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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Dec 30, 2017

What’s up, Creative Hustlers! Today’s podcast is brought to you by Alan, along with Josh Roush at SoCal Marketing Club’s End of Year Bonanza with Seer Interactive and Skrewball! Check out some of the great guests, and big happenings while Steven & Melissa are in Sicily!


[00:34] What’s up Creative Hustlers! It’s a takeover!

[00:50] It’s Alan Bush and Josh Roush from Movetic!

[01:00] What’s the event about? What’s IDEA 1?

[01:27] Everyone here is so interconnected.

[01:51] This event is hosted by John Bertino, favorite of the Creative Hustler.

[02:00] The Agency Guy is a matchmaking service for agencies!

[02:49] Steve Yang from OB Noodle House & Bar 1502!

[03:57] Plus, Alex, the general manager of the OB Noodle House & OB Doughnut House, and Holding Company!

[04:35] New product alert: Reeses Pieces Saki!

[05:10] Josh partners with Alex & Steve for Skrewball! We do stuff no one else would do!

[06:15] OB Noodle House was on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, and then on Barmageddon!

[07:43] They won Barmageddon, and donated all $10,000 to OB Elementary, and forgot to cash actual check!!!

[09:20] The story behind Skrewball name!

[12:10] Inspiration strikes during late night times.

[12:50] Movetic is the perfect partner! Young, Creative and supportive!

[14:00] Steve hired his staff by knowing how goofy you can be, and that’s his approach to business. The perfect Skrewballs!

[16:30] Hoping to launch Spring 2018, to find the next best shot since Fireball! Skrewball is 35% alcohol, and a whiskey, plus it tastes great! A shot for all ages!

[20:00] If you want to try Skrewball, come to an OB Noodle House, and follow on Facebook for latest news!

[23:15] And.. here’s John Bertino! It’s his millionth appearance!

[24:00] John is owner of The Agency Guy (TAG), and one of the most well connected people Alan knows!

[24:32] Seer Interactive moved into this new place a week ago!

[24:49] John brought Ashley Ward who is a corporate speaker with SEMRush!

[25:48] John is about to start teaching at Drexel, USD and Alan teaches at UCSD.

[26:11] Ashley is going to as many event as possible to promote SEMRush, and teaching new tactics!

[27:00] What’s coming in 2018 for SEMRush! Just won 3 awards!

[27:57] SEMRush wants to make marketing easier for everyone!

[29:18] This was not planned, and SEMRush is not a sponsor, but they are just that good!

[30:05] Ashley will be back, when Steven & Melissa comes back!

[30:26] We miss you Steven & Melissa! Right now, we’re 3 blocks from the first The Creative Hustler studio! Cheers to you!

[31:00] Where to find Ashley Ward and SEMRush on the internet!

[32:10] Back to John Bertino!

[32:25] Check out John’s episode on The Creative Hustler. The Agency Guy is a matchmaking company for ideal client/brand with perfect marketing agencies & consultants.

[34:00] John Bertino helped Josh Roush build his company, and same for Alan!

[34:43] Some more info on tonight’s SoCal Marketing Club event!

[35:15] The history of the SoCal Marketing Club

[36:49] Steven & Melissa are having a blast, at their coworking space with pasta & wine lunches!

[37:20] And there’s the #MomentofItalian!

[39:20] Where to find John and SoCal Marketing Club on the internet!

[40:00] Who’s the modern day consumer and marketer? Everyone is more tech savvy now!

[42:14] Here’s Derek Heiny from Vulpine & his story!

[46:00] What does Vulpine do?

[48:18] You need to make sure you’re investing in the lifetime of your customer.

[49:13] 2018 for Vulpine is growing and moving into investing in ECommerce companies, plus chatbots!

[51:00] Vulpine is testing bigger projects in 2018.

[53:00] The abandon rate on eCommerce stores have taken advantage of chatbots, and micro touch points.

[54:15] Every year it’s proven that Marketing is accelerating in what you need to be doing, even planning one month away is too far!

[54:44] Derric’s advice to employing your own digital strategy!

[55:35] Go all in on one thing, and stick with it!

[54:55] You can become a SKILL on Amazon Alexa, and get into people’s daily briefing.

[53:19] Where you can find Derric and Vulpine on the internet!

[59:30] We’re here with Will Reynolds!

[59:37] By the time you publish a book, the shit is old!

[59:53] Will Reynolds is with Seer Interactive, a sponsor of the event, and this is their new space!

[01:00:16] Will is a regular fucking dude, but there are times when he takes a step back to be THANKFUL for how it happened! Today’s one of those days!

[01:01:50] Seer started in 2002, and Will still loves what he does, and it blows his mind.

[01:02:40] CEO & Founders today are all about Servant Leadership.

[01:03:05] How Seer Interactive takes time to get to know people and help them grow, but it is HARD!

[01:04:40] Dumb down marketing to this level of Human to Human interaction.

[01:05:10] Before Seer, Will came from a digital marketing background.

[01:06:35] Will doesn’t want to slow down the growth of the company, just to know everyone’s name.

[01:08:00] You gotta put more good into the world then you took out.

[01:08:20] In 2018, Seer will double this space and dominate, cause Will cares more than his competitors do.

[01:09:25] Just like Amazon, they didn’t care about making money in the short term, but now the OWN everything!

[01:10:10] Will’s advice to people getting started as a creative hustler. Be real to yourself, and put more good in the world then you take out!

[01:11:00] Will just wanted to make his parents proud. They sacrificed so much for him.

[01:12:40] If your mom was dying, would her last thought be “I’m proud of you”?

[01:14:55] Be real to yourself, so you can be real with others.

[01:15:44] If you want to find Will on the internet, google it (or look below!)

[01:16:09] That’s a Wrap Creative Hustlers! Thanks to everyone who joined us!

[01:16:45] Visit us at Facebook, The Creative Hustler, Latin & Code, and join our Facebook Group

[01:17:07] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle




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