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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Apr 3, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven here. Today, from wet & cold Boston, I’m talking with Mira Zaki. She’s a Seattle born, Manhattan based photographer on a mission to empower women through transformative photoshoots.


[00:30] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:44] Ciao Mira, ready to get hustling?

[00:57] Mira is in Southern CA right now.

[01:38] A little bit about Mira and what makes her a Creative Hustler!

[02:40] The idea of healing through photography.

[03:00] Mira is an empath and intuitive, and it comes into her photography.

[04:25] We make our decisions based on visuals, so let’s make it a positive photo.

[05:29] How Mira connected Photography and her empath/intuitive skills to heal through a lens!

[05:58] Do clients come for the photography, or the healing?

[06:55] Mira’s photoshoots are full service and a party!

[08:19] Mira’s inspiration to keep going: There are SO many stories to tell.

[09:20] Mira is starting a project on Puerto Rico, a photo-essay to share their struggling.

[09:54] Steven & Melissa adopted 3 Puerto Ricans to help them with the hurricane.

[10:26] What do you do on the days where you DON’T have the inspiration?

[10:55] Mira is overstimulated, so she rarely feels no inspiration, but if she needs it, she puts on Pearl Jam, and gives herself permission to not create every moment.

[12:25] Lack of inspiration is a moment for you to recalibrate, and step back.


[13:53] Mira is excited about her 3 book series, and she’s proposing a photo and travel book about Seattle, and she’s photographing a WWE Cookbook!

[15:02] Steven is really excited about the WWE Cookbook.

[15:55] Mira’s struggle is powering down, and taking care of herself.

[16:30] Entrepreneur burnout is real. It’s about the bounce-back!

[17:14] Mira’s piece of advice for fellow Hustlers -- Sleep!

[17:58] Mira has a deep spiritual connection with Paris, but it’s tied with New York City for her favorite place she’s been.

[19:00] New York is full of possibilities and diversity.

[20:00] Mira would meet Salvador Dali for a glass of whiskey.

[20:50] The idea of intuition, and how it impacts Mira’s photography style in different cities.

[22:22] Because everything is a possibility, Mira gets overwhelmed with ideas, but it is never too much for her.

[23:11] How travel and experiencing other cultures impacted Mira. Her first trip was to Egypt as a child, and it gives her gratitude and awareness, and travel gives you the space to enjoy something.

[24:30] Travel gives you the ability to focus.

[24:41] That’s a wrap, Creative Hustlers.

[24:48] Where Mira lives on the internet.

[25:39] You can check us out on and, and please leave a review!

[26:10] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle