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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Jul 26, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven here. Today, from sunny San Diego, I’m talking with Peter Lang, the designers CPA. He’s on a mission to help designers and creatives make smarter financial decisions so they can focus on what they do best…. Being creative!

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[00:17] What’s up Creative Hustlers?

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[01:12] Today we’re talking with Peter Lang!

[01:25] More about Peter and why he’s a Creative Hustler!

[02:02] Peter and Steven have a similar purpose.

[02:21] Where did the focus on designers come from?

[03:22] Peter was tired of just doing another boring tax return.

[03:50] Look at your client list, and see which ones you actually enjoy working with.

[04:36] Once Peter knew he wanted to work with designers, he had to figure out the next step.

[05:21] You need to talk the language of the designers.

[06:14] What Peter actually does for clients. Taxes, Planning, Bookkeeping.

[07:02] The Designer CPA is a real turnkey financial support solution.

[07:30] What type of designers is Peter targeting with his offices in Boston and Rhode Island.

[08:34] How Peter is marketing and finding clients!

[09:13] Peter has the best success with Instagram but hasn’t gotten on Twitter yet.

[09:55] Peter has a marketing team but also likes to be hands on.

[10:29] We all can’t do everything on our own.

[11:00] You end up stunting your own growth if you don’t bring in experts.

[11:50] Why did Peter become an entrepreneur.

[13:00] What is exciting Peter right now.

[14:08] Peter is trying to get the message out that you don’t have to stay with a boring accountant.

[14:55] Peter has pre-made packages, but they are only ideas. They customize to the customer.

[16:12] You don’t know what you don’t know. You are able to make a team that gets you.

[17:00] Peter has an interior designing client, and now they ask his opinion.

[18:00] Peter would have a Guinness at a pub with Andy Warhol.

[19:00] The Creative Hustler is going to Ireland.

[19:35] That’s a wrap, Creative Hustlers. Learn where Peter lives on the internet.

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[20:07] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle.



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