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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Nov 15, 2016

Barbara is a passionate traveler who has traveled around the world. She has an interesting background and quite gifted in several areas.

Barbara finds herself more minimalistic than she’s ever been. She sold most of her things, has been living out of 2 bags, but admits at one point she had over 200 pairs of shoes. She’s been listening to her gut and doing what she wants to do and not what other people want.

But she wants everyone to remember, not everything fits at first, be patient and stay centered.

Moments of Inspiration:

  • Do it immediately, don’t be a part of that “manana” philosophy

Admirable Mentions:

  • Mondello Beach Palermo, Sicilia
  • Babble cube - After we write our first book (putting it out to the universe now), I can see us using  service like Babble Cube to get it translated.  
  • Audible
  • Her mobile office is a small backpack, but it’s what’s inside that counts.
    • Cannon DLSR - Even though we’re a Sony family (although truth be told, we’re using our phones more as cameras every day), this is the best deal on the net for a top-of-the-line camera.
    • Macbook - Seems like you cannot be a #CreativeHustler unless you have one. Anyone else getting excited for the new MacBook Pro?
    • 3 camera lenses - Not sure which exact sizes, but most likely they’re Cannon as well. This KIT seems to have a good collection of lenses and accessories.
    • GoPro - Melissa keeps saying we need one. I wasn’t too into it until maybe recently. This one is looking like a good starter. GoPro Hero Black
    • GoPro batteries - Technology sucks without power. This prevents that from happening.
    • Chargers - Barbara is a true digital nomad, so making sure you can charge your tech is important (see above). This is a pretty badass charger. Think we all need to get one of these.
  • Google Drive
    • 1 terabyte
  • Wifi is a #CreativeHustler and #DigitalNomads best friend. During the interview, Barbara was posted up at PMO Co-working in Palermo. A co-working and event space really pushing innovation on an island that seems to take you back in time. Shout out to them!
  • Barbara has a love for the beach, it’s where she feels the most balanced, you know when the sun, sea, sand and wind all unite for a moment.
  • What’s with these entrepreneurs and their McDonald's obsession? Eat healthier people. Now where’s my damn Monster? (says, Alan)
  • Photo editing: Like a good creative, Barbara uses Light Room, which I think every photographer in the world must use. It’s from Adobe so you know it’s legit.
  • I’d say I was surprised she uses iMovie for video, but I know a lot of people who find it easy and straightforward.  
  • She tried headspace for meditation guidance. She likes it, but “got bored” after awhile. Steven and Melissa, however, swear by it! Just gotta find what works for you.

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TWT: @BBarbaralicious

LI: Barbara Riedel


Periscope: @BBarbaralicious