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The Creative Hustler Podcast

May 18, 2018

Saying NO in business!

Have you ever heard this question before… “Do you have time for me to pick your brain for 1 hour?”

Yes, if you join my mastermind

Yes, if you want to buy a weekly consulting package

Or... NO! Because if we give everyone 1 hour of our time, half our week would be gone. Time is valuable and we have to know when to say no!

This podcast is based on this week’s blog “Saying NO as a Creative & Entrepreneur

[1:20] Setting expectations and boundaries

[1:43] Borrowing time

[3:08] When is it okay to say no and when is okay to say yes

[4:07] Vet your listener

[4:20] Your 1st-degree circle

[4:44] Where does the catch up begin and the consulting begin

[5:10] Ways to add value

[5:38] Give them resources

[5:44] Jessica Yarbourgh - Eliminate Limiting Belief & Sell with Confidence

[5:47] Brian Lischer - Bringing Psychology into Branding

[5:57] Point them in the right direction to continue to research and gather the right information  

[6:59] If you’re meeting someone, set the purpose of the meeting and the outcome you’re hoping to leave with

[7:25] Set the tone of the meeting

[8:37] Set expectations from the beginning of the meeting - 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc

[9:00] Saying NO to a prospective client that don’t fit within your core values

[10:20] Saying NO within your own business on projects

[11:12] “Kills Your Babies” and saying NO

[11:20] Mike Jones - Building Remarkable Brands & Branding Stories

[11:35] Sometimes projects and relationships aren’t working out and the sooner we can cut the cord the sooner we can all move forward

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