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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Mar 14, 2017

What's Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven, Melissa & Alan here.

Today we’ll be recapping Reilly Sweetland’s interview. Reilly is the Co-Founder of FollowUpThen, he’s an entrepreneur, start-up junkie, and all around creative hustler. And like most success stories, his literally started from his garage where he built his first business.

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[1:33] Steven, Alan, and Melissa talk about the evolution of the podcast now that we’ve done over 40 episodes.

[4:32] Reilly Sweetland’s 4-hour internal prototype solution turns into a full-time gig.

[8:08] The moment when your side hustle becomes your main hustle. That’s what freedom tastes like.

[9:09] Morning routine: get the kids to the bus stop and take some “me” time. A 1 mile run in the morning is Reilly’s minimum effective dose to get his creative juices flowing for the day. What's your morning motivation consist of? 

[11:46] Word of advice: watch your alignment when doing exercises at home.

[13:05] Set yourself up for success the night before by not letting our calendar hustle you by doing this.

[13:46] This quote by Chris Sacca is everything, “email is the to-do that some else wrote for you.”

[14:32] Alan’s cell phone practice is worth considering doing yourself. No work emails on the phone or checking the screen at night or first thing in the morning.

[17:35] Sandwiching the day with your passions and the moments you can never get back.

[19:38] The future belongs to the creatives and the problem solvers. The passionate ones that are motivated to continuously learn and gain knowledge.

[24:10] Steven crashes Alan’s SEO class at UCSD and takes over with a talk on modern day branding and being authentic. This comes down to how Steven and Melissa are building The Creative Hustler. They vow to sell or endorse something they’re not passionate about themselves or truly believes that will help their audience.

[26:01] Why would you work with someone you don’t like? Why are you going to create something just to have to surround yourself with people you don’t like?

[30:20] If there was one Creative Hustler Reilly could sit down with it would be Thomas Jefferson. This is pretty fascinating, actually. If you think about it, like an entrepreneur, TJ and his boys literally build the principles of this country out of ideas and thin air just hoping it would work.

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[34:36] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle

Contact Reilly Sweetland:
Twitter @RSweetland
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