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The Creative Hustler Podcast

May 16, 2017

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today’s bonus episode is featuring Philip Warren, a strategic consultant and business advisor helping C-Level stakeholders realize their mission and live their vision.

[0:39] What’s Up Philip? Ready to get hustling?

[0:45] What makes Phillip a creative hustler!

[2:10] Biggest challenges for getting to the NEXT level! Especially in Small Businesses! 

[2:40] Vision is the issue - You need to be cohesive.

[3:45]  Know your fundamentals and avoid productivity killers!

[4:30] Guard your time, and focus on moving that needle!

[5:54] Are you running and not making any progress? Distractions for your business.

[6:36] Don’t fear the business plan! Create it, get it in place, and DON’T put it in the DRAWER!

[7:20] Your business plan needs to be malleable!

[7:50] You need to keep sharpen the saw to move the needle.

[9:00] Plan around you personal development! Plus, why Phillip is awesome.

[10:00] Magic happens when you write shit down!

[10:55] Share that goal with your circle.

[11:54] Action Steps: Keep it visible, keep it specific, and go read “The One Thing 

[14:35] Build your pillars to support that ONE idea. Follow one course for success.

[15:14] Don’t be a Jack of all Trades, and master of NONE!

[15:30] Multitasking isn’t real.

[17:20]  Should you bring your phone to the meeting? Don’t make a bad impression!

[18:12] You can’t stop the notifications, so bring the paper and pen for the meeting.

[18:51] Wanna talk to Philip? Here’s how to contact him!

[20:40] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


The Warrens at Work Website