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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Jan 25, 2019

What's Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa attend SoCal Marketing Club event with Alan and record their final episode! Don't miss it!

[00:00] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:38] live from SoCal Marketing Club event!

[1:20] Fifteen months of cross country road trips.

[1:49] Big Announcement: We’re Pivoting!

[2:54] Steven & Melissa own a consultancy: Latin & Code.

[3:48] It’s time for us to pivot more.

[4:30] We wanted to talk with others who were traveling, being creative and keeping it organized.

[5:03] We’re at the end of our digital nomad journey, and the end of our Creative Hustler journey.

[5:56] It’s time to focus on our Latin & Code brand - the value we bring.

[6:20] We’ve interviewed Chip Conley, head of Global Marketing at Airbnb to Grammy Award Winning Jazz musician Peter Cincotti. Amazing interviews from around the world.

[06:55] Melissa still loves FollowUpThen!

[7:30] Amazing guests like Mike Jones and Andrew Easton from Droodle Books.

[7:58] We’re taking the knowledge and making it more powerful the second time around.

[8:23] We promise, it won’t be dry! Steven & Melissa can’t be dry!

[9:37] We’re back with our next guest, Bill Wilkinson from Power Digital Marketing.

[10:36] Bill’s elevator pitch for Power Digital Marketing and how he was the first employee.

[12:43] What is a technical SEO?

[14:30] There are so many other foundational elements that relate to other marketing.

[15:16] SEO is the foundation of any digital marketing channel. Hands down.

[16:59] There’s a lot of transparency at Power Digital Marketing - it’s all over the HQ.

[17:43] How can you start SEO effectively and efficiently when you are just starting?

[18:51] What’s next for SEO?

[19:44] What is schema in SEO terms?

[22:33] Bill’s family holiday traditions.

[23:58] We’re back with John Bertino and Jeffrey Sitcov, founder of Doors of Change, and the charity SCMC is helping tonight

[24:47] What Doors of Change does!

[25:58] What Doors of Change brings to the homeless youth in San Diego.

[26:35] Award-winning music & art program called Taking Music & Arts to the Streets, and it’s incentivized.

[26:55] 330 youths have earned an instrument or art supplies.

[27:48] Come visit and see what they do!

[28:30] The benefits of the arts and what these youths get from coming into Doors of Change.

[29:50] We have to help ourselves here first, and then we can grow to other cities.

[30:50] Once we have two more locations in CA, we will start going out and teaching other cities.

[32:07] Coming full circle with John Bertino - first to the last episode!

[32:52] Steven & Melissa are moving to New Jersey!

[33:33] Don’t forget The Agency Guy!

[34:00] If you’re in the northeast, and you need a coworking space, check out 1776!

[34:50] It all started with Alan and John.

[35:09] We have had an awesome journey on this podcast.

[35:35] We’re going to have someone count how many times John Bertino's name is mention on the podcast because he values relationships and connections.

[36:33] If you are new to a business, focus on building old school relationships.

[37:25] SoCal Marketing Club had over 110 people at this event tonight.

[38:00] Science behind relationships and a book called Influence.

[38:45] Shortcuts: Authority, Liking, and Social Proof.

[39:40] People work with people they like

[39:50] What’s next for SoCal Marketing Club!

[41:00] From all of us, it’s been a pleasure. It’s not goodbye, but see you soon!

[41:28] Parting words from everyone!

[42:12] Peace Out, Creative Hustlers

[42:27] Melissa’s Last Moment of Hustle



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