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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Apr 7, 2017

[RECAP] Steven, Melissa, and Alan recap Jessica Yarborough’s Interview episode Meet The Mompreneur Building 6-Figure Businesses

Jessica Yarbrough is an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and single mother who started her business when she was pregnant with her daughter is giving BUSY MOMS THE TOOLS, TACTICS, AND RESOURCES TO BUILD A 6-FIGURE BUSINESS THEY CAN RUN FROM HOME through her brand The Mompreneur Coach.

[1:42] is a brilliant Mompreneur helping other mamas build businesses from home.

[2:36] Shout out to Screw the 9-5 Private Community where Steven meet Jessica. Amazing group to network with. Quality members.

Do you want to be right where you are forever?  

[3:32] WHY Every Coach Needs a Coach.

[6:58] An aha moment so powerful emotional tears just start flowing

[8:34] “Dudes to Dads” shout out to Alan’s other podcast

[10:23] Carve out your self-care and work around it. Tips to stay on top of your calendar so you don’t get hustled.

[12:30] The importance of setting boundaries with your clients.

Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails

[18:08] Content Hacks! Repurposing your content. If you play your cards 1 content piece can turn into 87.3 pieces of content. Kinda.

[20:52] Who is leveraging live streaming content?

[23:50] Sorry guys, but the audio has a little static until the end.

[26:33] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle

Contact Jessica:
The Mompreneur Mastermind Private Facebook Group