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The Creative Hustler Podcast

Nov 8, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven here. Today, we’re chatting with Ali & Anamika co-founders at Improvado, a data aggregation platform built for marketers, by marketers.


[00:00] The Creative Hustler podcast is brought to you by your interim CMOs, Latin & Code.

[00:18] What’s up, Creative Hustlers?

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[01:10] Today we’re chatting with Ali and Anamika.

[01:30] Why Ali and Anamika are Creative Hustlers.

[02:53] Hustling their way into where they want to be.

[03:35] What is Improvado anyway?

[04:29] Melissa loved the platform and found it very user-friendly, and Hailey Friedman talked to us about it previously.

[05:30] Improvado just got $3 million in funding and where is it going to take the platform?

[06:40] How Improvado reached their target market.

[08:06] Where does Improvado stack up against some of the big players in the MarTech space?

[09:15] Improvado is a middleware solution - it enhances the other software.       

[10:35] Improvado is always looking for new integrations, and they’ve already got over 50.

[11:55] How Improvado keeps company culture with a U.S office and a Russia office and employees all over?

[13:50] Improvado is a company that doesn’t sleep in order to work together at different times.

[15:00] Improvado is looking to expand to a middle ground, like Europe in the future.

[16:03] More about Improvado’s goal & mission and how it’s ingrained in the company.

[18:07] What Ali and Anamika are most excited about for 2019!

[18:40] Improvado is looking towards 500 API, and including CRM platforms.

[19:30] Most of Improvado leads come from unpaid work employees like Hailey do.

[20:16] What does Growth Hacker mean to you?

[21:09] For example, looking for angry customers on Twitter.

[21:22] What does Improvado mean?

[22:13] We should’ve googled that before we picked it!

[22:40] Ali and Anamika would have coffee with Elon Musk.

[24:30] That’s a Wrap Creative Hustlers.

[25:01] Where Ali & Anamika live on the internet.

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[25:42] Peace Out, Creative Hustlers

[25:45] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle                            


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