to find Michael on the internet.

[01:02:02] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



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Aug 10, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Alan and Melissa recap Tuesday’s episode with Mike Goncalves.Mike’s on a mission to teach entrepreneurs how to leverage exercise in order to push past their limiting beliefs, fears, and self doubt in order to achieve and succeed in both health and entrepreneurship.

[00:00] You NEED this branding secret!
[00:55] What’s up Creative Hustlers!
[01:12] Steven is surrounded by Massholes, just like Mike.
[02:25] Boston has got an underground entrepreneurship trend.
[03:13] Steven & Melissa met Mike at WeWork’s Pat Flynn meetup.
[03:55] Pat Flynn went from architecture to affiliates.
[04:50] Ocean Beach is the quintessential California town.
[05:30] Mike actually lives in OB as well, but from Boston.
[05:40] This episode is sponsored by wine #ItalianMomentoftheDay
[06:00] Mike was a physical trainer in 2000s, and had to adapt.
[06:40] 10 years into his journey, he realized he was missing a key part.
[07:20] Your physical journey needs to be your mental journey as well.
[08:00] Mike’s new website looks BANGING! From is!
[09:11] Mike is using a 301 redirect.
[09:51] The highest paying entrepreneurs are training their bodies as a priority.
[10:30] Alan just stays fit naturally! With his 5 minute morning routine.
[11:11] #CreativeHustlers are working on the hustle, building the business, and sitting a lot.
[11:40] Mike is lucky to have his career and fitness together.
[12:20] When Steven was cold calling, they had to stand and make the calls. Standing gets you pumped up.
[13:00] Even podcasters stand while doing their shows.
[13:30] Mike’s website is full of videos to engage the visitor.
[14:00] Video on a homepage can really draw potential clients.
[14:25] Fitness is sometimes group setting, or sometimes individually.
[15:02] Mike’s Five to Thrive: Exercise, Food, Hydration, Stretching, Sleep
[15:29] Alan only needs like 5 hours of sleep to keep going.
[16:10] Alan gets a lot of mental things done in the evening, since it’s so quiet.
[17:13] Melissa spends the night decompressing her thoughts.
[17:56] Romantic alone time, quiet city at night.
[18:30] Even when nothing is going on, something is happening.
[18:45] Steven is an early morning thinker, up at 5am.
[19:47] Successful entrepreneurs don’t always follow the same trend.
[21:02] Whatever works for you, works for YOU!
[21:14] Tim Ferris isn’t a morning person either, but you just gotta find your sweet spot.
[22:30] TMI: Steve & Melissa peak at different times.
[23:03] Where to find Mike Goncalves on the internet.
[24:00] We’re on Google Play! Leave us a review!
[24:24] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Aug 8, 2017

Whats Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today we’ll be talking with Mike Gonclaves. Mike’s on a mission to teach entrepreneurs how to leverage exercise in order to push past their limiting beliefs, fears, and self doubt in order to achieve and succeed in both health and entrepreneurship.

[0:00] The secret to a great brand is right here!

[01:13] What’s Up Mike. Ready to get hustling?

[01:44] Mike became an entrepreneur because his grandfather was one too!

[03:00] Why Mike wanted to be like his grandpa!

[03:30] Mike was a poor student, but always found himself when he was playing outside.

[04:00] How Mike turned his business into focused on being healthy.

[05:13] What exactly is Mike? Physical Trainer? Health Coach?

[06:15] Mike left CA, and transitioned his business to a virtual health coaching business addressing their mindset.

[07:20] Mike is a health and wellness strategist.

[08:35] Mike has been working with people over 10 years now, and has so much more experience.

[09:35] Everyone has the ability to crush it, but that’s suppressed by the way the world is.

[10:50] Barbara Benedict helped Mike realized how he was better than he though.

[11:30] Mike wants to help others the way Barbara helped him.

[12:20] Confidence as an entrepreneur.

[13:00] What makes Wellness Bucket different than your original business?

[13:45] Mike isn’t giving you the plan, until your mind is in the right place. Wellness Bucket addresses the healthy mindset.

[14:30] Adjust your mental blueprint, and everything else will follow.

[15:19] Mike is excited by his new launch, Entrepreneur Fitness Academy

[15:45] Mike’s Entrepreneur Fitness Academy was worth the hospital trip.

[16:20] You gotta pour blood, sweat & tears to launch your business.. Literally.

[16:55] The most challenging part of Mike’s #CreativeHustler lifestyle.

[17:35] Mike struggles to keep the blinders on and keep focused.

[17:55] Society is overstimulated now, so many things are bombarding you.

[19:00] Mike’s tips for staying focused, and being a product of his habits.

[19:25] By being a product of your habits, you set yourself up for being successful.

[20:30] Mike keeps himself in his state. Podcasts while cooking, 10 minute motivation video while eating lunch.

[21:15] How Mike balances his passion with burnout. All in for a few hours, so you can relax with loved ones.

[22:23] The difference of being busy vs. being productive ,and the importance of setting intentions.

[23:30] It feels good to check things off the to-do list, but focus on what you want your outcome to be, and choose those tasks.

[24:25] You need to put yourself into a situation where you are always moving forward.

[25:13] Except the fall, and prepare to get up really fast.

[26:06] Mike focuses a lot of time in Wellness Bucket focusing on getting good habits.

[26:45] Five to Thrive: Exercise, Stretching, Food/Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep

[27:10] What is helps you get your champion mindset?

[27:40] If you don’t have 5 minutes, you don’t have life. Leverage your activity to give you a champion mindset.

[28:37] Get in the car and drive! Baby steps make giant leaps.

[29:13] It’s not the two hour saturday workout, it’s the 10 minutes of burpees and pushups every day.

[29:50] Mike would do all his mistakes again because it brought him to today, but the mistake on spending 20,000 on a business that failed helped him fall in love with entrepreneurship

[30:50] Mike was focused on making a dollar, instead of making a difference.

[32:50] The focus on making a difference first, and making the dollars second is so important.

[34:00] A. Rod did it for the money, but Derek Jeter who did it to make a difference. Their legacies are so different.

[35:10] The ultimate failure is success without fulfillment, but Mike thinks ultimate failure is success without your health.

[37:07] If Mike could grab a glass of wine with any #CreativeHustler, Mike would pick Jim Rohn.

[40:00] Mike loves who he is becoming, and is ready to continue to be the best version he can be.

[41:00] We don’t need to follow the plan of the older generations. We need to follow our own.

[43:35] Once one person broke the 4-minute mile, then many others do it. Once someone does something impossible, others start to consider it.

[44:30] It’s not just possible for others, it’s possible for YOU!

[44:50] Mike, tell everyone how they can get in touch with you and where you live on the internet?

[45:45] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle






Jul 27, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Alan & Melissa recap Tuesday’s interview with Nicole Liloia. She’s a business strategist + coach who works with accidental entrepreneurs to help them scale their businesses so that they can move from 1:1 services to an online empire

[00:00] Find out the secret to a rock solid brand!

[00:57] what's up Creative Hustlers!

[01:18] Moment of Truth, creative Hustlers

[01:50] Nicole went from Social Work to Accidental Entrepreneurship.

[02:17] Social Work requires a Masters to to make a good living. 

[03:05] The bachelor's degree is now more like a high school diploma.

[03:45] You can flip burgers for the same income with less debt.


[04:20] Let’s rethink college education because college tuition has gone up 350%

[04:50] You gotta hustle to make your degree worth something.

[05:00] There are 2-3 million college graduates THIS YEAR.

[06:00] There is now an intersection of business and creativity.

[06:20] Now people are kicking ass without a degree.

[06:45] Nicole was a freelance social worker.

[07:15] Steven’s Moment of Italian

[07:35] Nicole took a class on entrepreneurship, and ended up loving affiliates.

[08:13] Nicole became an affiliate of her course, and made 4 figures.

[08:55] She made her monthly income in two weeks.

[09:00] Now Nicole is working the one-on-one coaching.

[09:30] Nicole helps people go from non-optimal place to making money.

[09:45] There’s a bridge between social work and masterminds.

[10:35] Recap take 2: New ideas

[11:19] What is affiliate marketing in 30 second or less?

[11:40] You don’t even need your own sale site.

[11:55] Affiliates don’t make money until you convert.

[12:00] Advertising vs. affiliate

[13:20] The Creative Hustler’s approach to affiliates.

[13:50] The issue with advertisements and your brand.

[15:00] We’re all just trying to figure this out, even google.

[15:19] You choose affiliates, you don’t always choose advertisements.

[15:40] PORN - the most lucrative market for affiliates.

[16:20] Some of Alan’s biggest successes were in the adult industry.

[17:00] Even the adult industry needs SEO help.

[18:00] Affiliate income is a great way to make money.

[18:20] Would you rather own 100% of something that makes no money, or 50% of something that makes a shitton of money?

[18:50] If you choose your affiliates correctly, you can tap into an audience that works for your brand.

[19:15] Nicole’s interview blew Steven’s mind because he never thought about it for the Creative Hustler shit.

[19:40] Check out The Creative Hustler Branding Course

[20:00] Create assets to give to your affiliates to help them succeed.

[20:30] You want everyone to help you, so why not provide them assets congruent to your brand!

[20:50] We want them to sell our product the way that WE want them to do it.

[21:45] Melissa loves Chocolate Chip cookies

[22:00] Cookies are always on your browser.

[22:50] How you can get a conversation even after the initial click.

[23:20] Pay attention to how the conversation actually happened.

[24:20] SEO may get the credit, but the affiliate got them there in the first place.

[25:00] It’s not always you type something in, you go there, you buy it.

[25:30] Platforms like DroodleBooks and Follow Up Then to get you focused.

[26:00] Affiliates can generate a lot of traffic thanks to cookies.

[26:17] Who determines the length of a cookie?

[26:40] You need to visit within a timeline to get the affiliate credit

[26:55] Nicole is crushing it with affiliates, and she’s giving free knowledge away!

[27:20] This is the second attempt at recording, but we did it.

[27:45] Check the show notes for all Nicole’s info!

[28:00] Steven, Alan & Melissa love spending time with you.

[28:27] Hit us up if you have affiliate marketing questions

[28:48] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle







Grab Nicole’s Freebie

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Jul 25, 2017

Whats Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today we’ll be talking with Nicole Liloia. She’s a business strategist + coach who works with accidental entrepreneurs to help them scale their businesses so that they can move from 1:1 services to an online empire

[00:00] The secret to a rock solid brand!

[01:00] Today’s interview is with Nicole Liloia.

[01:11] What's Up Nicole. Ready to get hustling?

[01:54] Nicole is a former therapist turned accidental entrepreneur and #CreativeHustler

[02:34] You have to be a #CreativeHustler to go down the long windy road.

[03:01] Nicole’s transformation from social work/therapy to entrepreneurship.

[04:26] Freelancing without realizing it.

[05:07] Once you get the taste of Freelance freedom…

[05:40] Business courses and a private therapy practice.

[06:11] How do you get from therapy to Authentic Affiliate Academy?

[06:38] People always think, “I’ll never make passive income, I’ll never have an eCourse..”

[07:15] Nicole took BSchool and learned about Affiliates and building a business.

[08:15] Without even speaking to someone, you build trust with someone, they give value, and you end up buying a product without selling.

[09:06] What is Marie Forleo's BSchool?

[10:28] Classes for people with a couple toes in the affiliate pool.

[11:16] Nicole shared a Natalie Lucia’s webinar on Facebook, and had #3 most leads and became hooked on affiliate life.

[12:13] By the end of the Natalie Lucia’s course launch, Nicole made $5000.

[12:50] Nicole quit her part time job because there is the possibility for her to grow income in multiple markets.

[13:28] Nicole became an affiliate for multiple products she loves and trusts to help other people.

[14:07] Being an affiliate help other entrepreneurs be successful.

[14:45] It’s a people on people world. We want to buy from people we like.

[15:10] If you’re taking a course perfect for your brand, ask about an affiliate program!

[16:00] For example, one person becomes an affiliate, sold 20 spots, got an interview, got an opt-in and email list growth, and was an example for others.

[16:47] The Creative Hustler’s Branding course.

[17:15] It can’t hurt to reach out and offer affiliates for your course.

[18:00] You can fill the gap for your tribe if you can find something out there!

[19:10] Nicole is excited by Masterminds

[19:23] Why do Masterminds matter?

[20:20] The one-on-one effect is powerful - and the smaller the better.

[21:27] Seeing other people in a group having success encourages others to try it.

[21:50] Masterminds are accountability, motivation, and support to grow and develop.

[22:20] #CreativeHustlers can’t do it alone.

[22:40] Knowing you’re not alone in your entrepreneurship struggles.

[23:00] Loneliness is a big issue as an entrepreneur.

[24:20] Mastermind can combat the loneliness, because it gives you a tribe.

[24:53] Even accountants don’t always understand the entrepreneurial life.

[25:44] Consistency is the hardest struggle for Nicole.

[27:20] Having the community is a struggle. Digital happy hour isn’t the same.

[27:47] Financial accountability can be beneficial.

[28:30] You don’t want people slipping in who won’t hold up their end of the work.

[30:00] Long term benefits from group programs.

[30:29] Nicole would make her grad school mistake all over again.

[31:00] Though she’s not using the degree, it is a good mistake.

[31:50] Nicole would have coffee with Denise Duffield Thomas of Lucky Bitch

[32:45] Nicole enrolled in Lucky Bitch Bootcamp to change her money mindset.

[33:27] You need to realize where you have money blocks about spending, saving and making money.

[33:50] Lucky Bitch has one course and makes millions of dollars a year.

[34:30] Always re-read Think and Grow Rich!

[35:25] Some books you need to read over again at different times in your life.

[36:30] The first section in Nicole’s course is the mindset because you have to do that FIRST!

[36:35] The Creative Hustler launched in October 2016, and they are keeping the mindset.

[37:18] Separate the #CreativeBusters from the #CreativeHustlers

[37:36] Latin & Code is the main hustle, while The Creative Hustler is the side hustle.

[38:00] We are always looking to the next thing, the next way to make money. Just like fashion.

[38:39] Nicole is able to connect better because of travel. It keeps your vision big.

[39:40] Stop living your life with blinders on.

[39:58] If you say you can’t do it, and you don’t widen your path, you won’t be able to do it.

[40:20] Solo traveling makes you put yourself out there and open up.

[40:39] Travel brings humility and humility brings confidence for not always saying the right thing.

[41:230] Where Nicole lives on the internet

[41:44] Get Nicole’s freebie now!

[43:13] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle







Grab Nicole’s Freebie

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Jul 20, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Melissa and Alan recap Tuesday’s interview with Zoe Bejörnson. Zoe is the product marketing manager for About.Me -- she’s a world traveler, side hustle evangelist, and a badass global networker who has a love for User Experience.


[00:00] Get the secret to a lasting brand!

[00:55] What’s up Creative Hustlers?

[01:05] Tuesday’s episode featured Zoë Bejörnson.

[01:21] Umlauts, or the dots over letters.

[01:49] Zoë is a ball of energy.

[02:18] Zoë is product marketing manager at

[02:52] is an easy to build landing page.

[03:40] is all about the side hustle.

[04:00] The biggest barrier for hustlers: Where to Start.

[04:30] is the hipper MySpace. It’s an online resume.

[05:06] skips the website building learning curve.

[05:28] Zoë reached out to US from Fiji.

[05:55] Fiji is on the opposite side of the planet.

[06:15] You can’t see the stars in big cities.

[06:44] Zoë’s RemoteYear - one city a month for a year.

[07:11] Victor Kung did a similar type trip

[08:00] Digital Nomad culture have Baby Boomers and GenXs.

[08:33] Video conferencing has been around for awhile.

[09:00] 100th Episode will be in a Hot Air Balloon.

[09:56] Zoë didn’t have a favorite city, but she had some that disappointed her.

[10:30] Every country is awesome until you add in politics and issues.

[11:00] Zoë’s London experience wasn’t the best location.

[11:15] Alan has relatives in London, sorta.

[11:58] Remote Years for families? Email us if you know about it!

[12:19] Join our Facebook Group already

[12:38] Zoë’s RemoteYear gave her confidence.

[13:00] Therapist Melissa helps us leave our baggage behind.

[13:40] Simon Sinek says millennials have confidence issues due to culture.

[14:00] GenX & GenY were told to get stable jobs, and not take risks.

[16:00] GenY didn’t have instant gratification.

[15:30] We can’t base our life on metrics - we lose empathy.

[16:10] When people travel, they find empathy and humility.

[16:45] Confidence comes from the humility and uncertainty of travel.

[17:19] The RemoteYear changes you.

[17:35] Many people are taking this Remote Year concept to heart.

[18:10] The uncomfortable situations are where you GROW.

[18:40] Zoë would share a coffee with her #CreativeHustler grandmother.

[19:29] The original user experience happened in the house.

[19:50] Zoë’s grandmother created a lazy susan to make the space more useful.

[20:20] Grandparents really give you a different perspective.

[21:00] Zoë is interested in User Experience and the customer journey.

[22:00] Emotional moment talking about Zoë’s grandmother.

[22:40] Please, please, please join our Facebook Group! We have songwriters to SEO experts!

[23:47] Please leave us a review!

[24:05] Peace out!

[24:15] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle






Jul 18, 2017

Whats Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today we’ll be talking with Zoe Bejörnson, product marketing manager for About.Me -- she’s a world traveler, side hustle evangelist, and a badass global networker.


[00:00] Want the secret to a great brand? Click here!

[01:53] Why Zoe is a badass #CreativeHustler!

[02:23] Zoe just completed a RemoteYear.

[02:50] Zoe wants to introduce you to the world of cheese!

[03:23] What About.Me is all about!

[04:47] Steven has been an About.Me user since 2012.

[05:40] Melissa didn’t really use About.Me until recently, but it took her only 2 minutes!

[06:45] About.Me is the beginning of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book.

[07:07] Goldfish’s Choose Your Own Adventure

[07:54] How RemoteYear works & why Zoe chose it!

[10:50] Getting accepted to RemoteYear

[11:35] Traveling gives Marketers empathy.

[11:55] The locations Zoe went to, and top city she went to.

[12:40] Sometimes it’s about the month, not the location.

[13:55] Croatia was a great month, and a great trip.

[14:47] 12 different cities allows you to know what cities you may want to LIVE in.

[15:00] Sometimes it is better to immerse yourself in a place, instead of visit many places quickly.

[16:00] Teddy Roosevelt believed in slow travel.

[17:05] Traveling & RemoteYear helped Zoe develop a stronger sense of self-confidence.

[19:00] You can introduce yourself how you WANT during RemoteYear.

[19:49] Getting the opportunity to make a new first impression!

[20:00] Your 20s is spent figuring out who you are, what you want, and your purpose. Zoe is ahead of the game.

[21:00] You don’t have to figure out what it is you’re gonna do, but that you CAN do it!

[21:30] RemoteYear is three pieces: the travel, the relationships and the work.

[22:00] The work was the one of the hardest issue for Zoe.

[22:50] A challenge to form such close relationships so quickly in a very unpredictable program.

[23:55] People leave in life, people come and go and sometimes shit still happens.

[24:15] Saying goodbye to people you love is tough.

[25:36] Zoe is excited by products that talk to people, and user experience in products.

[26:30] Zoe wants to create things that are a joy to use.

[27:15] Even pop-ups on websites should tell you, “Hell yeah!”

[27:45] The customer wants to know your thought process, and be more personal.

[28:15] Brands who look at it from a transactional perspective will not be successful.

[29:00] We want to buy from people we trust.

[30:10] Seth Godin comes up again - gotta read The Tribes

[30:50] You would think at this point in life we’d come up with a better system then putting a sticker on fruit with a number on it.

[31:23] Zoe is a generalist - she likes to have all the pieces of the pie.

[32:30] Zoe is ready to move into specialized realm, User Experience design!

[33:13] UEx design is where Zoe is meant to go next.

[33:35] All the levels of UEx design.

[35:00] Zoe didn’t have an interested in UEx until after her RemoteYear.

[35:45] Going from Social Media, to Product Development showed Zoe about the experience.

[36:25] Zoe created a “Mad Lib” tool for helping people write their About.Me bio.

[37:50] Getting to work with diverse people helps you recognize new interests.

[39:12] Mobile is where it is at for user experience.

[40:13] For About.Me, they have users, but their users ALSO have users!

[40:55] Freelancers today don’t need a fancy website anymore.

[41:40] People are going to quit you if it’s too much

[42:05] Zoe would grab a drink with her grandmother.

[43:05] Zoe’s grandmother made her own “lazy susan” to use her kitchen space.

[44:30] Zoe has the unique answer in #CreativeHustler history.

[42:34] When you see & use more of services in different places, you can relate to it more.

[46:45] Traveling and experiences enrich your social library.

[47:24] BBQ are very big is Argentina - how many cultures have a BBQ culture?

[48:00] You are able to see so much with travel. You can compare themes in all cultures.

[48:45] You are never too young to write your eulogy.

[49:05] Enrich your own personal library. So many indexes to pull from in your brain & experiences.

[49:44] Having extra resources from travel gives you the stuff to draw from in creating new things.

[50:26] Where to find Zoe on the internet.

[51:20] Leave us a review!

[51:33] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle







Jul 13, 2017

[RECAP] Auguste Crenshaw. Steven, Alan, and Melissa are recapping Auguste’s interview from this past Tuesday. Auguste Crenshaw is a personal development and business strategist coach who in July is bringing together 30+ thought leaders and badass entrepreneurs (including Steven) for the Real Talk for Business Mastery Virtual Summit.  

[00:00] Want the secret to great to great branding? Click here!

[01:34] Why Auguste rocked Steven & Melissa’s lives!

[02:33] Why Zoom is SO much better than Skype.

[02:58] Auguste has a BACKDROP!

[03:40] Creative Hustler is ready to chromakey this shit!

[04:15] More about Auguste and her Real Talk for Business Mastery Summit!

[04:52] Why virtual summits are really where it is at!

[05:37] A little outline of when the Summit goes live, and when Steven speaks!

[06:09] Steven’s Topic: The intersection of creativity & business, your Why, and how your personal brand is MORE than just googling yourself.

[06:28] Your Brand is your life strategy.

[06:42] Coming Soon: The Creative Hustler Summit

[07:10] Barbalicious, Peter, and Joseph - just a few of the Creative Hustler guests.

[07:45] The Boomerang - You move west, and then return east.

[08:00] Bad Netflix Decisions. Leave yours in the comments.

[08:30] Super Pig on Netflix, Steven’s last bad Netflix choice.

[08:40] Don’t give into Analysis Paralysis

[09:39] If you’re not embarrassed by the first product you put out, you waited too long.

[09:57] You just need to do it.

[10:11] That first step is so important.

[10:28] We all have million dollar dreams, but who is going to WORK on it?

[11:02] So many ideas, but not working on all of them.

[11:35] Building an email list is a great first step.

[12:00] Auguste did cosmetology for 12 years.

[12:50] Changing clients to customers.

[13:30] Steven’s line of Creative Hustler wheelchair accessories.

[14:00] The future is bitcoins.

[14:34] Steven’s second virtual summit. It’s like Summer Camp for the entrepreneur.

[15:27] Summit speakers make a community of helping each other out.

[15:35] Join our Creative Hustler community on Facebook!

[16:03] Bringing it back to Yahoo groups.

[16:47] The Facebook groups are vetted for access.

[17:18] Make sure to survey your tribe.

[18:20] Facebook is now the intersection of personal and business.

[18:40] So many friend requests, and not personal.

[19:00] You gotta find the balance with Facebook groups.

[20:10] Entrepreneurship is a spiritual path.

[20:30] Entrepreneurship can make or break you.

[21:10] Changing your personal to your brand.

[21:34] Marty Martini story.

[23:30] Brand isn't always a straight line but it's a spiritual journey.

[24:12] You grow when your business grows.

[24:40] Steven & Melissa met in an Entrepreneur Summit.

[25:00] You need to get your blocks out of the way.

[25:45] August has such POSITIVE energy!

[26:00] Sometimes you have to GET AWAY to improve.

[26:47] Check out Steven’s live webinar on July 26th!

[27:15] Steven was a part of the Tuba Team at the Olympics.

[27:45] The story of the Sousaphone.

[29:08] There's always a journey to end up where you are.

[29:36] Getting laid off kicks you onto your spiritual path.

[30:00] Life and relationships are a part of the spiritual journey.

[30:23] Check out Real Talk for Business Mastery Summit

[30:42] Join our Facebook group & Please leave us a review!

[30:22] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Sign Up for the Summit



Just google her!

Jul 11, 2017

Whats Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today we’ll be talking with Auguste Crenshaw, a personal development, and business strategist coach who in July is bringing together 30+ thought leaders and badass entrepreneurs (including myself) for the Real Talk for Business Mastery Virtual Summit.


[01:15] What’s Up Auguste? Ready to get hustling?

[01:38] Why Steven & Melissa are excited about this interview!

[02:15] Why Auguste is a badass #CreativeHustler

[03:20] Auguste is all about Creativity and the Process.

[03:45] Falling in love with the process.

[04:02] You need to fall in love with the process to GROW.

[05:00] Do you have a million dollar work ethic?

[05:45] Get out of your head, and put yourself out there.

[06:20] Add the value and people will feed you what they want.

[06:50] Why you need to put yourself out there and keep doing it!

[07:45] You need to stay true to your core values.

[08:13] Sometimes you need to take a timeout in your business.

[08:30] Don’t abandon the tribe you already have.

[08:55] The process behind the Real Talk Business Mastery Summit.

[09:38] Gut instinct is worth so much more.

[10:10] How the name “Real Talk Business Mastery” came about.

[11:03] People are smarter than “6 days to 6 figures” trends!

[11:20] Bringing real talk to the entrepreneurs

[11:35] Summit with 32 speakers over 5 days. You need to be there.

[12:22] July 13th - mark your calendars. Get signed up for “Real Talk Business Mastery

[12:39] Why this summit will transform your fucking life.

[13:30] Entrepreneur life is a crazy emotional trainwreck.

[14:02] Your brand, your life, and REAL challenges.

[14:40] After the summit, your HEAD will be in the game.

[15:00] This summit is your KICK in the ASS

[15:20] Auguste has always had creativity & confidence, but the system doesn’t make entrepreneurs.

[16:17] When the pressure hits, you gotta make moves!

[17:20] The more people give to Auguste, the more she wants to give back.

[17:46] It's consistently sowing seeds and the journey that leads to success.

[18:20] You need to take time and put effort to be who you SHOULD be.

[18:45] This summit will help you tap into your creative nature.

[19:09] Auguste manifested her own destiny.

[19:25] Mental blocks in entrepreneurs - society isn’t always right.

[20:10] Auguste’s switch from Cosmetology to Badass entrepreneur.

[20:45] Helping a fellow entrepreneur helped Auguste find her new path.

[21:45] Sometimes you have to make a choice to let something go to move forward.

[22:20] Auguste broke anchor by leaving behind her hair business.

[23:00] Do I really want to do everything it takes? Do I want to hustle?

[23:20] People used to call me a “life coach,” and finally it hit me.

[24:04] Auguste found her divine right, and her purpose all alone.

[24:36] Melissa needed to take her own journey, as well.

[25:09] Sometimes you need to get away from everything you know and break it down to succeed.

[25:50] Who’s to say we can’t create our own damn table?

[26:25] We live in a time, “If you think it, you can do it.”

[26:50] Auguste grew up in the church and was raised with her vision in a box.

[27:35] Once you break away from it ALL, you can find the bigger purpose.

[28:00] When you feel it and the universe drops it in your lap, sit your ass at the computer RIGHT THEN and get it DONE!

[28:50] You need to do it right away, or you risk your purpose being torn down.

[29:26] The example of the invention of the telephone.

[30:10] Intuition in our society

[30:34] Everyone is trying to measure, instead of just being open to natural instincts.

[31:17] Don’t look at your business like you’re balancing a budget.

[31:46] Auguste’s summit is about collaboration, first and foremost.

[32:45] It’s about the HEART of the project itself.

[33:30] “Real Talk Business Mastery Summit” is different because it comes from the heart

[34:30] It is what it is, we’re not sugar coating anything in this Summit.

[35:13] Authentic Groups and tribes are important for online businesses.

[36:20] The hardest part about Auguste’s #CreativeHustle - REST!

[37:15] Business can get overwhelming, we need to take the time to REST.

[37:30] Auguste’s awesome post to build community in a Facebook group!

[38:00] Building Facebook Business Pages.

[39:50] Auguste’s advice on Time Management.

[39:58] Write it down, and keep the MAIN THING the main thing!

[40:30] Don’t focus on BALANCE. Focus on MAXIMIZING.

[41:50] Time slows down when you’re focused.

[42:13] You need to set the boundaries for yourself and your significant others.

[43:10] Make time for the unexpected detours in your life

[43:30] Auguste’s task management systems - send people to your calendar.

[44:00] Why writing things down is still so important.

[44:50] Steven’s 1-2-3 system

[45:27] Auguste’s Hit List of #CreativeHustlers to sit down with. Jim Rone, John C Maxwell, Eric Thomas, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

[46:12] The drink is specific to each #CreativeHustler: wine, water or beer?

[47:35] Traveling and life taught Auguste that it’s about the EXPERIENCE!

[48:25] How she built her business AGAINST the grain.

[48:50] Sometimes you need to redefine your character

[49:20] Auguste always breaks the mold

[49:47] Where to find Auguste on the internet

[51:40] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle




Real Talk Business Mastery Summit



Just google her!

Jun 24, 2017

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today’s 3oz or less episode is featuring Philip Warren, a strategic consultant and business advisor helping C-Level stakeholders realize their mission and live their vision. Today we’re focusing on saying NO!

[03:57] Start saying NO with Confidence.

[04:11] Choose the clients that fit YOU best.

[04:55] Jealously guard you time!

[05:33] Own your personal brand & know thyself.

[06:20] Utilize your network & refer another when saying NO!

[07:35] Don’t be based on how fast you do your work.

[08:50] It takes time to learn to prioritize.

[09:24] Advice for saying NO.

[10:43] What percentage of your customers are reasonable people?

[11:20] Know a way out for clients.

[12:13] It’s a small world for #CreativeHustlers, if you don’t do the right thing, it comes back!

[13:01] How to find Philip on the internet!

[13:54] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



Phillip’s Website

Jun 21, 2017

[Recap] Today Steven, Alan and Melissa recap Hawk Mikado interview. Hawk Mikado is the leading expert in Funnels and Live Launches. He has built over 7 profitable businesses, in the multi-six and seven figures. He’s also the publisher of Funnel Magazine as well as owner and founder of Invert Inc., a leading firm in online to offline marketing and sales systems.


[0:00] Want the secret to a killer brand?

[00:55] What’s up Creative Hustlers?

[01:20] The Badass Hawk Mikado

[02:05] Why Hawk is the Funnel Genius

[02:36] So, what is a funnel?

[02:55] Why you’re throwing money away if you don’t have a funnel.

[03:22] Google Analytics can measure your funnel.

[03:47] Funnel Hacking 101 with Alan.

[04:28] Alan teaches Web Analytics

[05:18] Bringing Funnels to Old Industries.

[06:20] Funnels are in Informercials

[07:14] Traveling allows you to get into someone else’s shoes.

[08:10] Why Travel is so core into The Creative Hustler.

[08:40] Melissa gets a Southwest card to go to Northeast.

[09:17] Hawk’s remote year.

[10:20] Check out Hawk’s nest.

[10:55] Follow Hawk on Roadtripper!

[11:30] Steven & Melissa’s EuroTrip!

[12:20]So many European #CreativeHustlers to visit!

[12:50] Steven is visiting his Father’s hometown!

[13:35] Steve’s Sauce Off!

[14:54] Hawk for President - 2024

[16:00] The White House as Hawk’s Nest

[16:44] We’re always in someone’s funnel…

[17:55] Stop the Sell: I need to Opt In to your Funnel!

[18:45] Drinks isn’t a sale, and don’t trick us into your funnel.

[19:45] Alan sees through people’s bullshit.

[20:00] Travis and Ty Looez.

[20:35] Why Ty Lopez is successful.

[21:15] Just keep it real, we all have funnels.

[22:00] Funnel Hacking and Authenticity.

[22:50] You need to believe in what you’re selling.

[23:35] Hawk’s 6th Sense

[24:05] Inviting Jesus for Coffee, and branding.

[25:45] Jesus’s Funnel is serious.

[27:00] Where to find Hawk online & free Funnel Magazine for you!

[27:33] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Hawk’s Website


Get Funnel Magazine

Jun 20, 2017

Whats Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.


Today we’ll be talking with The Funnel Genius, Hawk Mikado is the leading expert in Funnels and Live Launches. He has built over 7 profitable businesses, in the multi-six and seven figures. He is an entrepreneur, an adventurer, and a family man. He has a very giving heart, dedicating his time to helping leaders show. He’s also the publisher of Funnel Magazine as well as owner and founder of Invert, a leading firm in online to offline marketing and sales systems.


[00:00] Curious as to secret to rock solid brand?

[01:15] What’s Up Hawk. Ready to get hustling?

[01:22] Hawk’s real given name.

[02:24] Hawk’s #CreativeHustle - Travel and owning his own agency.

[03:27] All the mini hustles under Invert Inc.

[03:30] Fighting the incorrect Funnel info.

[05:27] Why Hawk is not your typical funnel hacker!

[08:20] Don’t recreate the wheel.

[09:45] Helping the world & creating massive impact

[11:07] Hawk for President: If the US is a business, we can make it profitable.

[12:47] 2024: Vote for Hawk!

[13:22] Teddy Roosevelt: Experienced new cultures & influenced the country.

[13:54] Travel is in Hawk’s DNA.

[14:23] Why do children believe that their country is the best in the world?

[15:00] Marketing is about getting people to do what YOU want them to do.

[15:24] Travel opens your mind, and makes you better.

[17:12] Challenge Accepted: Make an impact outside of your arena.

[18:19] Hawk’s 6 step process, and getting people to follow you.

[18:47] What is your vision?

[19:08] Once you are helping them, they will follow you.

[19:50] It’s not about ME

[19:59] Luna the Cat interrupts the broadcast.

[20:38] Why finding position is SO important.

[21:16] If you want to learn steps 4-6, you will need to get Funnel Magazine!

[21:49] Hawk is excited to be launching!

[22:35] Live Launch: You can be profitable before you go to market!

[23:52] Example of a client success with Live Launch.

[25:05] As long as you follow the process, you can be massively successful.

[26:44] Passion for the solopreneur!

[28:39] Why Amazon is so successful…

[29:15] Why Live Launch can help you avoid all the launch headaches.

[30:00] Get paid to write your book, and find out what the audience needs.

[31:00] Melissa & Steven love the process.

[32:40] Our friends have the same questions that we do.

[33:45] It all comes back to a tribe.

[34:32] The hardest part of being a #Creativehustler is the time with family.

[36:00] Update on Hawk’s year long journey, and where he’s going.

[39:02] Check out Hawk’s trip on Roadtrippr.

[40:10] Hawk’s trip started with “Why Not?”

[41:28] When traveling, avoid the tourist traps, and ask a local.

[42:05] Use Regis Coworking spaces during Travel.

[43:20] Why Hawk and John Bertino love Regis.

[46:14] Hawk wants to shout out Allie, Ed and Judy for Corporate Alliance.

[46:53] Hawk would have coffee with Jesus, because he had the best tagline, “Follow Me”

[50:10] Hawk doesn’t drink, but he wants to see the whole Water into Wine thing..

[50:45] How to get ahold of Hawk on the internet

[52:13] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle





Get Funnel Magazine

Jun 15, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Melissa and Alan recap Jeremy Goldman's interview. Jeremy Goldman, Founder & CEO of the Firebrand group, a NYC based agency where he’s on a mission to future-proof brands through the application of strategy, design, branding and social media. In his spare time, he’s also an accomplished author, having published two books, a keynote speaker, and a contributor to INC.


[00:00] Secret to a killer brand.

[00:55] What’s up, Creative Hustlers.

[01:30] Why we wish Jeremy was still in town!

[01:50] Jeremy’s background

[02:04] Key points in “Getting to Like”

[02:40] Jeremy & the Firebrand Group

[03:20] Future Proofing and Marketeers.

[04:14] Positioning from a Marketing perspective.

[04:55] Why you should follow Jeremy’s column on INC.

[05:30] Personality vs. Substance.

[06:00] Steven’s Facebook feed is yelling at him.

[06:30] Thoughts on Video Ads

[07:10] If Steven was a cat, his name would be “Video Struggles”

[08:35] If you have to record it 5 times, it HAPPENS!

[09:00] If you have blinds tied up in the background, no one is going to buy your product.

[09:28] Getting back into video.

[10:10] All the struggles to recording videos.

[10:30] Podcasteers, don’t fear! Podcasts are sticking around.

[11:37] Using only one sense to absorb information.

[12:00] Future of Podcast: Apps in Cars & Holograms in your living room.

[13:16] Marketing impact of A.I and Emerging Technologies

[13:35] What is RankBrain and self-learning?

[15:02] The checks and balances of A.I

[16:05] But, let’s remember, it’s only a machine.

[16:50] Melissa doesn’t know what “Skynet” is…

[17:17] Facebook wasn’t even a thing when Steven & Melissa were in high school!

[18:20] Shout out to Zoe from About.Me

[19:25] Traveling can help marketers have empathy and improve their game.

[20:05] Embracing the different cultures and countries.

[21:00] Find what people really need.

[21:25] Alan’s jump from Cape Cod to USC.

[21:58] Melissa wants to start a diversity club!

[22:29] Americans have the worst potlucks.

[22:50] International Roundtable

[24:15] It’s the ugly American’s fault flights are expensive.

[24:42] Ben Franklin is the first American #CreativeHustler.

[25:30] Pouring one out for all the homies.

[25:53] Who’s your Mount Rushmore of #CreativeHustlers?

[26:50] Looking at legacy as entrepreneur.

[27:20] Jeremy wants to be remembered as, “at least he wasn’t a schmuck”

[27:55] We’re bringing schmuck back!

[28:30] Adult Warning: Look up “Scutch” on UrbanDictionary!

[29:06] Let us know if we were too Schmucky!

[29:30] Get your free gift at!

[30:20] Don’t forget to leave a review!

[30:43] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



Tweet him on Twitter - @Jeremarketer

Find out more about what Jeremy does:

Check out his books on Amazon:

Jun 13, 2017

Whats Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today we’ll be talking with Jeremy Goldman, Founder & CEO of the Firebrand group, a NYC based agency where he’s on a mission to future-proof brands through the application of strategy, design, branding and social media. In his spare time, he’s also an accomplished author, having published two books, a keynote speaker, and a contributor to INC.


[00:01] Uplevel your branding

[01:22] What's Up Jeremy. Ready to get hustling?

[02:16] Why Jeremy loves finding the most Challenging projects.

[03:43] Bummer warning: The suckiest 10 hours in Jeremy’s career.

[05:39] There are lessons in the lining, and finding the strength to continue.

[07:00] When life gives you lemons, make your own #CreativeHustler lemonade.

[07:54] The rise of Firebrand: Starting an agency at the worst time.

[09:55] Finding out exactly where Firebrand fits in the ever changing market.

[10:50] Firebrand can predict the future, almost!

[11:25] Work smart, and work differently in the crowded market.

[12:12] Too big, too small: Finding the perfect size company for futureproofing.

[13:25] When a dollar is really worth $3 - finding the right place to invest.

[14:40] Jeremy’s #CreativeHustler life is fueled by the craziness of NYC

[15:54] Trying to mesh the GO,GO, GO mentality in a flip flop location!

[16:50] Sometimes you need a break from the anxious bubble of big city life.

[17:25] Stop being competitive, and start being CREATIVE.

[17:45] The pace and quiet of Cleveland can also allow for success.

[18:56] Why Jeremy does jumping jacks to get pumped up.

[19:58] The #CreativeHustler life needs a Health Meter.

[20:39] The hardest thing to do is quit, even in the short term.

[21:35] Double espressos, or defining AI is Jeremy’s excitement.

[22:54] Big Data, a.k.a Bullshit Data: Buzzwords all over the place.

[23:17] Jeremy’s thoughts on the future of A.I.

[24:16] Steven’s takeaway from Digital Signage expo.

[25:00] Figuring out who has the biggest pain point: A.I. may come first.

[25:33] Uber & Lyft had a human problem, not a digital problem.

[26:27] A.I is already here, and continues growing bit by bit.

[28:35] Jeremy is definitely investing in A.I.

[29:00] A.I may not move the needle right now, but it is coming.

[29:40] You need to get in before everyone else.

[30:52] The hardest part of the #CreativeHustler lifestyle: Facetime with everyone.

[32:10] When you have a team, it feels like you always have to be there for them.

[32:53] How Jeremy gets around the challenge: Is it better than the alternative?

[34:55] Man in the Mirror, and why you gotta figure your shit out first.

[35:20] Jeremy is getting a pint with Ben Franklin.

[35:45] Ben Franklin: The original diversifier!

[38:00] Jeremy’s legacy: Don’t be a Schmuck.

[40:40] If it’s not right, don’t do it. It’s not that difficult.

[41:55] Take a macro approach to what you do.

[42:20] You grow by being around other #CreativeHustlers

[43:00] Traveling a creates empahy, which makes you better.

[44:01] Travel more, become a better marketer.

[45:30] It will make you less Schmucky if you travel with eyes wide open.

[46:40] The benefit of not being able to speak the language.

[47:19] Where to find Jeremy on the internet.

[49:30] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



Tweet him on Twitter - @Jeremarketer

Find out more about what Jeremy does:

Check out his books on Amazon:

Jun 8, 2017

[Recap] Today Steven, Alan and Melissa recap Travis Bennett interview. Travis is a digital agency owner and founder of Nomad Stack and Studio Digita, one of the web’s top resources for digital nomads and location independent creative hustlers!

[0:03] Don’t get hustled by agencies - Check out The Agency Guys!

[01:14] S.H.I.T = So Happy It’s Thursday!

[01:48] Travis Bennett is NOT related to Tony Bennett

[02:00] Travis Bennett should visit San Diego!

[02:27] The history of Burma

[02:45] Travis started an agency (StudioDigita) and lives as a digital nomad.

[04:35] How Steven & Melissa got connected with Travis.

[04:40] Travis’s side hustle - NomadStack!

[05:45] Digital Nomad & Family Life

[06:20] NomadStack has so many features & resources on the site!

[07:07] You need to make the decision to go all in, and THEN visit NomadStack!

[07:55] The struggles of being a digital nomad: Lack of Wifi!

[08:05] The anxiety of NOT being connected 24/7

[09:45] Mindlessly scrolling Social Media is second nature.

[10:20] When in line, get on your phone!

[10:50] Why is it so awkward to start a conversation in line?

[11:25] People will do anything to avoid being present!

[11:40] Challenge to the #CreativeHustlers! Be in the moment!

[12:17] Growing up before social media: Just don’t die.

[13:06] NomadStack allows you to have adventure in your life.

[13:48] 2nd World Nations vs. First World Nations.

[14:44] Some more detail about Myanmar's infrastructure.

[15:30] The bad tales of Marketing.

[15:50] The culture shift from Australia and Myanmar.

[16:20] The issue with the restaurant business.

[17:03] Instant gratification in the restaurant industry.

[17:30] What happened to Mogul?

[17:40] The definition of a STACK.

[18:36] Stack is a buzzword.

[18:54] Stack deals with multiple channels of information.

[19:22] Linking to other sites on social media. & Backlinks.

[20:12] Use your google analytics.

[20:30] The links in the show notes is an example of Backlinks!

[20:55] Steven’s old school rock band website.

[21:20] Overstuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey!

[22:00] Links are only the beginning, it’s about WHO you know.

[22:22] Bring the Tito’s to the party: Link to other people to show love!

[23:00] Screw those people gaming the system!

[23:16] The SEO is now about quality content, and bringing the purity back.

[23:40] Do the right thing! You core values need to be in line.

[24:01] A bad backlink could be detrimental to your brand.

[24:20] Are you interesting in learning about SEO? Tweet @Cr8tiveHustler and tell us!

[24:35] Alan, teacher at USD will teach you about SEO.

[24:53] Steven defies the time-space continuum and tells us about a future/past interview.

[25:10] Go check out The Creative Hustler Instagram for great content from Steven’s interview!

[25:30] Time to bring it FULL CIRCLE! SEO, Stacks, and so much more!

[26:00] Why you need to be knowledgeable in all aspects of digital life.

[26:15] Want to break out of the chains of your hometown? Visit NomadStack!

[26:42] If you need digital help, reach out to Travis at StudioDigita!

[26:50] Please subscribe and leave some reviews on iTunes on Stitcher.

[27:00] Don’t forget to join our Facebook Community!

[27:39] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle!


Contact Travis Bennett:

Jun 6, 2017

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.


Today we’ll be talking with Travis Bennett, He’s a digital agency owner and founder of Nomad Stack, one of the web’s top resources for digital nomads and location independent creative hustlers.


[00:10] Don’t get hustled by the Agencies! Check out The Agency Guy!

[01:23] What’s Up Travis. Ready to get hustling?

[01:35] Why Travis Bennett is a  #CreativeHustler, and an avid traveler!

[03:04] From Australia, to Thailand, and now in Myanmar!

[05:15] A day in the life of this Digital Nomad: Work/Life balance.

[06:51] The reason behind NomadStack.

[08:10] Furiously work and then relax & the inspiration behind why Travis lives this life!

[10:22] From Digital Start-Up to Entrepreneur and how to divide up your free time.

[11:17] Break your funk with the gym!

[12:09] The freedom of making your Saturday any day of the week!

[13:04] Once you get overseas, travel and lifestyle is SO much more affordable!

[14:35] NomadStack helps you find the SMART ways to live!

[15:10] When you work hard, you can enjoy the lifestyle.

[16:02] Riding a lion with stacks of hundreds: The lifestyle entrepreneur life.

[17:00] Why Steven & Melissa work their asses off!

[17:30] Social entrepreneurism - let’s help each other.

[17:55] Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean

[18:23] Excitement for the freedom of the side hustle, including NomadStack!

[19:20] Planning and building the idea in your mind.

[20:17] The future of NomadStack!

[21:03] When the side hustle overtakes the main hustle! How do you know?

[22:07] What is going to push NomadStack to adult life?

[23:59] Motivation is the struggle of the #CreativeHustler lifestyle.

[25:00] The different work styles for a #CreativeHustler!

[26:27] Travis’s one piece of advice for a #CreativeHustler lifestyle.

[26:56] Find one client willing to pay YOU!

[27:30] When you are open to the lifestyle, you can see it is possible!

[28:36] You don’t have to quit your job, just get ONE client!

[29:19] The whole #CreativeHustler life is MINDSET!

[29:46] Travis’s productivity hacks: Coffee & Rewards!

[30:29] Rewarding yourself to avoid the freak out!

[31:13] Get a work rewards program!

[32:10] You need to celebrate the little wins!

[33:15] One win can snowball into a #CreativeHustler lifestyle!

[34:15] Use baby steps to make a project manageable!

[34:53] Don’t do anything except that ONE THING!

[35:16] Multi-Tasking isn’t always possible.

[35:40] You can’t build a giant in ONE day.

[36:22] Travis doesn’t feel as though he made any BIG mistakes.

[37:14] Sometimes the job you take just doesn’t FIT for you.

[38:30] Travis’s lesson: If they can do it, then why can’t I?

[39:03] There’s no time better than TODAY to start.

[40:00] Take the process out on a date!

[40:27] Travis would like to have Richard Branson and Tai Lopez for coffee!

[40:58] Why everyone hates Tai Lopez, but his insight is dead on!

[42:15] Even if you hate the person, they know what they are doing & do it WELL!

[44:05] Why Travel opened Travis’s eyes to opportunity.

[46:44] How to reach Travis on the internet!

[47:22] We need Travis’s beard pictures!

[47:44] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Contact info:


Travis Bennett

Jun 1, 2017

[Recap] Stephen, Melissa and Alan recap Laura Pennington's interview. Laura is an entrepreneur, content writer, and podcast host, who in 2015, threw out her whole business model and instead of continuing down Burnout Blvd, she fired half her clients and decided it was time to grow her business on her own terms.

Get ready to Hustle!

[1:37] Why Laura is the epitome of a Creative Hustler!

[2:05] Better Biz Academy is better than the BBB!

[2:33] The information Laura smashed in our face.

[3:05] Why Stephen & Melissa are thebottlenecksk in their business.

[4:00] Why Laura outsources whatever someone else can do...

[4:34] Why you can save time giving direction to others.

[5:03] Why Solopreneurs need to outsource.

[5:50] Let the people who are good at their job do the work!

[6:10] Why it is not smart business to do the work yourself.

[6:40] Your rate is higher than a virtual assistant - use that.

[7:30] How Laura’s experience helped the Creative Hustler improve.

[8:03] Know the basics: Real DJs learn on vinyl.

[8:35] Why knowing all the parts of the machine help you delegate better.

[9:00] Allow your employees to give you feedback

[9:20] How Laura helped Creative Hustler find a VA.

[9:40] Social entrepreneurship is the way to build people up.

[10:05] Laura’s niche: Technical and legal writing

[10:40] How you can make technical writing creative.

[11:23] Why knowing your niche is important.

[12:03] The variety of courses available at Better Biz Academy

[12:49] Why knowing your niche creates better products.

[13:05] If you need to learn more about your online business, you need to check out her site.

[13:15] Learning Upwork

[13:52] Alan’s experiences with using Upwork to hire.

[15:08] Guess what is super cool abou Laura Pennington!

[16:00] Why Laura listens to Wang Chung for motivation!

[16:46] You need to watch the “Everybody Have Fun Tonight’ music video!

[17:22] Bring back Wang Chung!

[17:40] The lack of fun songs in today’s music!

[18:06] Don’t miss Stephen’s singing.

[18:17] Alan’s obnoxious song choices - including Weird Al!

[19:00] Why Weird Al is a very talented musician.

[19:25] Have you ever heard of Richard Cheese?

[19:40] Pop songs covered in Jazz style!

[20:00] Alan’s bluegrass side gig.

[20:18] Stephen’s pump up songs: Including Eye of the Tiger, Simply the Best and The Final Countdown!

[21:07] Melissa is jamming to “Life is a Highway” & “Fast Car

[21:32] Why Tracey Chapman is NOT pumped up music!

[22:09] The meaning behind Fast Car, and why it motivates Melissa!

[23:10] Motivated vs pumped.

[23:25] What is your intense workout song?

[23:50] Who is 50 Cent?

[24:11] Why this episode was SUPPOSED to be #48.

[24:55] Don’t forget to check out Laura on the web!

[26:05] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Contact Info:

Laura Pennington

May 31, 2017

Whats Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.


Today we’ll be talking with Laura Pennington, She’s an entrepreneur, content writer, and podcast host, who in 2015, threw out her whole business model and instead of continuing down burnout blvd, she fired half her clients and decided it was time to grow her business on her own terms.   


[0:00] Don’t get hustled by the agencies

[1:27] What's Up Laura. Ready to get hustling?

[1:38] Tell us a little bit about yourself and what makes you a #CreativeHustler

[2:55] Creativity as a Technical Writer?

[4:15] You’re not creative? THAT’S BULLSHIT

[4:40] Change your perspective to bring the creativity to the mundane.

[5:11] Are you on Burnout BLVD? And the story of how Laura ended up driving down it!

[6:47] Don’t recreate your JOB with your HUSTLE!

[7:20] What Burnout is for Laura

[8:40] The universe sends EVERYONE messages!

[9:16] Laura’s reason to wake up in the morning: Me Time

[10:15] There is a bigger picture then the client deadline.

[10:40] Schedule time for what you WANT to work on!

[11:55] Why the morning is the best time for YOUR projects!

[12:40] What feeds Laura’s soul?

[13:31] The mental block for writing your own book!

[14:30] The story behind writing her first fiction novel.

[15:50] Knock out the WORST thing of the day first.

[16:30] Get your ass moving: Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung

[18:00] Find your Get Moving playlist, and blast it!

[18:54] Why Laura started running, and how it  improved her life.

[21:00] The Runner’s High and how it helps with Stress!

[22:33] The biggest challenge for Laura’s #CreativeHustler lifestyle.

[23:28] Let home be your sacred space - aka Coworking spaces.

[23:50] The challenge of stopping the work when you work at home.

[25:14] #CreativeHustler as a Military Wife - Embracing the differences.

[26:25] Finding the middle ground for different personalities.

[27:10] Laura’s most recent move, Move #6

[28:35] Why Stephen needs an eCourse on living in the middle of America.

[29:38] The mistake Laura would make over and over again.

[30:50] Sometimes the obstacle is the way.

[31:31] Why not leaving a job sooner could be a good lesson?

[32:02] Laura’s Two Must Have Productivity Hacks

[32:35] Have a good team behind you to keep your sanity.

[33:13] How do you successfully manage virtual assistants?

[34:52] Why training people with VIDEO is essential.

[35:45] Why going above and beyond for your team is important.

[36:05] Set your time expectations up front.

[36:50] Finding those tasks that someone else could do for you!

[37:30] If you don’t like it, if you aren’t good at it then OUTSOURCE!

[38:00] Use your sticky notes and make the “What Can I Outsource?” list.

[38:41] Laura’s one historical #CreativeHustler, and her go-to coffee drink!

[39:35] Why Tim Ferris is life-changing!

[40:08] Why traveling and moving gives Laura inspiration and motivation.

[41:00] Why Satellite Internet will give you downtime.

[43:59] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Contact Laura:

Writing -

Digital Life & Organization:

Podcast: Better Biz Academy (iTunes / Stitcher)


May 20, 2017

We’re pumping up the volume more forward! The 50th episode marks a monumental change of growth and we’re excited about the future and all the changes coming our way. Thank you John Bertino and for being our Guest on this episode with Steven, Melissa, and Alan!

Let’s Rock, Creative Hustlers!


[1:15] Bet against John Bertino, and welcome back!

[1:45] Creative Hustler’s first interview.

[3:05] John’s east coast expansion - PHILLY!

[4:19] Time to look back at The Creative Hustler’s 50 episodes.

[4:58] John Bertino’s Episode: Smooth sailing on first episode.

[5:30] Another episode favorite: Why we want to grab a beer with Joseph Kennedy

[7:00] Joseph Kennedy is living like a king in Morocco.

[7:50] What is the Camino de Santiago?

[8:50] Why you need to subscribe to The Creative Hustler’s youtube.

[9:40] Another awesome digital nomad, and a notable episode: Barbalicious

[10:09] Why does Barbalicious speak FIVE different languages?

[10:53] Digital Nomad Travel Guides

[12:17] Cinco De Mayo History Lesson!

[13:53] Let’s admire Steven’s Segway Skills: Start-ups in California

[14:05] Notable Episode: Follow Up Then Guys - Reilly Sweetland & Dan Harding

[14:40] How are you NOT using Follow Up Then?! And our Affiliate link!

[16:12] ALT NBA with Dan Harding

[16:32] Reilly Sweetland and the Married Creative Hustler life.

[18:10] Making time for the most important times of the day: Balanced lifestyle.

[19:15] Why Steven & Melissa celebrate the Equinox.

[19:58] Another partner, and notable episode: Andrew Easton & Amazon Marketing

[20:16] Time to switch to a Droodle Book!

[21:04] Why doodles are good for your brain!

[21:44] Custom Droodle Books with custom drawings for YOUR industry!

[23:29] Peter Cincotti & the impending Sauce-Off!

[24:00] Why Peter is a citizen of Italy?

[24:26] The Creative Hustler's Moment of Italian.

[24:35] Is it sauce or gravy? The Sauce-Off continues.

[25:08] John’s 7 Day Sauce Story from Mama Mazz

[26:11] Peter Cincotti’s new album and show in LA!

[26:50] A mason jar of sauce?

[27:57] Another notable episode: Why Grant Cooper is a ball of energy!

[28:18] How to Brand Yourself as a Creative Hustler with Grant’s help!

[29:00] TCH Branding Course: Underestimating everything about launching a new product!

[29:46] Making a course from your side hustle.

[30:03] Learning from The Creative Hustler podcast guests.

[31;00] How The Europe Thing lead to the podcast.

[31:40] Don’t miss the May 24th Webinar! Brand yourself like a creative hustler!

[32:28] Behind the Hustle…

[32:30] Big thanks to Alan! The Creative Hustler’s lifeline.

[33:24] Just to call a spade a spade: Shit is hard.

[33:40] Bringing in help when you need it.

[34:03] Jessica Yarbough and why you need Maintenance time.

[34:58] Isolation Tanks are a game changer for John!

[36:34] Shout Out to FLOT in San Diego!

[37:20] The story of Steven’s ear trouble.

[38:41] Tips to streamline production!

[40:09] Finding tasks to take your hands-off!

[40:40] Laura Pennington’s tips to outsource!

[41:05] Screencasting app to improve the training of Virtual Assistants!

[41:17] Shout out to Cianna the VA!

[42:15] Why video is the new way to train!

[42:28] Alan’s tips for naming your files properly.

[43:30] Bonus tip: Blank space for editing audio/video.

[44:00] Pro Tools version 1

[44:20] The Creative Hustler Collective: Why you need a team.

[44:55] And now your Moment of Italian…

[45:14] Excitement for the next 50 episodes!

[45:21] Change is coming: New Intro, Spots for Partners, Optimizing the Website!

[45:50] We will NOT sell you BULLSHIT!

[46:13] Don’t miss John’s webinar: SCORE - June 1st - SEO in 2017!

[46:52] SEO Tip from John.

[47:48] Podcast Hack: Timestamped Show Notes!

[49:20] Engagement is good!

[50:00] Thank you to our listeners! Here’s to 100th!

[50:20] Hot Air Balloon Live 100th Podcast!

[50:55] Want more? Join our private Creative Hustler Facebook Group!

[51:49] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle.

May 16, 2017

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today’s 3oz or less episode is featuring Philip Warren, a strategic consultant and business advisor helping C-Level stakeholders realize their mission and live their vision.

[0:39] What’s Up Philip? Ready to get hustling?

[0:45] What makes Phillip a creative hustler!

[2:10] Biggest challenges for getting to the NEXT level! Especially in Small Businesses! 

[2:40] Vision is the issue - You need to be cohesive.

[3:45]  Know your fundamentals and avoid productivity killers!

[4:30] Guard your time, and focus on moving that needle!

[5:54] Are you running and not making any progress? Distractions for your business.

[6:36] Don’t fear the business plan! Create it, get it in place, and DON’T put it in the DRAWER!

[7:20] Your business plan needs to be malleable!

[7:50] You need to keep sharpen the saw to move the needle.

[9:00] Plan around you personal development! Plus, why Phillip is awesome.

[10:00] Magic happens when you write shit down!

[10:55] Share that goal with your circle.

[11:54] Action Steps: Keep it visible, keep it specific, and go read “The One Thing 

[14:35] Build your pillars to support that ONE idea. Follow one course for success.

[15:14] Don’t be a Jack of all Trades, and master of NONE!

[15:30] Multitasking isn’t real.

[17:20]  Should you bring your phone to the meeting? Don’t make a bad impression!

[18:12] You can’t stop the notifications, so bring the paper and pen for the meeting.

[18:51] Wanna talk to Philip? Here’s how to contact him!

[20:40] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


The Warrens at Work Website


May 14, 2017

Today’s 3oz or less episode is featuring Marina Villatoro, or as she is known: “The Trader Chick.


[0:28] Introduction to Marina

[0:39] Why Marina is a creative hustler and a spiritual day trader

[3:10] How Marina ended up with her unique way of day trading

[4:30] What Marina choose to trade in, and WHY

[5:30] BREAKDOWN bringing you to BREAKTHROUGHS

[6:32] Spirituality is a Skill

[7:35] What Breakdowns that Marina Faced

[8:40] Don’t Blame the Market. It’s You

[9:30] Self Sabotage as a Creative Hustler

[10:00] Action Items to Start Day Trading

[11:40] Focus on your Market

[12:27] Practice Makes Perfect, even in Day Trading

[13:00] Foundation has to come First

[13:15] Marina’s niche: Trader Chick and what that means.

[14:00] How to contact Marina and join her FREE course!

[16:15] Trust the Process

[16:40] Parting Notes: Enjoy yourself and Have Fun

[16:34] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



Marina 'The Trader Chick' Villatoro

May 4, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Melissa and Alan recap Bailey Richert’s interview, She’s a business coach for beginning and budding entrepreneurs by helping them launch profitable online enterprises based on their life experiences.

She is also the founder of the Infopreneur Summit, happening May 1-4 this year. And I’m especially excited to have Bailey on the show as I am one of the speakers at this years summit.

[0:45] Introduction to Tuesday’s episode and Bailey Richert and the Infopreneur Summit overview.

[1:00] How virtual events work and the 45 Badass speakers at the Infopreneur Summit.

[1:50] Steve’s involvement with the Infopreneur Summit and the power of your WHY!

[3:17] Bailey’s interview and the creation of the Summit! 

[3:48] Break it down: What is an infopreneur?

[5:10] Collective experience vs. True experience.

[5:45] Roots of the word entrepreneur.

[7:00] Infopreneur Summit and why it is SO unique!

[7:20] The value of the Facebook Group “Make those Niches your Bitches”

[8:00] The Infopreneur Summit is FREE, and YOU need to be there. 

[9:00] Something for everyone at the Infopreneur Summit: The Hot Topics! 

[10:11] How to have legal protection for YOUR hustle!

[10:55] Infopreneur is one too many coaching and being a teacher.

[12:18] Everyone has value and they sprinkle it on your life! 

[12:48] Steven & Melissa’s Halloween costume next year!

[13:00] Time for a BIG announcement! The Creative Hustle Course!

[13:35] New Course: How to Brand Yourself like a Creative Hustler

[14:30] Steven’s speech at the Infopreneur Summit is courting YOU and your Brand!

[15:45]  Alan is bringing digital value to the Creative Hustler Course! Plus, a digital class coming soon!

[17:15] The intersection of creativity and business: Teaching edition.

[17:30] More details on the Personal Branding E-Course - 15 Lessons and the energy of people.

[19:10] The power of the head nod!

[19:20] Melissa’s Icebreaker Speech and becoming a toastmaster.

[20:07] Warren Buffet was afraid of public speaking too!

[21:35] Making yearly goals and getting uncomfortable.

[23:05] Growing up shy and being confident in what you know.

[24:40] 7 minutes of hustle and how bartending is easier than public speaking.

[25:30] The podium is a gate! Speaking without holding back.

[26:33] Public speaking over death.

[26:50] Wrap up: Infopreneur Summit, Glimpse behind the hustle, and the Art of Living!

[28:27] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle.

Contact Info:
Infopreneur Summit (Free Tickets Available)

May 2, 2017

The New American Dream

Today we’ll be talking with Bailey Richert, She’s a business coach for beginning and budding entrepreneurs by helping them launch profitable online enterprises based on their life experiences.

She is also the founder of the Infopreneur Summit, happening May 1st-4th 2017. And I’m especially excited to have Bailey on the show as I am one of the speakers at this year's summit.


[1:06] Bailey Richert is a Creative Hustler because…


[2:29] Bailey explains to us what the NEW American dream is and how she went from valedictorian to a high-paying corporate job to saying “Screw the ladder” and creating her own.


[4:00] The moment Bailey decided that the 9-5 was NOT for her, and decided to chase the new American dream, and avoiding sitting in the same cubicle for 50 years!


50 YEARS! Imagine sitting in the same exact spot for 50 years.


[6:40] Self-motivation and how you continue the journey of working for yourself. Focus on the moments that keep you going.


[8:45] Learning what Bailey’s main hustle is, and what is an Infopreneur?


[10:36] The story of a thousand pieces of Origami...


[11:38] Diving in and finding the CORE idea for an online business and Niching down!


[13:30] Bailey shares keys to skyrocketing to success in an online business!


[13:56] What is lighting up Bailey and more information on the Infopreneur Summit! A four-day digital event for infopreneur business owners, which Steven is also speaking at!


[16:52] A deeper dive into the Infopreneur Summit, and why Bailey is running a one-woman show!


[19:00] Misconceptions in digital events, and gathering engagement! Don’t compare yourself to someone else’s highlight reel.


[20:10] I made a course and no one is buying it, and other digital woes!


[22:30] Smoke & Mirrors in online businesses, and learning to question what you see!


[25:30] Bailey’s most challenging part of living the Creative Hustler lifestyle, and remembering to shower!


[28:09] Bailey’s advice for the Creative Hustler balance, and her three techniques to manage this lifestyle and make time for yourself!


[32:06] The struggle of saying NO for the first time, and advice for getting into the groove of honoring your schedule.


[33:40] Who would Bailey grab a coffee with and why she wants to create a legacy.


[36:18] What is Bailey’s go to NON-coffee order, soda addiction and why she doesn’t work in coffee shops often.


[39:58] How traveling has impacted Bailey’s creative hustle, her 25 countries in 29 years, and a bit of background on Bailey’s first infopreneur product.


[44:23] Bailey’s contact info, and ways to get into the Infopreneur Summit!


[45:19] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Contact Info:


Infopreneur Summit (Free Tickets Available)

Apr 7, 2017

[RECAP] Steven, Melissa, and Alan recap Jessica Yarborough’s Interview episode Meet The Mompreneur Building 6-Figure Businesses

Jessica Yarbrough is an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and single mother who started her business when she was pregnant with her daughter is giving BUSY MOMS THE TOOLS, TACTICS, AND RESOURCES TO BUILD A 6-FIGURE BUSINESS THEY CAN RUN FROM HOME through her brand The Mompreneur Coach.

[1:42] is a brilliant Mompreneur helping other mamas build businesses from home.

[2:36] Shout out to Screw the 9-5 Private Community where Steven meet Jessica. Amazing group to network with. Quality members.

Do you want to be right where you are forever?  

[3:32] WHY Every Coach Needs a Coach.

[6:58] An aha moment so powerful emotional tears just start flowing

[8:34] “Dudes to Dads” shout out to Alan’s other podcast

[10:23] Carve out your self-care and work around it. Tips to stay on top of your calendar so you don’t get hustled.

[12:30] The importance of setting boundaries with your clients.

Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails

[18:08] Content Hacks! Repurposing your content. If you play your cards 1 content piece can turn into 87.3 pieces of content. Kinda.

[20:52] Who is leveraging live streaming content?

[23:50] Sorry guys, but the audio has a little static until the end.

[26:33] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle

Contact Jessica:
The Mompreneur Mastermind Private Facebook Group



Apr 5, 2017

Today we’ll be talking with Jessica Yarbrough, She’s an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and single mother who started her business when she was pregnant with her daughter is giving BUSY MOMS THE TOOLS, TACTICS, AND RESOURCES TO BUILD A 6-FIGURE BUSINESS THEY CAN RUN FROM HOME through her brand The Mompreneur Coach.

[1:05] What makes Jessica a Creative Hustler? She’s been in the marketing business for over a decade. She's done a lot of traveling and immersing herself into other cultures. Working out of a jungle pad in Thailand. Empowering other women to grow their business from home. Giving her tribe "The Mamas” freedom. 

[3:30] Sharing wisdom to her tribe, getting paid to help people who are following their passions and purpose is what inspires and motivates Jessica to keep being a self-starter every morning. 

[4:20] It sounds like Jessica has found what works for her as a Mompreneur. So what’s getting Jessica jazzed for the future?

Her Daughter - to give her the tools to exceed in life

Bridging the gap between wanting to start a business and actually hitting 5 figures per month and seeing it become successful

Stop consuming free content and trying to figure it out on your own - get a couch, take my hand. Let me show you the way to really build rapid success with proven tactics and solid strategy.


[7:55] What was that like when Jessica knew that being a mompreneur the path she had to take? Her why to

[8:25] Take women through a journey that she understands becoming an entrepreneur when  

[11:32] Nature is super inspiring when you’re not inspired to creative content and not in the right mindset.

[16:37] One of the most challenging things of being a Creative Hustler and a single mother is surrendering yourself to the outside world and understanding that you can’t control everything around you, especially when your kid gets sick.

Jessica’s most powerful mantra as a single mother and entrepreneur is surrendering to the unpredictable.

[18:32] Self-care is so important. Being an unfit entrepreneur is not sustainable. Sacrificing your health in order to make more money that’s going to come back and hit you in the long run. From a health and balance perspective, it’s about taking your time. Jessica has burnt herself out in the past, that’s why she understands why it’s important to be consistent with taking care of physical and mental health.

Jessica believes you can have it all but you have to make your own boundaries.

[20:19] Teaching yourself how to have boundaries with your clients. It’s difficult to implement but once you set those boundaries it’s easy to follow, especially with new clients.

[23:05] How long did it take Jessica to implement boundaries with her clients?

[25:10] Implement blocks into your schedule to make sure you take time for yourself. Put your line in the sand! You will work around those blocks. We can’t express how important it is to take the time to yourself and shut off!

[29:37] Thoughts on low ticket sales verse high ticket sales and achieving massive hockey stick growth.

[32:33] The apps and platforms Jessica uses to achieve massive growth. Hint: Clickfunnels. YouTube. Facebook Live. Trello. Scheduling integration into calendar: Calendly.

[36:30] Content hacks: how to turn 1 piece of content into many pieces of content. Check out Jessica’s YouTube video on maximizing content.   

[38:43] What it’s like to quit your corporate job to travel through Thailand and start a business? How to overcome adversity even when your family isn’t 100% supportive.

[40:54] Jessica went on a 10 day of silence retreat. She came out with a message that you can always recreate yourself if you don’t like where you are, even if you go down a path even if you created it. Believe in yourself and know that you have the power to create wealth and power wherever you go in the world.  

[43:01] Adjusting her piece of owning her self-worth and self-love, Jessica quite the business world after Thailand to teach yoga and taking care of self-health in Bali, San Diego, and of Costa Rica for 4 years.

[44:50] How travels, experiences, and cultures has made Jessica understand she can make it anywhere and be a great role model for your daughter.

[45:49] If you’re stuck where you are in your journey just know that it’s all part of the process even if you don’t understand why thing are happening they way they are but that’s all supporting your growth.

Fall in love with the process

[47:05] Of all the Creative Hustler’s dead or alive to grab a drink with in history Jessica would meet with Oprah! She is the WO-MAN!

[49:22] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle

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