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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Jul 20, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Melissa and Alan recap Tuesday’s interview with Zoe Bejörnson. Zoe is the product marketing manager for About.Me -- she’s a world traveler, side hustle evangelist, and a badass global networker who has a love for User Experience.


[00:00] Get the secret to a lasting brand!

[00:55] What’s up Creative Hustlers?

[01:05] Tuesday’s episode featured Zoë Bejörnson.

[01:21] Umlauts, or the dots over letters.

[01:49] Zoë is a ball of energy.

[02:18] Zoë is product marketing manager at

[02:52] is an easy to build landing page.

[03:40] is all about the side hustle.

[04:00] The biggest barrier for hustlers: Where to Start.

[04:30] is the hipper MySpace. It’s an online resume.

[05:06] skips the website building learning curve.

[05:28] Zoë reached out to US from Fiji.

[05:55] Fiji is on the opposite side of the planet.

[06:15] You can’t see the stars in big cities.

[06:44] Zoë’s RemoteYear - one city a month for a year.

[07:11] Victor Kung did a similar type trip

[08:00] Digital Nomad culture have Baby Boomers and GenXs.

[08:33] Video conferencing has been around for awhile.

[09:00] 100th Episode will be in a Hot Air Balloon.

[09:56] Zoë didn’t have a favorite city, but she had some that disappointed her.

[10:30] Every country is awesome until you add in politics and issues.

[11:00] Zoë’s London experience wasn’t the best location.

[11:15] Alan has relatives in London, sorta.

[11:58] Remote Years for families? Email us if you know about it!

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[12:38] Zoë’s RemoteYear gave her confidence.

[13:00] Therapist Melissa helps us leave our baggage behind.

[13:40] Simon Sinek says millennials have confidence issues due to culture.

[14:00] GenX & GenY were told to get stable jobs, and not take risks.

[16:00] GenY didn’t have instant gratification.

[15:30] We can’t base our life on metrics - we lose empathy.

[16:10] When people travel, they find empathy and humility.

[16:45] Confidence comes from the humility and uncertainty of travel.

[17:19] The RemoteYear changes you.

[17:35] Many people are taking this Remote Year concept to heart.

[18:10] The uncomfortable situations are where you GROW.

[18:40] Zoë would share a coffee with her #CreativeHustler grandmother.

[19:29] The original user experience happened in the house.

[19:50] Zoë’s grandmother created a lazy susan to make the space more useful.

[20:20] Grandparents really give you a different perspective.

[21:00] Zoë is interested in User Experience and the customer journey.

[22:00] Emotional moment talking about Zoë’s grandmother.

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[24:05] Peace out!

[24:15] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle