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The Creative Hustler Podcast celebrates the creative entrepreneur lifestyle by taking a peek into how the most successful and creative badasses stay balanced while growing their businesses, traveling the world, and attempting to enjoy every moment of the journey.
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Feb 24, 2017

[RECAP] Peter Cincotti. Steven, Alan, and Melissa are back in the San Diego studio recapping Peter Cincotti’s interview from this past Tuesday.

Peter was the youngest jazz musician to reach #1 on the Billboard Jazz Charts and collaborations with Phil Ramone, Harry Connick Jr., and David Foster, Peter is now a free agent looking to get his Creative Hustle back out there to the masses. He’s been working on his latest album "Long Way From Home" for 3 years. He built a studio and moved all his pianos to the Jersey Shore... where he spent the summer’s growing up as a kid. He took the time to learn the tech side of the business and produced this whole album, and we are stoked to be supporting him along his journey.

[00:40] Recap of Interview How working with music giants and reaching #1 on the Billboard Jazz

[5:04] Why learning the tech part the business is important for creative independence.

[9:07] 2 tips for Creative Hustler’s to take to the bank. 1. Having “Faith.” What does that mean? And 2. Persistence - which is the sustained effort necessary to induce faith.

Resource mentioned: Think and Grow Rich. Guys, this book is under $9. It will change you, and the way you think about life, money, success, failures, faith, etc, etc, etc. I highly recommend not only reading it, but keeping as a resource on your bedside table.

[16:09] The music industry has changed in the past 30 years. Does anyone remember MTV when it was really MTV?

[19:36] Why having a tribe is important when building a brand.

[20:00] Check out Peter’s wacky Goodnight videos on Instagram. Sorry for putting you on blast, man, but you crack us up! Plus, you have some pretty sexy videos too. ;)

[20:46] Peter’s Pledge - Help a brother out! This is an awesome example of how musicians are connecting and communicating with their audiences on a personal level.

[21:18] Although, we still don’t know what tomatoes Peter uses in your sauce. We’re so freaking curious about this.

[28:57] Peter is selling his Sauce on his Pledge Music site. Alan challenges a sauce off between Steven and Peter. Who wants to see this shit?

[30:19] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle

Connect with Peter:
Peter’s Pledge Music page