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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Dec 15, 2017

There’s a switch up here - Alan interviews Steven and Melissa on the latest happenings as they’ve been traveling through Europe for the past few months.


Take a listen to the ups, downs, breakthroughs, and inspiration coming in 2018!


[00:32] What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven, Melissa and Alan here.

[02:06] Switching it up, Alan will be interviewing Steven & Melissa!

[03:18] The most eye opening experience of the past 2 months since leaving San Diego!

[03:36] Steven & Melissa discuss their travels thus far.

[04:00] First, OpenEye Global Summit in Pittsburgh.

[05:30] From Jersey, to Rome, and then to a Italian class in Tuscany for Melissa!

[06:30] Steven grew up speaking italian at home!

[08:51] Montepulciano, little medieval town in Italy.

[09:46] Melissa recommends getting a car if you visit Italy.

[10:31] Steven & Melissa visited the roman baths in Bagno Vignoni!

[12:14] Melissa got a scholarship to an Italian school in Montepulciano!

[12:50] Gorgeous apartment and hanging with family north of Milan.

[13:05] Steven & Melissa became mentors for Bocconi University Entrepreneurship Club.

[13:40] Day one of the mentorship was less than exciting, but Day Two was uplifting.

[14:45] Getting to the heart of entrepreneurship, instead of just the ideal.

[16:00] Managing and scaling teams, when they are all in different places.

[16:50] Really great to hear their ideas, and see what they were concerned about.

[18:00] After redemption at Bocconi, the Creative Hustlers headed to Sardinia for the regatta!

[19:08] And then 9 days in Munich, Germany!

[19:33] Munich was great! Everything was clean, people were nice, the transportation was reliable. Diverse, urban, and interesting! Very livable city!

[21:19] The language barrier wasn’t an issue, and amazing Asian food in Munich!

[23:55] Living in major urban cities, you take for granted the wide variety of food and culture.

[25:10] 10 days of family travel with Steven’s family to visit their family roots, from Rome to Sicily, Messina, in Siracusa.

[26:00] Steven & Melissa are now residing in Siracusa for about 6 weeks.

[27:03] Working out of Impact Hub Siracusa in Sicily. It’s an awesome coworking spot, good size town, and great community.

[28:20] The pivot that The Creative Hustler will be undergoing!

[29:06] Transparent Moment: We tried to build a community on the quick, and shunned away from our actual money maker.

[29:45] The Creative Hustler Consultancy: Latin & Code.

[30:30] We’re going to start a lot of little fires, and see what extinguishes itself, and which grow!

[31:00] What grew for the Creative Hustler this year, and what allows us to do this podcast.

[32:30] Systems and behind the scenes

[32:58] Latin & Code is our main hustle, and we share our experience from there on the podcast.

[33:56] Even Alan needs to showcase his amazing marketing skills.

[34:33] We’re bringing more experts this year, recaps, and many more 3oz or Less episodes!

[34:50] We’re going to be giving you specific value with these 3oz or Less episodes, in small bites.

[36:48] Check out the the mini version of our Personal Branding e-course now available on Udemy! Under $20!

[37:09] Steven will be teaching at Drexel University (Here’s the Open Enrollment Page) in 2018, thanks to John Bertino, and Melissa will be doing a workshop on Email Marketing for SCORE.

[38:42] How Melissa & Steven get pumped up and inspired while traveling.

[39:07] They met a German rapper in Munich, and has some great music videos.

[40:00] Jamming to Jovanotti!

[41:42] The biggest challenge of this digital nomad lifestyle for Steven & Melissa...

[42:11] Wifi is always a challenge, and the electricity can be temperamental.

[43:00] We’re spoiled in America, here’s why!

[43:36] To turn back on the electricity, you have to run down 89 steps to flip the switch, and run back to flip the other switches.

[45:16] Restaurants open later

[46:40] It’s important to understand the schedule for the culture and organize your day.

[48:03] Lunch is a big deal in Siracusa especially at Impact Hub!

[48:50] One of the best things has been having the time to reflect and adjust.

[49:05] Advice for the challenging times.

[49:20] Be Adaptive!

[50:12] Be open! Deal with the charm.

[50:40] This city is very old, they have got this shit down!

[51:17] It’s centering to be around such old locations with Greek ruins and so much history

[53:40] Grab a coffee or pasta with any Creative Hustler throughout history……

[54:00] Steven chose Linguini and Clams with Archimedes, who’s also from Siracusa!

[54:50] He created many mathematical formulas we still use today.

[57:01] Melissa would chose cappuccino with Ellen Degeneres and wine with Tony Robbins!

[1:00:50] Here’s how to find Steven & Melissa on the internet!

[1:01:00] Please leave us a review! Preferably 5 stars!

[1:02:16] Peace Out, Creative Hustlers!

[1:02:23] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle!


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