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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Jun 14, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven here. Today, from sunny San Diego, we’re talking with Jonathan Rivera, the self-proclaimed King of Podcasting. Like Melissa and I, he works with his wife, travels extensively, and is into building a sustainable lifestyle for him and his family.


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[00:15] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

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[01:05] Today we’re talking to Jonathan Rivera (JR), the self-proclaimed King of Podcasting!

[01:28] Why Jonathan Rivera is a Creative Hustler!

[02:18] Being creative just doesn’t mean you’re an artist, musician…

[02:50] More about Jonathan Rivera’s story.

[03:49] What is the Podcast Factory?

[04:35] Just listening to these people helped JR, so what could it do for others?

[05:07] If you can have a collection of people doing bigger things then you, it will raise you up too.

[05:30] The quote about “you are the 5 people who spend time with the most” got JR in trouble!

[06:07] You need to draw a line in the sand with your content.

[07:20] JR is fascinated by the hate that people can give you when you hit a nerve.

[09:06] It’s not just JR spreading a message, but people are taking it and starting conversation.

[09:28] What service The Podcast Factory provides, and how it works.

[10:46] What JR’s viral video has done for his business.

[13:10] You need to have a line in the stand, and stand for something.

[14:56] JR’s strategies for attracting established entrepreneurs.

[15:30] JR gives out big welcome packages, with gifts, and asks for referrals!

[17:25] JR’s vision for his company in the future.

[18:17] JR is concerned with helping people so they can live like he lives.

[19:40] JR adopts offline tactics in an online world.

[19:50] What marketing channels JR hates!

[20:40] JR loves email marketing, podcasting, and starting to leverage YouTube.

[21:30] What a Cold Magnet is, and a story about JR’s failure.

[24:30] It’s imperative to keep pushing your brand out there in the best light. You cannot stop.

[25:50] Steven doesn’t know how to drive stick, but just like with your brand, more gas!

[26:27] JR has backed off of everything, and he is building on one channel at a time.

[28:02] You have to do what works for you for marketing.

[28:26] How JR makes it work to travel, work and live with his wife.

[29:50] As JR’s son was adopted, they could not do daycare because it would screw up the bonding process.

[31:30] When his son was born, they couldn’t do the long days, but they realized they didn’t have to stay in one place.

[32:00] It is possible to work remotely, travel, make money if you do the work.

[33:44] Who’s going to care more than your partner?

[34:25] The biggest challenge with working with your spouse.

[35:15] Wednesday is JR’s quiet time and free day for him.

[36:40] Men and women communicate and work in different ways.

[37:12] JR did a Colby assessment.

[38:06] JR would have a coffee with Donald Trump, because he’s a master persuader.

[40:26] That’s a wrap, Creative Hustlers.

[40:36] Where JR lives on the internet.

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[41:20] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


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