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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Sep 12, 2017

[Interview] What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steve & Melissa interview Tom Schwab. Tom is the founder of Interview Valet, which helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, and soloprenuers get featured on leading podcasts… Like ours  

[00:45] What’s Up Tom. Ready to get hustling?

[01:10] Tom is the engineering mind meeting the creativity side as a #CreativeHustler

[02:00] Tom doesn’t count the days because he loves what he is doing.

[02:50] Tom went from Nuclear Power to Entrepreneurship.

[03:57] The moment Tom realized he wanted to make the jump!

[04:40] He realized the industry changed, he had done the fun stuff.

[05:50] Your stability and job security come from your ability to produce.

[06:30] Just by hustling, I’ve got more job security than someone in corporate America.

[07:30] There’s no work/ life balance, it’s all merged together.

[08:00] Tom looked in the mirror and saw, I’m the middle man, and what next?

[08:20] Tom was one of the first customers of the guys who created HubSpot.

[09:10] Blogs weren’t working, but podcast were taken off…

[10:00] Guest blogging has turned into podcast guesting.

[10:50] In 2015, Tom took Interview Valet into beta.

[11:15] If you have a system, and it works, then there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel.

[12:30] Tom has a checklist of things to do before a podcast video, but you don’t want other people’s problems. Think first.

[13:50] Define the process, and then RE-define the process.

[14:40] Being creative doesn’t mean you need to invent it from the very beginning.

[15:14] What Interview Valet actually does.

[16:20] Nothing ruins your credibility more than saying “Hello Columbus” when you’re in Cleveland

[17:00] When an interviewee can’t answer the question that is always asked, it causes them to show that they aren’t a listener of the podcast.

[18:15] What helps keep Tom on fire and hustling is MEETING people and making introductions!

[19:16] John Bertino comes up again. 6 Degrees of John Bertino.

[19:50] Tom gets himself OUT of the funk is getting himself OUT of the house! Reach out to someone for perspective.

[21:19] Melissa has to take Steven for a walk like a pet!

[22:10] When Tom goes out, he likes to explore because he’s more creative outside doing things.

[23:00] Tom & his wife go to a different city for a week and work from there.

[24:20] Travel allows you to look at the world with eyes of wonder.

[25:30] Steven & Melissa’s Italian Adventure!

[26:29] Networking in another country creates sympathy, empathy and creativity.

[27:00] Really, no matter what, There is NO better time to be alive.

[27:40] 40% of Americans are listening to podcasts.

[29:00] Mic issues interrupt the discussion

[29:25] Tom is really excited about the announcement from Apple about podcasts.

[30:35] Podcast analytics: If you know what’s wrong, you can fix it.

[33:00] So few people know what the “pod” in podcast stands for.

[34:00] You have to be paying attention for video, but you can have audio while doing other things.

[35:00] Tom has been on podcasts since 2013, but doesn’t have his own YET.

[35:30] 80% of podcasts die within the first 10 episodes.

[36:10] Moments of breakdown for podcast hosts.

[37:02] Podcasts are the ultimate way to invite people to your party or show up to their party with a handle of Tito’s.

[37:50] Consistency is what sets The Creative Hustler apart from others.

[38:47] You can work the podcast interviews around your life, but hosting is a commitment.

[40:24] Tom is a coffee achiever and would grab one with his dad.

[41:10] Tom’s dad taught him what it was to be creative, and how to hustle.

[41:55] Tom loves hazelnut and Cuban coffee.

[42:53] Steven turned Melissa into a coffee snob.

[44:00] Melissa was a tea person or an extra sugary vanilla coolatta.

[45:39] The crash of 2008, and how nothing is promised to you.

[47:46] People are living longer, and industries are changing much quicker now.

[49:56] Tom lives in Michigan, but he feels that the only way you bear fruit in your life is to be cross pollinated by travel and experience.

[53:00] The richness of your life is relationships.

[53:20] If you want to be cultured, get an internet connection.

[53:51] Where Tom lives on the internet

[54:58] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



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