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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Feb 21, 2017

"88 keys, a bench, and a mic.

Give those things to Peter Cincotti and he can take you anywhere. 

Like a pilot in a cockpit, when Cincotti sits down at a piano it’s as if the world is at his fingertips. And this time, on his highly anticipated new album, he is indeed traveling a Long Way From Home.

'Never before have I used the piano in this way. A few years ago, I began having these visions of an album that brings active, rhythmic piano playing back into the landscape of modern music.'" - Peter Cincotti website 

Hey, guys! It’s not always rainbows and unicorns here at The Creative Hustler. Unfortunately, we had some audio issues in this interview. 

HOWEVER - this is a really special episode for Steven! He’s been following Peter Cincotti’s jazz career for 15 years. From youngest jazz musician to reach #1 on the Billboard Jazz Charts and collaborations with Phil Ramone, Harry Connick Jr., and David Foster, Peter is now a free agent looking to get his Creative Hustle back out there to the masses. He’s been working on his latest album "Long Way From Home" for 3 years. He built a studio and moved all his pianos to the Jersey Shore... where he spent the summer’s growing up as a kid. He took the time to learn the tech side of the business and produced this whole album, and we are stoked to be supporting him along his journey. 

We really hope you enjoy this one and find it as inspiring as we did! 

[01:08] What is Peter’s success made of... Luck? Hard work? Opportunity? And if that success didn’t happen would he still be chasing those dreams of becoming a musician?

[6:02] 2 Pieces of advice: #1. However you want to take it... you gotta have faith. You have to believe. #2. Persistence. One of Peter’s favorite quotes: Arianna Huffington - “Life's a dance between making it happen and letting it happen.”

[8:24] What would Peter have done if Phil Ramone didn't come into his life? Submit to the “zeitgeist” if you will.

[10:07] Learn to love the process even when you’re getting “no’s” left and right.

[10:39] Peter’s thoughts on “The Creative Hustler.” <- Big deal, guys! 

[11:50] “The Obstacle is the Way” by Ryan Holiday... this one comes up a lot. 

[12:07] Peter has a new album coming out “Long Way From Home.” The first record he’s made without a record deal. He moved his pianos to a house on the Jersey Shore where he spent summers as a kid and Produced the whole album. He spent a lot of time learning the tech side of making music. 

[13:24] Peter is starting his Creative Hustle all over again, and this time around putting the business back into the hands of the artist, himself.  

[15:00] - Peter moved to the Jersey Shore and isolated himself with his creativity - this is what happened.

[17:30]  Food is love at Peter’s Pledge Music site - You can buy Peter’s personal homemade sauce, Skype live, hang out at the studio, and more by pledging on Peter’s Pledge Music site! A portion of all pledges will go to an incredible organization with a cause close to my heart, Education Through Music. (To find out more about ETM,

[23:23] Tour dates coming soon! Check out new dates here!   

[23:51]  Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Connect with Peter:
Peter’s Pledge Music page