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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Sep 6, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven here. Today, we’re talking with Chip Conley, Bestselling author, and hospitality entrepreneur. After selling his company in 2010, he joined Airbnb, and as head of Global Hospitality and Strategy and since, has helped turn it into the world's largest hospitality brand. His latest book, Wisdom & Work explores the idea of writing your next chapter as you embark on the 2nd half of your life.


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[00:17] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

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[01:13] Today we’re chatting with Chip Conley.

[01:40] Who Chip is in 60 seconds!

[02:49] How did the AirBnB relationship happen & how did you move to the next level?

[04:01] Chip was an intern as well as a mentor.

[05:04] Perennial - someone who long lasting, life-giving and constantly growing.

[06:10] You can be smart by asking great questions.

[06:50] Instead of What or How, ask Why or What If questions.

[08:42] Great questions help people open up to see something, it’s called Appreciative Inquiry

[10:10] Do your life’s work now and in the future.

[10:24] Chip thinks about his life’s work a lot and focuses on curiosity.

[11:14] Home sharing sounds crazy?

[11:37] You can take a gap year at 35 if you want!

[12:28] How do we break the preconceived notions? Be the change!

[13:07] People spend the first half of their life accumulating, and the second half editing.

[14:13] Tony Bennett is still playing at 92 years old.

[15:10] It’s a generational potluck, bring your best to the table.

[16:20] Steven & Melissa are living the millennial lifestyle.

[17:00] What does settling down even mean?

[17:35] How long before we see a change in our society?

[19:15] With our cell phones and wifi connection we can live anywhere.

[19:53] The future is about outwardly mobile.

[20:33] How purpose works with younger and older generations.

[21:18] People need to integrate what is important to them in their work.

[22:36] Get off the damn hamster wheel!

[23:13] Modern Elder academy is mid-life wisdom school.

[24:17] What age do you need to be for Modern Elder?

[25:19] It used to be about reverence, and now it’s about relevance.

[25:45] The biggest change for people in Modern Elder.

[26:30] Being irrelevant is one of the reasons that older men commit suicide.

[27:59] People are trying to change the dialogue.

[28:49] Modern Elder is like a summer camp, these people are going to be connected for their lives.

[29:50] We need a community that allows us to be vulnerable and feel connected.

[30:44] How many people can do Modern Elder? How does it work?

[31:44] Chip’s goal for the Modern Elder academy.

[32:40] By 2030, Chip would like to see 100 mid-life wisdom academies.

[33:40] The idea you can learn in midlife and later is important.

[34:37] Chip would have to sit down with Leonardo Di Vinci or Steve Jobs.

[35:55] Adaptability and Resilience is what mindset is all about.

[36:35] That’s a wrap, Creative Hustlers!

[37:07] Where Chip lives on the internet!

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