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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Oct 11, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa here. Today, we’re talking with Hailey Friedman. Hailey is the head of marketing at Improvado, a tool helping marketers collect all their data in one place as well as being the current president of BAMF, a community of 20,000 marketers and founders globally.

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[00:17] What’s up, Creative Hustlers.

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[01:00] Today we’re chatting with Hailey Friedman!

[01:21] What makes Hailey a creative hustler in 60 seconds or less!

[02:17] Every month, Hailey hosts a BAMF event in California!

[03:13] What is BAMF & its mission?

[04:20] Hailey’s definition of a growth hacker, and what it means for her role at Improvado!

[05:30] Growth hacking is more about getting information and putting it together in different ways with different tools.

[06:22] Melissa used to use scraping tools to get information.

[07:18] Who deemed the term growth hacker?

[07:48]  Growth hacker: You have the entrepreneurial hustle to do whatever it takes.

[08:30] White hat or black hat SEO.

[09:00] The secret to SEO is creating the best, quality content on the internet so people talk about it.

[09:55] Hailey’s strategy for blog growth.

[10:50] Looking for things that high traffic and low competition, and put all the effort into it.

[11:09] Hailey was going to host her own events, but then heard Josh was moving.

[12:15] Hailey growth hacked her way into BAMF.

[13:11] You will never get what you don’t ask for.

[13:57] The in-person relationship building is important.

[14:14] Growth hacking is just an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to roll up your sleeves.

[14:47] What channels worked to help Hailey grow her blog?

[15:40] The challenge is there are so many different platforms you have to juggle.

[17:40] I’m always talking and thinking about marketers.

[18:11] Improvado gives you a real-time dashboard for your ads across all platforms, and it’s so simple.

[19:47] It all starts with user experience on the product.

[20:00] Does Improvado have a meaning?

[20:44] What’s next for Improvado and Hailey in 2019?

[22:20] The future for Hailey’s blog, and her readers, in 2019.

[23:39] What’s coming up for BAMF in 2019!

[26: 50] How do you get someone to sign up for something? That question drove Hailey’s path.

[27:26] Hailey’s tips for someone trying to do marketing on their own.

[29:09] Be a super sponge if you’re new in this business.

[30:30] Hailey was looking for solutions for problems she saw.

[31:40] Hailey would have a coffee with Neil Patel

[32:57] That’s a wrap, Creative Hustlers!

[33:15] Where Hailey lives on the internet.

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[34:18] Peace Out, Creative Hustlers.

[34:24] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle.


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