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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Apr 5, 2017

Today we’ll be talking with Jessica Yarbrough, She’s an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and single mother who started her business when she was pregnant with her daughter is giving BUSY MOMS THE TOOLS, TACTICS, AND RESOURCES TO BUILD A 6-FIGURE BUSINESS THEY CAN RUN FROM HOME through her brand The Mompreneur Coach.

[1:05] What makes Jessica a Creative Hustler? She’s been in the marketing business for over a decade. She's done a lot of traveling and immersing herself into other cultures. Working out of a jungle pad in Thailand. Empowering other women to grow their business from home. Giving her tribe "The Mamas” freedom. 

[3:30] Sharing wisdom to her tribe, getting paid to help people who are following their passions and purpose is what inspires and motivates Jessica to keep being a self-starter every morning. 

[4:20] It sounds like Jessica has found what works for her as a Mompreneur. So what’s getting Jessica jazzed for the future?

Her Daughter - to give her the tools to exceed in life

Bridging the gap between wanting to start a business and actually hitting 5 figures per month and seeing it become successful

Stop consuming free content and trying to figure it out on your own - get a couch, take my hand. Let me show you the way to really build rapid success with proven tactics and solid strategy.


[7:55] What was that like when Jessica knew that being a mompreneur the path she had to take? Her why to

[8:25] Take women through a journey that she understands becoming an entrepreneur when  

[11:32] Nature is super inspiring when you’re not inspired to creative content and not in the right mindset.

[16:37] One of the most challenging things of being a Creative Hustler and a single mother is surrendering yourself to the outside world and understanding that you can’t control everything around you, especially when your kid gets sick.

Jessica’s most powerful mantra as a single mother and entrepreneur is surrendering to the unpredictable.

[18:32] Self-care is so important. Being an unfit entrepreneur is not sustainable. Sacrificing your health in order to make more money that’s going to come back and hit you in the long run. From a health and balance perspective, it’s about taking your time. Jessica has burnt herself out in the past, that’s why she understands why it’s important to be consistent with taking care of physical and mental health.

Jessica believes you can have it all but you have to make your own boundaries.

[20:19] Teaching yourself how to have boundaries with your clients. It’s difficult to implement but once you set those boundaries it’s easy to follow, especially with new clients.

[23:05] How long did it take Jessica to implement boundaries with her clients?

[25:10] Implement blocks into your schedule to make sure you take time for yourself. Put your line in the sand! You will work around those blocks. We can’t express how important it is to take the time to yourself and shut off!

[29:37] Thoughts on low ticket sales verse high ticket sales and achieving massive hockey stick growth.

[32:33] The apps and platforms Jessica uses to achieve massive growth. Hint: Clickfunnels. YouTube. Facebook Live. Trello. Scheduling integration into calendar: Calendly.

[36:30] Content hacks: how to turn 1 piece of content into many pieces of content. Check out Jessica’s YouTube video on maximizing content.   

[38:43] What it’s like to quit your corporate job to travel through Thailand and start a business? How to overcome adversity even when your family isn’t 100% supportive.

[40:54] Jessica went on a 10 day of silence retreat. She came out with a message that you can always recreate yourself if you don’t like where you are, even if you go down a path even if you created it. Believe in yourself and know that you have the power to create wealth and power wherever you go in the world.  

[43:01] Adjusting her piece of owning her self-worth and self-love, Jessica quite the business world after Thailand to teach yoga and taking care of self-health in Bali, San Diego, and of Costa Rica for 4 years.

[44:50] How travels, experiences, and cultures has made Jessica understand she can make it anywhere and be a great role model for your daughter.

[45:49] If you’re stuck where you are in your journey just know that it’s all part of the process even if you don’t understand why thing are happening they way they are but that’s all supporting your growth.

Fall in love with the process

[47:05] Of all the Creative Hustler’s dead or alive to grab a drink with in history Jessica would meet with Oprah! She is the WO-MAN!

[49:22] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle

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