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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Dec 20, 2016

Whats Up, Creative Hustlers! On a quest to be a better networker, parent, and/or marketer? Then today’s episode is for you

Dave Delaney Is all that plus a keynote speaker, content & digital marketing consultant, and author of the book New Business Networking.

I met Dave a few years ago at a conference in Scottsdale Arizona and we’ve stayed connected ever since.

Throughout the episode, here are some of the highlights we’d like to point out.

  • Remember about the power of networking. It’s how Dave and I met and even though we haven't had any direct business dealings thus far, the sharing of content and being each other's fan is often enough to progress the relationship.
  • [2:50] Like a lot of our guests, his family is a direct source of inspiration. So much so that they plan their summers around long family journeys and even started documenting it via their blog
  • Even cooler, this coming summer (2017) they are taking the show International by heading to Spain for a trip of a lifetime. I personally cannot wait to follow along.
  • [9:20] He’s currently reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
  • [11:35] His mobile office is a solid Johnston & Murphy bag with all the essential gidgets and gazmos (haha, Melissa) that you need to be a successful writer, strategist, and Nashville #CreativeHustler.
  • [19:30] I love the fact that Dave mentioned Julian Smith and the Breather app on the show and not just a few weeks later I was inside of one ideating our newly coming Sales Saturday series. That just goes to prove the enormous influence we all have on each other.
  • [30:00] I think it’s good to say that my magazine addiction has diminished quite significantly since the recording of this episode.
  • [33:30] Let’s remember to not have a reactive morning, but takes the steps necessary to be proactive. Because if we work ourselves to death, what good are we then?
  • [37:20] Dave’s Killer Calendar… Need we say more?
  • [48:00] Yikes, like a lot of #CreativeHustlers we know, listen to Dave’s story on trying to shove the circle in the hole repeatedly until the unmentionable happens.
  • [54:15] Travel tips for always having eyes of wonder when you travel

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