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The Creative Hustler Podcast

May 31, 2017

Whats Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.


Today we’ll be talking with Laura Pennington, She’s an entrepreneur, content writer, and podcast host, who in 2015, threw out her whole business model and instead of continuing down burnout blvd, she fired half her clients and decided it was time to grow her business on her own terms.   


[0:00] Don’t get hustled by the agencies

[1:27] What's Up Laura. Ready to get hustling?

[1:38] Tell us a little bit about yourself and what makes you a #CreativeHustler

[2:55] Creativity as a Technical Writer?

[4:15] You’re not creative? THAT’S BULLSHIT

[4:40] Change your perspective to bring the creativity to the mundane.

[5:11] Are you on Burnout BLVD? And the story of how Laura ended up driving down it!

[6:47] Don’t recreate your JOB with your HUSTLE!

[7:20] What Burnout is for Laura

[8:40] The universe sends EVERYONE messages!

[9:16] Laura’s reason to wake up in the morning: Me Time

[10:15] There is a bigger picture then the client deadline.

[10:40] Schedule time for what you WANT to work on!

[11:55] Why the morning is the best time for YOUR projects!

[12:40] What feeds Laura’s soul?

[13:31] The mental block for writing your own book!

[14:30] The story behind writing her first fiction novel.

[15:50] Knock out the WORST thing of the day first.

[16:30] Get your ass moving: Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung

[18:00] Find your Get Moving playlist, and blast it!

[18:54] Why Laura started running, and how it  improved her life.

[21:00] The Runner’s High and how it helps with Stress!

[22:33] The biggest challenge for Laura’s #CreativeHustler lifestyle.

[23:28] Let home be your sacred space - aka Coworking spaces.

[23:50] The challenge of stopping the work when you work at home.

[25:14] #CreativeHustler as a Military Wife - Embracing the differences.

[26:25] Finding the middle ground for different personalities.

[27:10] Laura’s most recent move, Move #6

[28:35] Why Stephen needs an eCourse on living in the middle of America.

[29:38] The mistake Laura would make over and over again.

[30:50] Sometimes the obstacle is the way.

[31:31] Why not leaving a job sooner could be a good lesson?

[32:02] Laura’s Two Must Have Productivity Hacks

[32:35] Have a good team behind you to keep your sanity.

[33:13] How do you successfully manage virtual assistants?

[34:52] Why training people with VIDEO is essential.

[35:45] Why going above and beyond for your team is important.

[36:05] Set your time expectations up front.

[36:50] Finding those tasks that someone else could do for you!

[37:30] If you don’t like it, if you aren’t good at it then OUTSOURCE!

[38:00] Use your sticky notes and make the “What Can I Outsource?” list.

[38:41] Laura’s one historical #CreativeHustler, and her go-to coffee drink!

[39:35] Why Tim Ferris is life-changing!

[40:08] Why traveling and moving gives Laura inspiration and motivation.

[41:00] Why Satellite Internet will give you downtime.

[43:59] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


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