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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Jul 19, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa here. Today, from sunny San Diego, we’re talking with Barrett King, a senior growth consultant at HubSpot, and a great friend and supporter of The Creative Hustler podcast

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[00:20] What’s up Creative Hustler!

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[01:22] What’s up Barrett, and why he’s a Creative Hustler.

[02:48] Barrett has a digital design degree from Full Sail University.

[03:55] Melissa and Barrett almost had the same degree.

[05:00] Digital production, to hospitality, to HubSpot.

[06:45] Before he joined HubSpot, Barrett had no idea about inbound marketing.

[08:37] Steven & Melissa are past users of HubSpot.

[09:07] How HubSpot grew and scaled as fast as it did.

[09:47] HubSpot’s only guiding principle is “Use Good Judgement”

[11:20] Pull instead of Push strategy.

[12:20] You should be able to click and do it, like the Apple method.

[12:57] HubSpot facilitates human interaction online in an organic and helpful way.

[14:05] We help transform businesses from two people to 20 million dollar businesses.

[15:06] HubSpot allows businesses to own their shit.

[16:24] The internet allows your to own your shit in a whole new way.

[17:28] You are literally targeting the people you want around you.

[18:49] We have the ability to change the things we don’t like.

[19:59] It allows you to grow beyond your borders and craft meaningful relationships.

[20:24] The internet can also cause ignorance.

[21:05] It’s important to go outside of our own thoughts.

[22:22] A modern professional can really use the internet to grow their brand.

[23:46] The internet should give value to our life, but not BE our whole life.

[24:45] There’s always going to be those companies who have ideas around your idea, but if you have a good base, and deep roots, you will remain.

[26:14] HubSpot has different levels of their business.

[27:08] When your customers are happy, they tell others, and you get more customers.

[28:02] HubSpot went through and freed up more creativity in the last 12 to 18 months!

[28:50] HubSpot is aware of their growth and is aware of it and trying to improve it.

[29:50] We’ll still be a ferrari, but we’ll also make it easy for people to drive if they don’t want a ferrari.

[31:20] What’s exciting and new for Barrett!

[32:20] Barrett is on Twitter (@waystogrow) and Instagram (@abostonexperience).

[32:50] Barrett is all about process and creating ways for people to do things.

[34:45] Barrett would have a tequila with DiVinici. He was a true renaissance man.

[36:17] You gotta be great at everything, which means you gotta be willing to fail.

[37:28] Barrett is the first one to bring up DiVinici.

[37:41] Where Barrett lives on the internet.

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[38:47] Peace Out, Creative Hustlers

[38:55] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle.



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