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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Apr 5, 2018

Today from Las Vegas, Steven, Melissa, and Alan recap Tuesday’s interview with Mira Zaki. Mira is a Seattle born, Manhattan-based photographer on a mission to empower women through transformative photoshoots.


[00:30] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:50] Mira Zaki’s episode released Tuesday.

[01:17] She’s a photographer who approaches her work with intuition.

[01:30] Intuition and empathy are involved in everything.

[02:30] Intuition trumps data.

[03:20] We all numbers, but it’s not human to just use data.

[04:00] Data is like the lumber, and intuition is like the Architect.

[05:00] a Brand is all about the intuition.

[05:50] When we’re able to combine data, with intuition, there’s a recipe for something special.

[06:10] There’s an emphasis on data, and you can be hurting your brand.

[07:03] Mira is overstimulated, so she doesn’t have lack of inspiration.

[07:55] Mira is an empath. She did say that.

[08:22] Empaths can sense people’s feelings even if they don’t say it.

[08:50] Empaths can get inspiration from what they are saying, and what they are NOT saying.

[09:45] Empathy can be subtle, or it can be reading their body language or facial expressions.

[10:30] Mira makes a living off a business run on emotions and empathy.

[11:07] A lot of people suppress their own intuition, they don’t trust their gut.

[11:40] If someone is going to photograph me, I’d want them to bring out the best or the unseen in me.

[12:20] Being about to sense how her clients feel is Mira’s value proposition.

[13:20] Mira listens to Pearl Jam to help her mood.

[13:55] Melissa and Alan worked close to a family member of Eddie Vedder.

[14:45] Mira would grab whiskey with Salvador Dali.

[16:00] Salvador Dali had 10 names.

[16:30] Mira and Dali would probably have a fantastic night because they are so similar.

[17:05] Mira’s traveling has given her time and space.

[18:00] It gives you the space to dream big and grow.

[19:00] Steven & Melissa will be traveling for another 6 months.

[20:02] That’s a Wrap, Creative Hustlers!

[20:18] Leave us a review! Peace Out!

[20:35] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle