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The Creative Hustler Podcast

May 31, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven here. Today, from sunny San Diego, we’re talking with Corey Moss, an AV writer and media professional as well as the host and producer of multiple podcasts including The AV Life, The Collaboration Factor, and Convergent Tech Talk.

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[01:01] What’s up, Creative Hustlers! Steven here!

[01:30] Why Corey is a creative hustler.

[03:10] Corey & his friends know technology, and they’re funny so they started Cavalry Life, and it turned into AV Life.

[04:05] Corey found his creativity with doing podcasts.

[05:06] Steven works for Open-Eye Global, and works to bring technology, AV, and marketing together to create an experience.

[05:49] Corey is excited about digital signage.

[08:15] Digital Signage can be used by anyone to drive home value.

[09:15] Corey runs 3 podcasts, and the 4th is coming soon!

[09:40] Corey produces The AV Life, and sometimes host or co-hosts the podcast as well.

[09:50] Katie McGregor Bennett also hosts as well, and hosts some other shows. Michelle Larette is now the new host of Convergent Tech Talk.

[10:55] How Corey ended up have 11-14 people in the podcast room!

[11:45] Corey has a co-host addiction, and the love of Zoom video call.

[12:15] How Corey handles multiple voices on one podcast.

[14:30] Being on Corey’s podcast caused Steven & Brian to decide to do another podcast.

[15:12] You don’t need to be captive with a podcast, like you do with video.

[15:45] Corey has been an audio podcaster from the beginning, and you can put on a podcast and it’s easier then viewing something.

[17:00] Corey is getting into video this year, but podcasting is the method for delivering content.

[17:50] Starting a lot of little fires, because some naturally extinguish themselves, but others blow up!

[19:30] Podcast is a great way to build relationships and build business.

[20:40] Inviting someone on your podcast is a great way to start a conversation with someone.

[22:45] It’s not hard to sell a podcast, and if you’re a relational person, you can definitely do it.

[23:36] Corey’s biggest challenge with podcasts, scheduling.

[26:40] Corey has always been recording his podcasts at 8pm, but then he got more flexible with the different days and times.

[27:50] Podcasting is so hot, it’s got to become its own business.

[28:57] Corey will do testers for new podcasts, but he’s been getting paid from the word Go!

[29:46] Forgetting to turn off mute is the running joke on The AV Life.

[30:11] Corey could not pick one Creative Hustler because there are SO many people out there in the AV world that are amazing. He’d just meet with all the people, but Steven is his favorite!

[31:47] AV has moved from just tech into a creative realm.

[32:55] AV is about involving all the senses, it’s an experience.

[33:40] Consumers are getting smarter, and they are expecting that experience so, you gotta give it to them.

[34:10] That’s a Wrap, Creative Hustlers!

[34:25] Where Corey lives on the internet!

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[35:44] Peace out, Creative Hustlers!

[35:54] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle