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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Aug 21, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven here.

Today,  we’re chatting with Alesia Hendley, or as she is known around the world -- The Smooth Factor.  She’s an AV technologist, blogger, and podcast host who has burst onto the scene over the past few years and let me tell you … this interview is a long time coming.

[00:00] This episode is brought to you by your interim CMOs, Latin & Code.

[00:18] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:42] This episode is sponsored by The Agency Guy. If you’re an overwhelmed business owner or marketing director, this is for you.

[01:11] Today we’re chatting with Alesia Hendley!

[01:26] 60 seconds or less about Alesia!

[02:40] Alesia is all about AV life, and her podcast is marketed to the tech industry.

[03:20] AV is using audio and video to create an experience.

[04:37] Alesia is bringing an offline industry into an online world. How did she do it?

[05:55] The omnichannel approach.

[06:55] Alesia’s approach started in a House of Worship.

[07:30] It makes events larger than they are when you share online.

[08:01] How Alesia got started in AV and #AVTweeps.

[09:48] Twitter, hate it or love it?

[11:43] Engage, don’t just double tap on Instagram.

[12:05] Anyone can run 26 miles, but not everyone goes 26.1 miles.

[13:07] Not only doing AV, Alesia also works in the social media space.

[14:12] The biggest advice Alesia has for anyone trying to make a name for themselves.

[17:37] It’s hard to put in the work and get it done, but that’s what it takes.

[18:40] Alesia’s Rise & Grind tweets are the best.

[18:57] About meeting Daymond John, and why he is amazing.

[22:03] What Alesia is most excited about moving forward.

[23:55] The kind of clients Alesia is looking for. Business is business and social is social.

[25:16] Alesia would have an all-day mimosas with Ryan Leslie.

[26:40] Look up Ryan Leslie. He’s a creative genius.

[28:20] Shout out to Peter Cincotti. Musicians are so much more self-sufficient.

[29:51] Where Alesia lives on the internet.

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@TheSmoothFactor on social

Alesia Hendley on LinkedIn