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The Creative Hustler Podcast

May 24, 2018

[Interview] What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa here. Today, from an unfortunately rainy Las Vegas, we’re talking with Laura Petersen, AKA the: Laptop Laura… She’s a math and psychology teacher turned persuasive writing expert, podcaster, speaker, course creator and an Amazon best-selling book launch strategist. Wow!

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[1:00] What’s up, Creative Hustlers! Today we’re chatting with Laura Petersen, aka, Laptop Laura!

[01:30] A little about Laura, and why she’s a Creative Hustler!

[02:30] Laura didn’t take any fun, creative classes in high school, because she focused on books!

[03:05] Laura grows as a business person and allows creativity to be a part of her daily life.

[03:25] Where is the intersection between creativity and business?

[03:54] How Laura discovered entrepreneurship.

[05:10] Laura’s study abroad experience.

[06:25] Laura was on the trampoline team at her German university.

[08:20] Laura also learned to salsa, which ignited her creative side.

[09:17] How studying abroad and Rich Dad, Poor Dad changed Laura’s path.

[11:40] Where’s the $50,000 a year starting job after college?

[12:20] Laura moved to Phoenix and started trying to become an entrepreneur, but nothing worked.

[13:08] Laura ran back to education and got her master’s and teaching credentials from University of Phoenix.

[14:00] Laura used every summer to travel, but teaching is still too rigid for her.

[14:27] Laura turned 30 and decided to become an entrepreneur.

[15:12] Fifteen years later, psychology and messaging is everywhere.

[15:53] Laura’s value proposition for her clients.

[16:50] How Laura coaches podcasters to Amazon best-selling books.

[17:27] How to find Laura’s course,

[18:45] Amazon is a massive platform that can’t be denied.

[19:45] There’s social proof around saying you’re a “Best-Selling” author.

[20:18] What being a best-selling author has done for Laura’s brand.

[21:20] Laura got street cred for her business.

[22:42] The marketing channel that Laura will always avoid.

[24:43] Laura loves Facebook IM, and referrals.

[25:31] Laura is part of The Best-Selling Author Posse.

[26:06] Laura plans to get better at Facebook Ads and Pinterest Ads this year.

[27:07] Pinterest Ads are underpriced attention.

[28:40] Pinterest Ads, people say longer, better ROI and it’s got more longevity.

[29:46] Laura’s target audience about raising up women but she doesn’t target gender specifically.

[31:50] What Laura experience with travel and culture has done for her and her business.

[34:17] Laura would have coconut latte with Neil Degrasse Tyson by the Hayden Planetarium

[36:20] That’s a Wrap Creative Hustlers!

[36:40] Where Laura lives on the Internet!

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[37:46] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



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