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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Jan 24, 2017

Are you knocking on the door of achievement, or just taking a back seat hoping and waiting? Well, we think Coach K can help you eliminate self-sabotage and enable you with the power to achieve your goals.

Today’s guest is Ben Kissam, otherwise known as Coach K.

Personal coach. Bestselling author. And the creator of the Coach K Show, we had a blast chatting with Ben as he was about to embark on his crazy European journey from his Boston patio (literally, you can hear some birds chirping). 

  • [00:50] What makes Ben a #CreativeHustler? He's a personal coach, podcaster, writer, published author, and traveler focused on goal achievement and mindset. He helps his clients find strategies it to achieve goals. 
  • [4:15] Ben is on a mission to eliminate self-sabotage. To eliminate that little voice within that says you're incompetent. When he was young, achievement become a club he couldn’t get into, a door he couldn’t break through. Self-sabotage is the mental side. If 1% of you is resisting change, that 1% is going to stop you from accomplishing what you want. It's about consistency, setting up a sustainable plan, and enjoying the process. 
  • [6:57] Ben’s Morning Routine. Now, this is impressive. Ben wakes up at 4:30 am every morning and writes 2000 words or for 2 hours. Why, you ask? Good question.  
  • [17:05] 12 cities in 6-7 weeks in Europe. As a coach, he feels he need to stay to his clients by understanding what it's like to be in the trenches and practice what you preach. This trip is to actively guide his own achievements and to grow the personal development within himself. 
  • While Ben is traveling around Europe and Thailand he's staying connected with his clients by using Skype international.
  • Big fan of Evernote, Ben refers to Evernote as an extension of his brain. He uses it for pretty much everything. Remember this is the guy who writes 2000 words or for 2 hours every morning 
  • Ben leveraged his social media network by meeting friends. Of the 17 out of 40 nights in Europe are free because he connected with someone via social media. Way to use your network! Nice work. 
  • When Ben's 30,000 feet in the air w/ no wifi and no in-seat entertainment he breaks out the notebook and does guided writing exercises.
  • Ben is a HUGE meal time planner and religious with his workout regiment. He preps his meals for the week so he doesn't take time away from his work. But Ben is backpacking around Europe and SouthEast Asia for 5 months. How is he going to you balance meal and workout time while traveling? 
  • [32:25] We asked ben how he traveling and experiencing different cities and countries and immersing himself in other cultures will impact him as a creative and global entrepreneur
  • He has one philosophy about this that's guiding him through his travels … You can only go as deep as you’ve been yourself.
  • [39:32] How is Ben staying centered as an entrepreneur? To him, the goal of achievement is to express who you are. It doesn’t matter how high you climb until you’re okay with yourself. He feels as though there is a cConstant controlled chaos inside of him. 

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