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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Feb 24, 2017


Many business owners think in terms of immediate ROI and who can blame them?! But with so many digital marketing channels capable of producing immediate traffic and fast results, does it really make sense to go all-in with branding?  And what does it even mean to go all-in?  At what point does a brand creation stage go from careful planning to analysis by paralysis?

The Creative Hustler was lucky enough to record a live podcast on location and interview some of the expert guests. Here what they had to say:

[00:32] Meet Dave Korinek and Matt Simpson from Magnetic Creative. On top of being an award-winning branding agency, they have to be the most genuine and badass group of creatives this side of the Mississippi.  

[4:50] Dave answers the question - How are you balancing your creative lifestyle as a business owner and a married man of 20 years with 4 growing boys.

[6:33] Matt jumps in and talks about the importance of relationships and the balance between communication. #magfam on Twitter

[9:32] John Bertino, founder of the TAG and SoCal Marketing Club explains what SoCal Marketing Club is all about and the mission behind the meetup.

[10:40] The reason and inspiration behind tonight’s branding and digital marketing panel, and what the importance is

[15:48] Josh Roush, Co-Founder and designer at Movetic, talks about his new “brand anthem video.” Find out what that is and why it’s important. Connect with Josh on Instagram.

Do you have any input or questions you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear them Tweet us to get the conversation going!