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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Mar 8, 2017

What's Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today we’ll be talking with Reilly Sweetland, Co-Founder of FollowUpThen, he’s an entrepreneur, start-up junkie, and all around creative hustler. And like most success stories, his literally started from his garage where he built his first business.

Before we get started, Reilly and The Creative Hustler team have a cool announcement! If you haven't heard yet FollowUpThen is giving you 1-month free when you use our special link. CLICK HERE or any other FollowUpThen link on this page and receive 1-month free starting today! Melissa swears by it! 

[00:57] What makes Reilly a Creative Hustler?

[2:10] How Reilly became full-time at FollowUpThen which started out at a side hustle in 2010.

[4:45] Melissa and Reilly have a moment on how FollowUpThen changed her life. 

[9:05] What gets Reilly up in the morning? Here he brings up some great productivity and health hacks. Something he calls “top-down productivity.”

[13:03] How FollowUpThen is building a tribe of loyal users.

[17:30] How to get out of the Creative Hustler funk.

[20:20] How to balance the Maker vs. Managers schedule. 

[22:59] Why doesn’t Reilly check his emails first thing in the morning? Spoiler Alert: Without having complete blinders on it has something to do with this quote from Chris Sacca, “Email is the to-do list that was written for you by somebody else.”

[28:38] Tips for balancing the delicate art of life of family, friends, pets, and continuing to kick ass. There isn’t a silver bullet for this one but there are high-value quality times that truly matter.  

[33:30] How to find balance as a married Creative Hustler. Reilly gives us insight into his personal life. 

[36:25] Raising kids as a Creative Hustler. What does the future look like for Reilly’s kids?

[39:02] The future belongs to the Creatives. Why?

[42:13] Great advice from a 70-year-old Creative Hustler.

[47:29] If Reilly could have coffee with one Creative Hustler of the past, who would it be? His answer was Thomas Jefferson, who he believes is the ultimate Creative Hustler. Not to get all political, but with all the turmoil that is happening at this exact moment with politics in the US… here’s why we’re going to be okay.

[51:08] Special off to check out 1 free month of FollowUpThen on Reilly and The Creative Hustler team! Seriously guys, check it out! 

[52:01] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle brought to you by Nelson Mandela.

Contact Reilly Sweetland:
Twitter @RSweetland
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