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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Jul 27, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Alan & Melissa recap Tuesday’s interview with Nicole Liloia. She’s a business strategist + coach who works with accidental entrepreneurs to help them scale their businesses so that they can move from 1:1 services to an online empire

[00:00] Find out the secret to a rock solid brand!

[00:57] what's up Creative Hustlers!

[01:18] Moment of Truth, creative Hustlers

[01:50] Nicole went from Social Work to Accidental Entrepreneurship.

[02:17] Social Work requires a Masters to to make a good living. 

[03:05] The bachelor's degree is now more like a high school diploma.

[03:45] You can flip burgers for the same income with less debt.


[04:20] Let’s rethink college education because college tuition has gone up 350%

[04:50] You gotta hustle to make your degree worth something.

[05:00] There are 2-3 million college graduates THIS YEAR.

[06:00] There is now an intersection of business and creativity.

[06:20] Now people are kicking ass without a degree.

[06:45] Nicole was a freelance social worker.

[07:15] Steven’s Moment of Italian

[07:35] Nicole took a class on entrepreneurship, and ended up loving affiliates.

[08:13] Nicole became an affiliate of her course, and made 4 figures.

[08:55] She made her monthly income in two weeks.

[09:00] Now Nicole is working the one-on-one coaching.

[09:30] Nicole helps people go from non-optimal place to making money.

[09:45] There’s a bridge between social work and masterminds.

[10:35] Recap take 2: New ideas

[11:19] What is affiliate marketing in 30 second or less?

[11:40] You don’t even need your own sale site.

[11:55] Affiliates don’t make money until you convert.

[12:00] Advertising vs. affiliate

[13:20] The Creative Hustler’s approach to affiliates.

[13:50] The issue with advertisements and your brand.

[15:00] We’re all just trying to figure this out, even google.

[15:19] You choose affiliates, you don’t always choose advertisements.

[15:40] PORN - the most lucrative market for affiliates.

[16:20] Some of Alan’s biggest successes were in the adult industry.

[17:00] Even the adult industry needs SEO help.

[18:00] Affiliate income is a great way to make money.

[18:20] Would you rather own 100% of something that makes no money, or 50% of something that makes a shitton of money?

[18:50] If you choose your affiliates correctly, you can tap into an audience that works for your brand.

[19:15] Nicole’s interview blew Steven’s mind because he never thought about it for the Creative Hustler shit.

[19:40] Check out The Creative Hustler Branding Course

[20:00] Create assets to give to your affiliates to help them succeed.

[20:30] You want everyone to help you, so why not provide them assets congruent to your brand!

[20:50] We want them to sell our product the way that WE want them to do it.

[21:45] Melissa loves Chocolate Chip cookies

[22:00] Cookies are always on your browser.

[22:50] How you can get a conversation even after the initial click.

[23:20] Pay attention to how the conversation actually happened.

[24:20] SEO may get the credit, but the affiliate got them there in the first place.

[25:00] It’s not always you type something in, you go there, you buy it.

[25:30] Platforms like DroodleBooks and Follow Up Then to get you focused.

[26:00] Affiliates can generate a lot of traffic thanks to cookies.

[26:17] Who determines the length of a cookie?

[26:40] You need to visit within a timeline to get the affiliate credit

[26:55] Nicole is crushing it with affiliates, and she’s giving free knowledge away!

[27:20] This is the second attempt at recording, but we did it.

[27:45] Check the show notes for all Nicole’s info!

[28:00] Steven, Alan & Melissa love spending time with you.

[28:27] Hit us up if you have affiliate marketing questions

[28:48] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle







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