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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Oct 19, 2017

[00:30] What’s up, Creative Hustlers!

[00:40] Up next, virtual studio!

[01:17] The last episode in the Creative Hustler studio.

[01:35] The Creative Hustler is a part of the mile high club.

[02:13] This episode is a recap of the past year and a look ahead.

[02:50] Melissa needed to start a podcast ASAP.

[03:40] What is meta? Is it metro?

[04:40] Shout out to Lee Jackson!

[05:25] Check out WP Innovators on Facebook!

[06:05] Lee Jackson had to buy a new suit, and dress shoes are hard to pack.

[06:50] Lee randomly sat next to Melissa, and boom! The Creative Hustler launched.

[07:40] Lee helped with The Agency Guy site as well!

[08:20] The first guest, John Bertino, became a recurring refrain on the show.

[09:05] The Creative Hustler is on 70+ episodes and heading on the road to Italy.

[10:00] Unofficial season 1, and see if we’re getting renewed for season 2.

[10:30] The Creative Hustler has brought the right people to the show.

[11:18] The recap episodes are really a dinner party, and we throw a podcast.

[11:45] The Creative Hustler is the pinata.

[12:15] Maybe we’ll do it from a hot tub... We’re leveling up.

[13:10] We’ve been doing two episodes a week, pretty much alone for a year.

[13:44]  Shout out to Cianna for the show notes! We’re in a groove now!

[14:28] Go to Facebook and follow The Creative Hustler, and join the group!

[15:30] We’re trying to fund this giant eco-system of creatives, and we’re leveling up.

[16:10] Let’s hit a block and get a mushroom out of it!

[17:00] So, where are we going with this??

[17:14] New format! Every other week is Interview/Recap, and then 3oz or less the next week!

[17:26] Melissa & Steven argue about the size of Italy and their travels.

[18:00] Alan is ready to look at Steve & Melissa digitally.

[18:29] Every recap is celebrating the Creative Hustler lifestyle.

[18:50] We’re hoping to meet up with Joseph Kennedy, Barbalicious, and some other Creative Hustlers.

[19:50] We were just taking a chance and doing these things.

[20:10] We need Alan’s dad on the show.

[20:28] Season two is about The Creative Hustler’s journey.

[21:00] THANK YOU to the listeners that have been here since the beginning.

[21:55] We’re doing a live show on Facebook! Check it out!

[22:50] Steven’s life changed when he learned about growth hacking.

[23:30] Surrounded by boxes, we had an awesome first season.

[23:52] Don’t miss our going away party’s recap!

[24:26] Here’s your #momentofitalian: Our party is in Little Italy

[24:42] Shout out to Mitch! He did the episode!

[25:09] We love you! Find us on all the social networks! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and our website!

[25:36] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle