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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Jan 4, 2018

Today on The Creative Hustler, Steven & Melissa interview Salvo Fallica from Impact HUB Siracusa.

[00:30] What’s up Creative Hustlers?

[01:00] Shout out to the other Christmas episode!

[01:25] Some interviews with members of Impact Hub Siracusa!

[02:25] Shout out to some December birthdays! Happy Birthday Bill and Alicia.

[03:40] Back with Salvo Fallica, director at Impact Hub.

[04:10] Quick rundown of what Salvo does at Impact Hub!

[05:05] How do you make your creativity functional and make money off of it?

[05:20] Impact Hub works as strategy consultants with small enterprises.

[06:00] Impact Hub is there to inspire people.

[06:20] It’s important to know your value proposition.

[07:10] Why you should read “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek.

[07:45] Impact Hub is a HUB in the true meaning.

[08:14] We pass value to the people in our community, and find allies at the HUB.

[08:54] Do all Impact Hubs run the same way?

[09:20] Why one of Impact Hub Siracusa mottos: Locally rooted, Globally connected.

[09:25] Each Impact Hub is different from each other, because of location. Find out the significance of Impact HUB here in Siracusa.

[10:20] If you manage to position yourself in what the territory can offer you, you can make impact.

[11:00] Impact Hub shares common values: trust, courage and collaboration and the focus on social innovation.

[11:37] Where does Salvo’s inspiration for running Impact Hub come from?

[12:30] Impact Hub faces many different challenges.

[13:17] What Creative Hustler Salvo would have a glass of wine with….

[14:02] Steven’s Creative Hustler is Archimedes.

[14:23] Salvo would meet with Simon Sinek.

[15:30] Another of Salvo’s favorite Creative Hustlers: Hideo Kojima

[16:37] Where to find Salvo Fallica on the internet.

[17:50] Steven doesn’t want to leave Impact Hub Siracusa.

[18:15] Make sure to check out Impact Hub Siracusa, and connect with Facebook!

[18:33] Join Siracusa’s Digital Nomad program.

[19:13] That’s a Wrap, Creative Hustlers!

[19:25] Don’t forget to check us out at TheCreativeHustler, Latin & Code, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now YouTube!

[19:55] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



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