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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Mar 19, 2018

[00:30] What’s up Creative Hustlers! It’s Happy Hour!

[01:22] The Creative Hustler team is back together.

[01:50] Shout Out to Andaz Hotel in San Diego! Voted one of the best roofs!

[02:40] Andaz Hotel does salon events to bring the community in!

[03:40] Don’t forget to check out the Andaz Hotel online!

[03:58] Back with Jason Shaffer!

[04:40] What’s up with Jason Shaffer, and why he’s at Social Media Marketing World!

[05:40] Jason is a high school teacher who teaches about personal branding, and using the internet for more opportunities.

[06:25] How do high school students approaching personal branding?

[07:45] The idea of graduating college with a Marketing degree, but it guarantees nothing!

[08:20] Even high school age students need to think about person branding, and being original.

[09:10] Some parents are not really excited about this required class.

[09:45] Why not share your best content and connect with experts!

[10:20] How Jason got invited to Congress, and how he used the class to market himself.

[12:00] Our next generation is inventing the wheel in real time!

[13:00] How to brand yourself from an offline perspective.

[14:14] Success stories from Jason’s class!

[16:20] Jason’s impression of Social Media Marketing World!

[17:43] Where Jason lives on the internet!

[18:00] Shout out to North Briar Prep!

[18:41] Here’s Conrad Mathison from It’s Pixel Perfect!

[19:00] A little more about Mathison and It’s Pixel Perfect!

[19:40] Omnichannel is a fancy word for reaching your audience with many different types of media.

[20:05] 2018 is the Year of the Bots, because people are messaging more than calling.

[21:07] If someone is having trouble logging in, the Chat Bot will give suggestion on how to fix it.

[22:17] Is a Chat Bot trusting? How can we make it more human?

[23:27] Shout out to Angelo about Chat Bots!

[23:45] Customer service across the world is a struggle, and we have to look into Chat Bots to help!

[24:28] Where Conrad lives on the internet!

[25:20] That’s a wrap Creative Hustlers!

[25:46] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle!


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