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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Aug 16, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa here.

Today, we’re talking with Daniel Levine & Steven Pulver from The Fireside Conference, which is an all-inclusive, immersive, off-the-grid and off-the-record retreat featuring the brightest minds in business, the startup world, investors and media communities.

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[01:09] Today, we’re chatting with Daniel Levine and Steven Pulver, creators of The Fireside Conference.

[01:32] Why Daniel and Steven are Creative Hustlers.

[02:38] Daniel and Steven are actually lawyers.

[03:27] Fireside Conference takes over a summer camp once a year.

[04:05] Steve has a background in camping as well as marketing and entrepreneurship.

[04:38] They focus on the power of disconnecting.

[05:37] Living at the intersection of creativity and business with camping and business.

[06:20] How & how long should you disconnect for?

[07:10] How disconnecting became important for Daniel and Steven.

[08:10] There’s no cell phone reception up at the camp.

[09:42] People want to come to Fireside because their phone is going to be useless for them.

[10:40] We put this disconnecting weekend together, but it’s difficult to do in everyday life.

[11:23] Start with a few hours disconnected once a day. Daniel and Steven do it in the morning.

[12:52] When you’re sitting around a campfire, you don’t need a nametag.

[13:50] Fireside Conference is invite only, how did that start?

[15:38] How do you maintain a great community, while also growing?

[16:03] Anyone can apply for an invite, but they mainly rely on word of mouth and alumni connections.

[17:36] Daniel & Steven rely on the alumni to find good fits for the community.

[18:55] Who is the perfect Fireside attendee and why?

[21:21] What does Fireside look like in 2020?

[22:30] The concept of Serendipity.

[23:25] What does a typical day at Fireside look like? And how are the days structured?

[26:07] What’s the feedback from the alumni of Fireside Conference?

[29:57] They get the type of interaction because they don’t publish a list of speakers like most conferences.

[30:34] The conference Daniel & Steven were at that made them realize they hated that type.

[32:19] They ask, what do you need to be better at? And there are a ton of different struggles.

[34:20] Steven & Melissa heading to Fireside??

[34:38] What person in history would you like to have attend Fireside Conference?

[37:33] That’s a Wrap

[37:42] Where Daniel and Steven live on the internet.

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[39:31] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle.


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