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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Jul 25, 2017

Whats Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today we’ll be talking with Nicole Liloia. She’s a business strategist + coach who works with accidental entrepreneurs to help them scale their businesses so that they can move from 1:1 services to an online empire

[00:00] The secret to a rock solid brand!

[01:00] Today’s interview is with Nicole Liloia.

[01:11] What's Up Nicole. Ready to get hustling?

[01:54] Nicole is a former therapist turned accidental entrepreneur and #CreativeHustler

[02:34] You have to be a #CreativeHustler to go down the long windy road.

[03:01] Nicole’s transformation from social work/therapy to entrepreneurship.

[04:26] Freelancing without realizing it.

[05:07] Once you get the taste of Freelance freedom…

[05:40] Business courses and a private therapy practice.

[06:11] How do you get from therapy to Authentic Affiliate Academy?

[06:38] People always think, “I’ll never make passive income, I’ll never have an eCourse..”

[07:15] Nicole took BSchool and learned about Affiliates and building a business.

[08:15] Without even speaking to someone, you build trust with someone, they give value, and you end up buying a product without selling.

[09:06] What is Marie Forleo's BSchool?

[10:28] Classes for people with a couple toes in the affiliate pool.

[11:16] Nicole shared a Natalie Lucia’s webinar on Facebook, and had #3 most leads and became hooked on affiliate life.

[12:13] By the end of the Natalie Lucia’s course launch, Nicole made $5000.

[12:50] Nicole quit her part time job because there is the possibility for her to grow income in multiple markets.

[13:28] Nicole became an affiliate for multiple products she loves and trusts to help other people.

[14:07] Being an affiliate help other entrepreneurs be successful.

[14:45] It’s a people on people world. We want to buy from people we like.

[15:10] If you’re taking a course perfect for your brand, ask about an affiliate program!

[16:00] For example, one person becomes an affiliate, sold 20 spots, got an interview, got an opt-in and email list growth, and was an example for others.

[16:47] The Creative Hustler’s Branding course.

[17:15] It can’t hurt to reach out and offer affiliates for your course.

[18:00] You can fill the gap for your tribe if you can find something out there!

[19:10] Nicole is excited by Masterminds

[19:23] Why do Masterminds matter?

[20:20] The one-on-one effect is powerful - and the smaller the better.

[21:27] Seeing other people in a group having success encourages others to try it.

[21:50] Masterminds are accountability, motivation, and support to grow and develop.

[22:20] #CreativeHustlers can’t do it alone.

[22:40] Knowing you’re not alone in your entrepreneurship struggles.

[23:00] Loneliness is a big issue as an entrepreneur.

[24:20] Mastermind can combat the loneliness, because it gives you a tribe.

[24:53] Even accountants don’t always understand the entrepreneurial life.

[25:44] Consistency is the hardest struggle for Nicole.

[27:20] Having the community is a struggle. Digital happy hour isn’t the same.

[27:47] Financial accountability can be beneficial.

[28:30] You don’t want people slipping in who won’t hold up their end of the work.

[30:00] Long term benefits from group programs.

[30:29] Nicole would make her grad school mistake all over again.

[31:00] Though she’s not using the degree, it is a good mistake.

[31:50] Nicole would have coffee with Denise Duffield Thomas of Lucky Bitch

[32:45] Nicole enrolled in Lucky Bitch Bootcamp to change her money mindset.

[33:27] You need to realize where you have money blocks about spending, saving and making money.

[33:50] Lucky Bitch has one course and makes millions of dollars a year.

[34:30] Always re-read Think and Grow Rich!

[35:25] Some books you need to read over again at different times in your life.

[36:30] The first section in Nicole’s course is the mindset because you have to do that FIRST!

[36:35] The Creative Hustler launched in October 2016, and they are keeping the mindset.

[37:18] Separate the #CreativeBusters from the #CreativeHustlers

[37:36] Latin & Code is the main hustle, while The Creative Hustler is the side hustle.

[38:00] We are always looking to the next thing, the next way to make money. Just like fashion.

[38:39] Nicole is able to connect better because of travel. It keeps your vision big.

[39:40] Stop living your life with blinders on.

[39:58] If you say you can’t do it, and you don’t widen your path, you won’t be able to do it.

[40:20] Solo traveling makes you put yourself out there and open up.

[40:39] Travel brings humility and humility brings confidence for not always saying the right thing.

[41:230] Where Nicole lives on the internet

[41:44] Get Nicole’s freebie now!

[43:13] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle







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