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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Nov 24, 2016

[RECAP] This is the Recap show where The Creative Hustler team dives deeper into the moments of hustle mentioned by the lovely Lina Sandén, a singer, songwriter, musician, European travel guide, social butterfly and all around creative hustler. 

Steven and Melissa met Lina at New Media Europe where she wrote and performed the conference theme song. She is absolutely amazing! You can check her performance out here.

Moments of Hustle:

  • Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week
  • Google drive - Der - like every other digital nomad around the world, G-Drive seems to be the go-to.
  • We transfer - Transfer large files to friends and colleagues with this awesome service.
  • - unbeknownst to us, did you know you can find music producers on Cool, huh!?!
  • - Lina finds the best deals on Booking.
  • - The ultimate email game …. We’re still not exactly sure about this one. Try it out and hit us up with your thoughts!
  • - Alan's simple way to unroll or unsubscribe to
  • Tips on how to identify bedbugs when you're traveling
  • Guided meditation - Headspace is our favorite guided meditation
  • The Lucky Bitch Bootcamp - this one intrigues the hell out of us… It's probably just the great name. Someone give it a go and we’ll 3oz or Less your feedback!


Lina Sandén