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The Creative Hustler Podcast

May 31, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven here. Today, from sunny San Diego, we’re talking with Corey Moss, an AV writer and media professional as well as the host and producer of multiple podcasts including The AV Life, The Collaboration Factor, and Convergent Tech Talk.

[00:00] The Creative Hustler Podcast is brought...

May 24, 2018

[Interview] What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa here. Today, from an unfortunately rainy Las Vegas, we’re talking with Laura Petersen, AKA the: Laptop Laura… She’s a math and psychology teacher turned persuasive writing expert, podcaster, speaker, course creator and an Amazon best-selling book launch...

May 18, 2018

Saying NO in business!

Have you ever heard this question before… “Do you have time for me to pick your brain for 1 hour?”

Yes, if you join my mastermind

Yes, if you want to buy a weekly consulting package

Or... NO! Because if we give everyone 1 hour of our time, half our week would be gone. Time is valuable and we...