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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Sep 2, 2017

[Bonus] Today’s bonus episode is with Jessica Yarbrough, the mompreneur coach. You may remember her from previous episodes such as #44 and her recap, #45.


[00:30] What’s up, Creative Hustlers!

[00:37] What’s Up Jessica. Ready to get hustling?

[00:52] Jessica is currently in Arizona!

[01:00] The struggle of different time zones!

[02:00] Today’s focus: Eliminating self-doubt to sell with more confidence!

[02:20] Don’t worry if you suck because you can un-suck!

[02:58] Biggest issue: Fear of rejection.

[03:30] When someone says “No”, they aren’t saying no TO YOU!

[04:18] Why do people freeze up when it comes to phone sales, and how to prevent that!

[05:15] You should be listening 80% of a time, and asking questions 20% of the time.

[05:40] Example of questions to drive your customer toward a sale.

[06:30] Find the pain point, and associate it with something personal for them.

[07:40] What to do when you hit the AWKWARD moment in a sale?

[08:10] Present your money with confidence, and leave a space!

[09:30] Put it on the table, first one to talk loses.

[10:30] I’ve got a hell of a lot of yes’s in my life, in all areas of life.

[11:15] Sales = psychology + math

[11:46] You can train yourself to not take rejection personal.

[12:05] Sometimes people start excited, and then drop off. They aren’t ready.

[12:48] The Myth of Expert Certification, the biggest self-limiting belief.

[13:00] Tony Robbins isn’t a certified coach, and he’s helped millions of people.

[14:14] People search for certifications to justify to themselves that they are worth it.

[15:00] I will pay you if you get it and can help me solve a problem.

[15:55] Play the game you’re comfortable with.

[16:02] Shout out to Michael Gebbins “Zone of Genius”

[16:33] Where Jessica lives on the internet!

[17:20] Check out Jessica’s “6 Figure Mindset & Sales Mastery” coming up!

[17:48] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


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