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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Jan 17, 2017

What's up, Creative Hustlers!?! Today we’ll be talking with Grant Cooper, the CEO of Social Vantage Media, a digital media agency he started with his best friend in college. Grant is an entrepreneur, hockey aficionado and all around creative hustler from Philadelphia.

[00:52] What makes Grant a Creative Hustler? 

  • [1:48] Grant’s morning inspiration comes from being healthy and knowing his loved ones are healthy. He believes it’s your duty to get up in the morning and inspire others and get shit done. Making good habits and surrounding yourself with good people
  • [3:47] Grants creative outlet is his canon 70d camera or his g7x. He just gets up and starts taking shots. From inside his apartment and around the city.
  • [4:43] If inspiration doesn’t come, which rarely happens to Grant, he watches videos on YouTube of inspirational entrepreneurs and ted talks
  • [6:55] Vince Lombardi - “Winners never quit and quitters never win”
  • [13:42] Grant has found some great success with Teamwork, a project management tool perfect for his on-the-go team.
  • As a kid, he traveled quite a bit. He’s also learning some interesting tricks. Like, how to Learn How to Pack a Suit Like a Road Warrior. Haha!
  • [25:10] This next point Grant brings up is super interesting. Grant believes that the next big industry focus is going to be the mental health industry and meditation… just like you see a gym or physical fitness spot around, you’re going to start seeing meditation spots. Interesting topic indeed.
  • [31:40] Balance is in the eye of the beholder - how Grant stays balance as a #CreativeHustler 
  • [38:25] All of his travel and experiences has helped Grant realize a few things about his business. One of those things being that each audience is different and you can not put the same message in front of every audience and expect the same results.  

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