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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Apr 10, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa here. Today, from sunny San Diego, New York, we’re talking with Paige Wilhide, founder of Paige Media, a video agency specifically for building personal brands. And you know that’s right up our alley.

[00:30] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:53] Who Paige is, and how she’s a Creative Hustler!

[01:55] Paige doesn’t give up, and she has fun in her work.

[02:50] How Paige got started with Paige Media!

[05:00] Paige was big in Japan!

[06:25] How Paige stands out in an oversaturated video market!

[07:23] You must be fun to work with - that’s how Paige stands out.

[08:00] Make your personality shine, no matter what your business is.

[09:20] You want people to binge-watch you!

[10:00] Paige uses email marketing and Instagram stories to attract customers.

[11:55] Paige gets collaborations from Instagram.

[13:30] People have amazing Instagram copy, but in person, they are boring!

[14:45] It’s easy to create whatever you want online.

[15:20] It’s about knowing yourself, loving yourself, and knowing what you bring to the table.

[16:25] Paige isn’t a big Facebook person.

[18:10] Facebook has become way too many shiny objects.

[18:57] Paige is now in Los Angeles, and has left New York City!

[19:58] Paige is getting new clients, and going into a new Chapter!

[20:00] SoCal, you pay for the sun tax.

[22:25] How Paige is navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship and moving.

[24:20] We’re all still connected always, even if we’re miles apart.

[25:24] Paige would have coffee with Bethanny Frankel.

[26:50] Do your daily actions and your core values align?

[28:27] Where Paige lives on the internet!

[29:00] Don’t forget to leave a review, or visit us at TheCreativeHustler or LatinandCode.

[29:52] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



Instagram: @paigemedia