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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Mar 29, 2018

In today’s episode, Steven, Melissa, and Alan recap Tuesday’s interview with Ashley Ward. Ashley is an international corporate speaker for SEMrush, and dropped a whole lot of knowledge on Tuesday's episode, and as an added bonus, don’t forget to Try a free 14-day SEMrush Trial HERE!

[00:32] What’s up Creative Hustlers! From Las Vegas, it’s Steven, Melissa, and Alan!

[00:50] There are slot machines everywhere in Vegas. Everywhere.

[01:55] Ashley Ward has been coming in conversations a lot.

[02:17] Callback to the Alan and Josh Roush’s Creative Hustler Takeover, where we met Ashley!

[02:50] SEMrush has expanded their toolkit. All-in-one for your digital marketing needs!

[03:40] SEMrush is a combination of tools, including pulls your keyword ranking, page performance, competitor performance and auditing, monitor backlinks, and so much more.

[04:20] It used to be SEODigger and now it is SEMrush, and Alan uses it now.

[04:30] Not all software reports rankings correctly, but SEMrush does.

[05:03] What’s the importance of backlinks?

[05:50] SEM/SEO is Alan’s wheelhouse.

[06:24] A 3oz or Less with Ashley and Alan together! Information galore!

[06:59] Ashley actually travels 2.5 weeks every month, but is based out of San Diego.

[07:25] The change in backlinking now. Relevance matters!

[08:13] JC Penny got a penalty from Google for too many random backlinks.

[08:45] Best way to get backlinks is to create great content and get it in front of influencers.

[09:10] SEMrush gives you info on who’s talking about your subjects.

[09:49] SEMrush is a consolidated toolkit, and you really only need a few other things and you’re good to go!

[10:20] Ashley is always traveling, at least half the year. She flies to Russia, Germany, Prague, Australia, and Philadelphia.

[11:06] SEMrush is a sponsor of SoCal Marketing Club.

[11:30] Having the support of SEMrush and what they are trying to do in the industry to avoid toolkit overload!

[12:31] When Ashley does her corporate speeches, she does a lot of teaching, demos and workshops as well.

[12:50] Ashley is hosting the SoCal Marketing Club event in July 2018 with workshops on SEMrush!

[13:20] Alan wants to get an educational license for his classes!

[13:55] Mobile SEO is different then Desktop SEO.

[14:46] Google has changed their ranking to focus on mobile first indexing. Speed, conversion rate and so much more.

[15:55] Alan just got an iPad, and that’s the more prevalent way to access information.

[16:27] Tools need to adapt to mobile first outlook.

[16:47] Speaking of adapting, Ashley picked Bob Dylan as her creative hustler!

[17:38] Bob Dylan isn’t a traditional choice for a Creative Hustler, but it is a great one.

[17:58] That’s a wrap, Creative Hustlers! Don’t forget to leave us a review, and stay tuned!

[18:21] Big shout out to SEMrush!

[18:42] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle





Don’t forget to Try a free 14-day SEMrush HERE!