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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Jun 15, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Melissa and Alan recap Jeremy Goldman's interview. Jeremy Goldman, Founder & CEO of the Firebrand group, a NYC based agency where he’s on a mission to future-proof brands through the application of strategy, design, branding and social media. In his spare time, he’s also an accomplished author, having published two books, a keynote speaker, and a contributor to INC.


[00:00] Secret to a killer brand.

[00:55] What’s up, Creative Hustlers.

[01:30] Why we wish Jeremy was still in town!

[01:50] Jeremy’s background

[02:04] Key points in “Getting to Like”

[02:40] Jeremy & the Firebrand Group

[03:20] Future Proofing and Marketeers.

[04:14] Positioning from a Marketing perspective.

[04:55] Why you should follow Jeremy’s column on INC.

[05:30] Personality vs. Substance.

[06:00] Steven’s Facebook feed is yelling at him.

[06:30] Thoughts on Video Ads

[07:10] If Steven was a cat, his name would be “Video Struggles”

[08:35] If you have to record it 5 times, it HAPPENS!

[09:00] If you have blinds tied up in the background, no one is going to buy your product.

[09:28] Getting back into video.

[10:10] All the struggles to recording videos.

[10:30] Podcasteers, don’t fear! Podcasts are sticking around.

[11:37] Using only one sense to absorb information.

[12:00] Future of Podcast: Apps in Cars & Holograms in your living room.

[13:16] Marketing impact of A.I and Emerging Technologies

[13:35] What is RankBrain and self-learning?

[15:02] The checks and balances of A.I

[16:05] But, let’s remember, it’s only a machine.

[16:50] Melissa doesn’t know what “Skynet” is…

[17:17] Facebook wasn’t even a thing when Steven & Melissa were in high school!

[18:20] Shout out to Zoe from About.Me

[19:25] Traveling can help marketers have empathy and improve their game.

[20:05] Embracing the different cultures and countries.

[21:00] Find what people really need.

[21:25] Alan’s jump from Cape Cod to USC.

[21:58] Melissa wants to start a diversity club!

[22:29] Americans have the worst potlucks.

[22:50] International Roundtable

[24:15] It’s the ugly American’s fault flights are expensive.

[24:42] Ben Franklin is the first American #CreativeHustler.

[25:30] Pouring one out for all the homies.

[25:53] Who’s your Mount Rushmore of #CreativeHustlers?

[26:50] Looking at legacy as entrepreneur.

[27:20] Jeremy wants to be remembered as, “at least he wasn’t a schmuck”

[27:55] We’re bringing schmuck back!

[28:30] Adult Warning: Look up “Scutch” on UrbanDictionary!

[29:06] Let us know if we were too Schmucky!

[29:30] Get your free gift at!

[30:20] Don’t forget to leave a review!

[30:43] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



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