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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Aug 31, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Melissa and Alan recap Tuesday’s episode with Patrick Siles.  Patrick’s a serial-entrepreneur whose most recent business, vid-alytics, is a video platform that host and streams videos on your website while also collecting powerful analytics for marketers.



[00:00] What’s up, Creative Hustlers!

[00:30] Happy Birthday to Melissa!

[01:00] How do you pick your ice cream cone?

[01:43] Tuesday was with serial-ass entrepreneur Patrick Siles.

[02:00] Patrick came to us from Hawk Mikado.

[02:50] The story how Patrick became an entrepreneur.

[03:25] Last Minutes Inc.

[03:40] Patrick started over 7 different companies.

[04:14] Patrick’s first success was in supplements, but now he’s doing vid-alytics.

[05:00] Video is really a big part of marketing

[05:25] vid-alytics came from a need in the market for good analytics.

[06:11] Melissa really likes ice cream.

[06:26] Analytics are skewed for videos right now, but vid-alytics gives you specific video feedback.

[07:12] Why are you doing a 5-minute video if the majority only watch 1 minute?

[07:30] Start with video, and you can reverse engineer that into other content.

[07:50] Video is too complicated, so most people don’t have the time to do it.

[08:10] Today’s Moment of Italian

[08:30] The Creative Hustler was forced into being comfortable in front of the camera.

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[09:28] In the digital world, the video is accepted, but business owners are more hesitant to do video.

[10:25] Shoutout to Auguste Crenshaw, Analysis Paralysis with video.

[10:48] If you have a lifestyle type of brand, get out there and go live!

[11:15] Incorporate your life into your live videos.

[12:00] Video is where it is at - how do you utilize analytics on videos?

[12:45] YouTube is saturated with a bunch of people trying to sell something.

[13:00] Melissa uses YouTube for the wings on her eyes.

[13:55] No matter what your #CreativeHustle is, you should be giving people a peek into your life.

[14:30] Patrick was a digital nomad.

[14:55] Bailey Richert and Patrick Siles both hit countries equal to their ages.

[15:35] Working with your spouse is awesome and challenging.

[16:00] Working with your spouse challenging your patience and communication, and sometimes you need space.

[16:40] Normally, Steven has a pot of coffee before 7:30 am.

[17:17] Sometimes it takes you awhile to understand how your spouse works.

[17:55] Sometimes you need to talk it out, and other times you need to focus.

[18:22] Patrick’s wife was working on captions for a Spanish Soap Opera, and Patrick needed help with admin stuff.

[19:00] It’s challenging to work with your spouse because you spend so much time with them.

[19:40] Patrick, do you speak Spanish?

[20:00] Struggle for #CreativeHustlers, all our good friends live far away.

[20:44] We’re all just a URL link away from a video conference.

[21:11] We could talk to Joseph Kennedy or John Bertino at any point.

[21:40] Lina Sanden is making an album with musicians from around the world.

[21:55] We’re able to create without borders.

[22:15] vid-alytics work with embed codes on your website only.

[23:15] Always put the videos on your website, because from SEO perspective you might rank.

[24:00] YouTube can get clients taken away from your brand.

[24:20] Always make sure you have an embed code that people can share on their website, with a link back to your site.

[25:00] I wonder if vid-alytics would get stats on videos installed on multiple pages.

[26:00] Hypothetically it should read analytics from multiple different websites.

[26:26] The most important video is that your page speed is fast enough because 2 minutes of delay can mean millions of dollars lost.

[27:30] Our podcast is hosted on LibSyn which then imports to our website so you don’t have to host the content on your website. This is important.

[28:25] WP Engine is where we moved our website to have more space.

[28:47] If you want to know about Alan’s plug in, tweet us, Facebook us, or email us!

[29:35] The Creative Hustler is about to embark on their journey!

[29:50] vid-alytics have free packages to start off with, light and pro!

[30:25] The Creative Hustler is inviting their listeners to follow along with their 4-month journey to different countries! All the little details will be shared so you can do it too!

[31:23] Many guests on The Creative Hustlers have lived the digital nomad life, and you can too!

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[32:54] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle