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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Aug 9, 2018

The Creative Hustler Live episode featuring SoCal Marketing Club.

[00:00] This episode is brought to you by your Interim CMOs - Latin & Code.

[00:16] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:47] Live from HOLONIS Studios, it’s the SoCal Marketing Club July Event!

[00:55] Great interviews coming up, plus John Bertino!

[01:23] We’re back with Marcela De Vivo from SEMRush.

[01:30] Marcela’s last name means “Of Life”

[02:00] What Marcela is excited about for mobile and tonight’s panel.

[02:55] How you search for things on your phone is different then your computer.

[03:19] Alan’s perspective on mobile conversations with clients.

[04:40] Who’s on tonight’s panel, and what Marcela hopes tonight gives people!

[05:20] Mobile has to become a fire.

[05:30] You start with the user experience, make sure it’s a responsive site.

[06:40] Do you have to optimize differently for Mobile and Desktop?

[08:20] Attribution is so important.

[08:44] It all comes from the user experience and the design.

[09:38] Where Marcela lives on the internet.

[09:57] Welcome Jeff Carpenter from Neil Patel Digital.

[10:30] Neil Patel Digital is a thought leader in the space, and some big things are coming.

[11:45] They have 50 years experience in SEO.

[12:00] How much of Neil Patel Digital strategy is focused on digital.

[14:30] It is always about what the client’s want them to do.

[15:52] What Jeff hopes people leave here with: mobile experience is user experience.

[17:15] Where Jeff lives on the internet.

[18:20] We’re back with Hussein Ebied from Pacific Digital Group.

[18:52] What are the biggest issues for brand’s stepping into the mobile game.

[19:53] Have others use your site, and tell you how they feel about it.

[21:29] We did everything Google told us to.

[23:23] What Hussein hopes people leave here with.

[24:28] What Pacific Digital Group does.

[25:27] Where you can find Pacific Digital online.

[25:39] We’re back with Ashley Ward.

[26:06] Don’t forget to check out SEMRush!

[26:19] Mobile Get-In part 2.

[26:47] It’s about going in your customer’s mind, and finding out what they are doing on mobile.

[27:29] In Ashley’s Buzzfeed test, Some actionable items being looked up were Your Momma Jokes.

[29:14] Melissa, Steven, and his father were sitting around the table, and he picks up his phone, and googled a term from the 60s, and found it on Urban Dictionary.

[31:00] Position 0 is the thing right now. What is it?

[32:00] Is it ever too early to start thinking of mobile?

[33:31] Is it expensive to put a mobile strategy together? SEMRush is only $99/month.

[34:55] Where Ashley lives on the Internet.

[35:28] Back with John Bertino, who put together the fantastic panel.

[36:32] Tonight was really about branding thinking about consumers first.

[37:10] How do you get your consumer there the quickest way possible.

[37:29] Hussein’s quotes: Think about your website as a self-serve kiosk, and The best thing an SEO person can do is pair with a creative.

[38:59] User experience metrics is a heavily rated factor, almost more than links.

[39:44] Being a part of digital conversations has made Steven a better brander.

[40:20] Neil Patel Digital brought a posse tonight, and Pacific Digital Group is a great agency.

[41:19] What is a site audit, and how it works.

[43:19] Get a 14 Day Free Trial of SEMRush!

[43:46] Not enough brands are thinking about a separate mobile experience.

[44:15] If your customer is on mobile, give them an experience that lends itself to that.

[44:43] Number of cell phones sold just today is over 5 million.

[45:40] Good discussion about the internet of things as well.

[46:16] You’re not unique or alone. Everyone is facing the challenges as well.

[47:19] John Bertino’s episode (The second episode) is the second most popular episode ever.

[48:08] If you want to know more about the PSOAS stretch go to John’s episode.

[48:26] What’s going on with the SoCal Marketing Club right now.

[49:46] SoCal is the second Silicon Valley.

[50:00] If any out-of-town Creative Hustler listener (max 10) want to come to a SoCal Marketing club event, and are 3 hours or further away, they can come to the event FREE! Get in touch with The Creative to get this deal!

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[51:46] The next SoCal Marketing Event is in September 27th, in downtown San Diego and has two of the biggest names in SEO talking about YouTube SEO! Get your pass now!

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[53:05] To connect with Alan, send a smoke signal or reach out to him at @AlanHBush on Twitter.

[53:25] We love you, Peace out Creative Hustlers!

[53:35] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


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Hussein Ebied - Pacific Digital Group

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