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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Jul 10, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa here. Today, from sunny San Diego, we’re talking with Arthur Noble of FlexPat. He’s visited over 30 countries, and has been on a mission to design the job of his dreams by creating an amazing community of experience driven ‘digital nomads’ who live and work together in a different exotic location every month.


[00:00] This episode is made possible by your interum CMOs at Latin & Code.

[00:20] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

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[01:38] Who Arthur is and why he’s a creative hustler.

[02:33] What is FlexPat?

[03:50] Shout out to Zoë, who did the RemoteYear and Victor who did FlexPat!

[05:00] Where Arthur got this idea for FlexPat.

[07:00] You learn and get inspired with those around you.

[07:20] When you only spend a week or two in a place, you don’t get to know anyone.

[07:50] How you can join up with FlexPat!

[09:25] When FlexPat interviews a potential person, they have to play MatchMaker.

[10:30] FlexPat is about working and traveling at the same time. It’s important that you want to learn and exchange ideas.

[12:19] FlexPat is networking x10. You’re networking with them for 30 days.

[14:30] Meeting someone face-to-face is the best marketing approach.

[14:48] Facebook has been the main driver for FlexPat, along with their funnel.

[16:38] How Arthur targets his Facebook ads!

[17:43] FlexPat is more affordable then many of its competitors.

[19:38] Recent changes in product offering, and packages.

[20:52] Arthur is not a fan of SEO, because it’s such a long term game.

[22:30] He encourages past members to be a part of an alumni group, and encourages people to join up multiple times.

[24:07] SEO - it’s a long-term game, but it’s still very valuable.

[26:18]  It’s important to understand SEO and keep building with what you’re already doing to continue to build brand equity.

[28:50] For example, AirBnB didn’t start with SEO, but they grew and got into their lifestyle.

[30:00] Melissa moved from social media to SEO, and Steven changed his branding when he added SEO practices. Everything equals SEO if it’s optimized correctly.

[31:02] It’s important to use certain keywords and SEO for a podcast.

[31:45] That’s why we do podcast timestamps to enhance our SEO! Thanks, Cianna! :)

[32:16] Arthur Nobel would drink an iced green tea with Alexander the Great.

[34:00] How do the great historical figures get that motivation to move so many people!

[35:00] There are so many more topics to discuss with Arthur in the future.

[35:27] That’s a wrap, Creative Hustlers!

[35:34] Where Arthur lives on the internet.

[36:31] One thing that burns Melissa’s ass about social media!

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[37:27] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle

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